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Can I have dyed hair at CVS?

CVS has become more relaxed in recent years regarding employees having dyed hair, but there are still some guidelines that must be followed. The key factors when it comes to having dyed hair while working at CVS are the role you have, the specific store policies, and whether your hair color falls into a “natural” shade. By understanding CVS’ general approach to dyed hair and following any rules specific to your location, most employees can feel comfortable expressing themselves through their hair color while maintaining a professional appearance.

Quick Answers

Here are quick answers to some common questions about having dyed hair while working at CVS:

  • CVS does allow employees to have dyed hair in general, but unnatural hair colors like blue or green are usually not permitted.
  • Rules around dyed hair are more relaxed for floor staff than pharmacy staff or managers.
  • Each CVS location can set specific dress code policies, so check with your store manager about dyed hair rules.
  • Subtle highlights or lowlights are almost always acceptable, even for pharmacy staff.
  • If your hair color is distracting to customers or colleagues, your manager may ask you to change it.

General CVS Policy on Dyed Hair

CVS does not have one universal policy about employees having dyed hair that applies to every location. Instead, the company gives general guidance and allows individual store managers to set specific dress code rules for their location.

In general, CVS is supportive of employees expressing individual style through their hair, including dyeing it colors other than their natural shade. However, the company does expect staff to keep their appearance professional. Extreme hair colors like blue, green, pink, or purple are usually frowned upon. Additionally, hair color that is distracting to customers or colleagues may need to be changed.

The main factors that determine whether dyed hair will be allowed include:

  • Your position at CVS (stylistic freedom increases for floor staff compared to pharmacy staff or managers)
  • Whether your hair color looks natural or professional
  • Your specific store’s dress code rules
  • Your manager’s discretion about what appears distracting or inappropriate

Rather than an outright ban on dyed hair, CVS prefers to handle situations case-by-case. For example, someone working at the front register may be able to get away with a stylish ombre look, while that same hair may be deemed inappropriate for a pharmacist giving medical advice to customers.

Dyed Hair Regulations for Specific Roles

While individual store policies will always trump general guidelines, there are some CVS positions that tend to have more flexibility with dyed hair than others:

Floor Staff

Employees working on the retail floor, such as cashiers, stockers, and customer service reps, usually have the most freedom when it comes to dyed hair. Vibrant hair colors and trendy styling are more accepted for frontline staff that have limited direct interactions with customers.

Shift Supervisors

Shift supervisors directly manage floor employees and conduct many customer-facing tasks. Unique hair dye styles and colors may be deemed inappropriate at the managerial level. Shift supers will likely be held to stricter standards than general floor staff.

Pharmacy Staff

Working behind the pharmacy counter often requires conforming to stricter standards around professional appearance. While subtle highlighting/lowlighting tends to be fine, vivid colors or bleaching/coloring all hair is discouraged for CVS pharmacy staff.


As licensed clinical professionals, pharmacists must maintain very professional, natural-looking hair. Expect limitations on highlighting/lowlighting and essentially zero tolerance for more vivid dyes. Pharmacists represent the integrity of the pharmacy and must look the part.


Those in official CVS management positions will likely be required to keep dyed hair to a minimum. Subtle color variations are generally the limit, as managers set an example for the rest of the staff. Blue, green, pink, and other loud colors almost certainly will not fly at the management level.

Location-Specific Dyed Hair Policies

Remember that individual CVS stores can establish dress code rules that go beyond or are more strict than the general corporate guidelines. It’s important to consult directly with your store manager about whether dyed hair will be acceptable at your specific location.

Some factors that may lead to stricter policies around dyed hair include:

  • A store in a conservative area where vivid hair colors are frowned upon
  • A pharmacy-only location concerned with professionalism
  • A newly built CVS aiming to make a good first impression
  • A store whose manager simply has a personal dislike of dyed hair

Location rules will trump any corporate policies, so make sure you check in with your direct supervisor before dyeing your hair a new color while working at CVS.

