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Can I change my eye color naturally?

Eyes are often called the windows to the soul. Their color, shape, and expression reveal a lot about a person. While eye color is mostly determined by genetics, some people wish they could change their natural eye color to something they feel represents them better or finds more aesthetically pleasing. If you’ve ever wondered if you can make your eyes permanently appear a different color without resorting to invasive procedures, read on.

What determines eye color?

The color of your eyes depends on the amount and type of melanin pigment present. Here is an overview of what accounts for different eye colors:

Eye Color Cause
Brown High amounts of melanin
Amber Moderate amounts of melanin
Green Moderate amounts of melanin combined with Rayleigh scattering of light
Gray Small amounts of melanin
Blue Low levels of melanin lead to Rayleigh scattering of light

The amount and type of melanin present is determined by genetics. The OCA2 and HERC2 genes especially impact eye color. Specific variations in these genes reduce melanin production, leading to lighter eye colors like green and blue. While genetics play a major role, your eye color can also darken slightly with age as melanin levels change.

Can you permanently change your natural eye color?

Unfortunately, there is currently no scientifically proven way to naturally change your intrinsic iris color permanently. Any websites or videos that claim you can modify your genetics with simple diet tricks, eye drops, or exercises are promoting false information. Here’s the truth behind some common eye color change myths:

Method Reason It Doesn’t Work
Consuming foods high in carotenoids like carrots Cannot deposit enough carotenoids in the iris to impact color
Using eye drops or administering supplements Cannot penetrate deep enough into the iris layers
Doing eye exercises No connection between exercise and melanin production
Listening to subliminal messages No scientific way to alter genetics with sound
Hypnosis Cannot influence physical traits like eye color

While you can’t truly change the color of the iris, some cosmetic contact lenses can give the illusion of a different eye shade. Also, certain colors of clothing and makeup can make your natural eyes look slightly more blue, green, brown, etc. But at the end of the day, your genetics determine your true eye color.

Are procedures available to change eye color?

There are a handful of cosmetic procedures that can permanently alter the shade of your eyes, but they come with risks:

  • Iris implants – Colored silicone lenses are surgically inserted over the iris. But this leads to potential immune reactions and eye inflammation.
  • Laser therapy – Lasers are used to remove or lighten the outer iris pigment layers. However, this can permanently impair vision and risks are high.
  • Injectable tints – A colored dye is directly injected into the iris layers using a hypodermic needle. Many countries ban this unsafe procedure.

Due to the dangers involved, most reputable doctors refrain from offering these unproven, risky procedures merely for cosmetic results.

Is it possible to temporarily lighten eye color?

While permanently changing genetics is impossible without high-risk procedures, there are some ways to temporarily lighten the melanin in your eyes to make the irises appear a lighter shade or hue:

Method Explanation
Honey eye drops Honey is an anti-inflammatory that can temporarily reduce melanin-producing inflammation in the iris
Chamomile tea bags Chamomile contains antioxidants that can reduce pigmentation when used as a compress
Hydrogen peroxide A very diluted solution may bleach melanin, but this is controversial and potentially hazardous

However, these methods carry risks like eye irritation, infection, and permanent damage when improperly used. And any lightening effects are minor and temporary. The healthiest approach is to learn to appreciate your natural eye color.


While you can’t naturally rewrite your genetics overnight, you may be able to temporarily lighten areas of the iris very slightly. Still, the safest and most effective way to change your eye color is with colored contact lenses prescribed by an optometrist. Or, enhance your eye color cosmetically with makeup and clothing choices. But when it comes to genetics, it’s best to work on embracing your natural eye color instead of finding risky ways to change it. Your eye color is part of what makes you uniquely you!