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Can I wear a GREY sport coat with khakis?

Wearing a grey sport coat with khakis can be a stylish look when done properly. The key is choosing the right shades of grey and khaki to complement each other. With some simple guidelines, you can easily pull off this combination for both casual and formal occasions.

Quick Answers

Here are some quick answers to common questions about wearing a grey sport coat with khakis:

  • Yes, a grey sport coat can be worn with khakis for a sharp, modern look.
  • Opt for a light to medium grey sport coat in a wool or cotton blend.
  • Pair it with tan, beige or sand-colored khakis in a cotton or chino fabric.
  • For a business casual office look, wear a dress shirt underneath the sport coat.
  • A casual button-down shirt or polo shirt also works for a weekend look.
  • Match the shades properly – don’t wear a light grey coat with light khakis.
  • Add some contrast with a patterned tie or pocket square.
  • Brown leather shoes complete the look.

Choosing the Right Grey for a Sport Coat

Not all shades of grey will work well with khakis. Stick to light to medium grey tones that will pair nicely with tan, beige or sand colored pants. Here are some specific shades to look for:

  • Light grey – A very light grey sport coat borders on white. While it offers good contrast with darker khakis, it can appear washed out.
  • Medium grey – This versatile grey shade works with most tones of khakis. It has enough contrast against tan or beige pants but isn’t too dark.
  • Charcoal grey – A dark charcoal sport coat has too little contrast with lighter khaki pants. The combination can look muddy.

For the most part, light to medium grey sport coats are the ideal choice to wear with khakis. Stay away from coats that are very pale or excessively dark.

Choosing the Right Khaki

Khaki is a broad term for pants ranging from light tan to deeper sandy brown hues. You’ll want to select a khaki color that contrasts well with your grey sport coat. Here are some top khaki shades to wear:

  • Tan – The lightest khaki shade works better with medium to dark grey jackets.
  • Beige – A versatile neutral that pairs nicely with most light to medium grey tones.
  • Sand – Offers good contrast against light grey sport coats.
  • Stone – A darker khaki shade that works best with lighter greys.

The most foolproof option is a beige khaki shade that can complement any grey sport coat. Stay away from khakis that are too similar in tone to your jacket color.

How to Wear Grey Sport Coat with Khakis

Putting together a stylish grey sport coat and khakis outfit is easy with these tips:

  • For a dressier look, wear a light blue or white dress shirt under the sport coat. Tuck it into the khakis.
  • Add a slim tie in navy, maroon or metallic shades.
  • For a business casual office outfit, pair the sport coat with a pastel dress shirt and tie.
  • For weekend wear, try an open collar button-down shirt or short-sleeve polo shirt.
  • Chestnut brown Oxfords or loafers are the perfect shoes to complete the look.
  • Avoid black shoes, which would be too harsh with the grey and tan color scheme.
  • Accessories like aviator sunglasses, a dress watch and leather bracelet polish off the outfit.

With some simple mixing and matching, you can create both professional and laid-back looks pairing a grey sport coat with khakis.

Matching Grey Sport Coats with Different Khaki Shades:

Grey Sport Coat Recommended Khaki Shades
Light Grey Stone, Sand
Medium Grey Tan, Beige
Dark Grey Beige, Tan

This table provides a guideline on pairing different grey sport coat shades with complementary khaki colors.


Wearing a grey sport coat with khakis can look extremely stylish when done right. Choose light to medium grey jackets and pair them with tan, beige or sand colored khakis in a chino or cotton fabric. Pay attention to shades and tone so the grey and khaki complement each other. With the right supporting pieces like dress shirts, ties and leather shoes, you’ll create a handsome, modern look for both the office and weekends.

So don’t hesitate to wear that grey sport coat with some nice khakis. Just follow these simple tips on shades and color pairings. You’ll look sharp and polished no matter the occasion.