Acceptable Hair Color Shades

If you want to play it safe with dyed hair at CVS, aim for color shades that look natural. Even stores with more relaxed policies will likely prohibit hair colors that are jarringly unnatural. Some examples of generally acceptable shades include:

Highlight/Lowlights Subtle Ombre Black Blonde Brown Auburn
Slight variation from your natural color Gradual lightening toward the ends A natural brunette/raven color Ranges from platinum to honey Light to dark shades Reddish brown hues

The key is keeping the colors natural and subtle. Avoid anything too vivid, bleached, or artificial-looking. Your hair should never be overly distracting to customers or coworkers.

Unacceptable Hair Colors

To maintain a professional appearance, CVS is unlikely to allow employees to have hair dyed the following colors:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • Neon shades

Additionally, hair bleached to an unnaturally light platinum blonde shade will likely not pass dress code standards. Anything that looks artificially dyed rather than a plausible natural hair color is best avoided when working for CVS.

Talking to Your Manager

When considering a new dyed hairstyle while working at CVS, it’s smart to discuss the plan directly with your store manager. Outline what color you want to dye your hair and how you’ll have it styled. This gives the manager a chance to approve or deny the look based on store policies.

A good approach is:

  • Ask if you can speak privately with the manager when they have time.
  • Explain that you’re interested in dyeing your hair and want to check if the style will align with CVS policies.
  • Show photos of the hair color and style you have in mind.
  • Acknowledge you’ll go with whatever decision they make about the look.

Direct communication prevents any surprises and minimizes the risk of showing up with hair color that violates your store’s policies. Most managers will appreciate you taking this consultative approach.

Maintaining Professionalism

If you are permitted to dye your hair while working at CVS, be sure to maintain a professional appearance and attitude:

  • Keep your hair neatly groomed without extreme styling.
  • Make sure the color looks natural and subtle without growing out too much.
  • Avoid loudly discussing your hair to draw excessive attention.
  • Be prepared to change your hair if complaints arise about it.

With dyed hair approved by management, represent CVS positively by delivering excellent customer service with a polite demeanor. Your hair should never be a distraction from your professionalism.

Handling Customer Complaints

On rare occasions, customers may complain about a CVS employee’s dyed hair color or style. If you receive direct complaints about your hair at work:

  • Thank the customer calmly for their feedback.
  • Apologize for any offense caused.
  • Notify a manager immediately about the complaint.
  • Offer to change your hair if the manager requests it.

Try not to take complaints personally, as they likely reflect a generational gap. Work constructively with managers to find a resolution that satisfies the customer while allowing you to express some individuality.

Styling Tips for Dyed Hair

If your CVS location permits some types of dyed hair, consider these style tips:

For Subtle Highlighting For Ombre Coloring
– Ask your colorist to create depth without stark contrast
– Opt for thin, woven highlights rather than chunky blocks
– Avoid heavy bleaching near the roots
– Fade color gradually from mid-shaft down
– Make sure darker roots match your base shade
– Use a gloss treatment to blend ombre seamlessly

Well-blended color variations look polished and natural. Get your dyed style done professionally to make the best impression.

Getting Color Corrected

If your manager ultimately decides your hair dyed hair does not meet CVS standards, cooperate politely with changing it:

  • Express understanding of the request to change your hair.
  • Book a prompt color correction appointment with your stylist.
  • Explain which shades or style did not meet dress code policies.
  • Ask your colorist to correct it to a natural workplace-appropriate look.

With some salon magic, a talented stylist can alter your color back to an acceptable policy-abiding shade. Stay positive and focused on doing your job well as you adjust your appearance.

Key Takeaways

To summarize the key points:

  • CVS generally allows dyed hair but prohibits unnatural colors like blue or green.
  • Frontline and management roles have different standards.
  • Check with your specific store manager about dress code rules.
  • Aim for subtle, natural-looking shades.
  • Maintain professionalism if you are permitted dyed hair.
  • Be prepared to change your color if complaints arise.

With good communication and smart styling choices, most CVS employees can express themselves through dyed hair without violating company policies.


Having fashionably dyed hair and working at CVS do not have to be mutually exclusive. The key is finding the right balance of professionalism and self-expression. Do your research, understand the policies, and collaborate with management. With the right approach, you can achieve a work-ready yet personally stylish hair color.