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Can gold go with royal blue?

Gold and royal blue is a classic color combination that can look elegant and luxurious when done right. But mixing these bold, saturated tones requires some finesse. In this article, we’ll provide tips on wearing gold and royal blue together – from clothing and accessories to home decor.

The Color Theory Behind Gold and Royal Blue

In color theory, gold and royal blue are considered complementary colors, meaning they are opposite each other on the color wheel. This creates strong visual contrast when placed side-by-side. However, too much contrast can be jarring, so the colors must be balanced.

Gold is a warm, bright metallic that pops against darker blue hues. Royal blue is a rich, mid-tone blue that has purple undertones. The warmth of gold helps tone down the coolness of royal blue. And the richness of royal blue enhances the shine and radiance of gold.

Here are some tips for combining these colors in a harmonious way:

  • Use gold as the accent color and royal blue as the base. Too much gold can overpower.
  • Layer the colors – such as blue clothing with gold jewelry or gold decor against a blue wall. Let one color take the lead.
  • Use a lighter tint of royal blue to soften the contrast. Dark navy can be harsh against bright gold.
  • Add a neutral third color like cream or tan to transition between the blue and gold.

Wearing Gold and Royal Blue Clothing

Gold and royal blue can make a stylish pairing in your wardrobe. Here are some tips for wearing these colors together:

  • Choose royal blue as the main color for larger clothing items, like dresses, pants, or jackets. Use gold as the accent in smaller pieces like tops, scarves or jewelry.
  • Try a royal blue blazer with a gold camisole and accessories.
  • Wear a casual royal blue tee with a gold skirt or layered gold necklaces.
  • Pair dark wash blue jeans with a gold belt and heels.
  • Mix different shades of blue with metallic gold shoes, bag or blouse.

To avoid looking overdone, keep the rest of your outfit simple in classic pieces. Neutral colors like tan, black, white or nude work well with both blue and gold.

Styling Gold and Royal Blue Accessories

Gold and royal blue accessories are an easy way to incorporate this color duo into any outfit. Here are some chic combinations:

  • Royal blue handbag with gold hardware details
  • Navy blue shoes with gold buckles or heels
  • A gold watch with a blue dial or strap
  • Stacking gold and sapphire jewelry
  • A royal blue scarf with an embroidered gold pattern
  • Gold sunglasses with blue tinted lenses

When selecting accessories, choose pieces in rich, saturated shades that complement without matching exactly. For example, pair a bright lemon gold bag with a muted navy dress. Or wear a emerald green and royal blue patterned scarf with a golden tan coat.

Gold and Royal Blue Nail Designs

Your nails are another fun way to showcase this regal color scheme. Here are some chic gold and blue nail ideas:

  • A royal blue base with gold tips or accent nails
  • Metallic gold nails with a rich blue glitter accent finger
  • A blue and gold geometric pattern, like chevron
  • Gold nails with royal blue designs, like stripes, polka dots or flowers
  • A blue and gold marble effect
  • A gold base with royal blue sequins or crystals on top

Keep the rest of your manicure neutral or coordinate with the main color. For example, pair blue based nails with a blue outfit and gold for a gold outfit. Have fun mixing glossy and matte textures too.

Gold Jewelry to Wear with Royal Blue

The radiance of gold jewelry makes an eye-catching contrast against rich royal blue clothing or accessories. Here are some flattering options:

  • Royal blue dresses or tops with a long gold necklace. Try a chunky chain link or pendant necklace.
  • Dainty gold hoop earrings with any shade of blue.
  • Cocktail rings with sapphires, aquamarine or topaz gemstones.
  • Mismatched gold and sapphire earrings for an asymmetric look.
  • Gold bangle bracelets paired with a navy blue blazer.
  • Blue evening gown with a bold gold statement necklace.

When selecting jewelry, stick to warm yellow, rose or champagne gold rather than white gold, which can look harsh. Combining different gold metals and tones can create visual interest.

Incorporating Gold and Royal Blue in Your Home

Use gold and royal blue decor to add regal flair to any room in your home. Here are some ideas:

  • Paint an accent wall a deep royal blue and use gold mirrors, sconces or picture frames against it.
  • Upholster chairs in navy blue velvet with gold nailhead trim.
  • Display gold vases and candles holders atop a royal blue tablecloth or runner.
  • Hang drapes in a blue and gold paisley or damask print.
  • Add throw pillows in alternating colors of blue and gold.
  • Use a Moroccan-style gold and blue area rug in a foyer, dining room or bedroom.

The key is to strike a balance, with one color taking the lead. Too much gold and blue can feel garish. Keep secondary items like walls, floors, furnishings and bedding neutral to let the blue and gold shine.

Table Comparing Gold and Royal Blue Pairings

Here is a table summarizing different ways to pair gold and royal blue in your home and wardrobe:

Type Gold Accent Pieces Royal Blue Accent Pieces
Clothing Jewelry, belt, shoes, blouse Dress, pants, jacket, tee
Accessories Watch, sunglasses, handbag Scarf, shoes, nail polish
Jewelry Necklace, earrings, rings, bangles Gemstones like sapphire
Home Decor Mirrors, candles, frames, pillows Wall color, upholstery, rug, table linens

Tips for Decorating with Gold and Royal Blue

Decorating with gold and royal blue requires careful planning to avoid a gaudy look. Here are some best practices:

  • Use one color as the main hue in larger accents like walls, furniture or window treatments. The other color should be used sparingly in decorative pieces.
  • Choose a lighter tint of royal blue on walls or upholstery rather than dark navy, which can feel oppressive.
  • Stick to warm gold tones rather than brass or bronze, which can clash.
  • Add touches of white, cream or tan to soften and blend the blue and gold.
  • Display blue and gold decor together rather than in separate rooms for maximum impact.
  • Use a patterned rug, pillow or drapes to combine blue and gold in one cohesive print.

It also helps to have a consistent decor style, such as contemporary, traditional or modern. Mixing genres can make the colors feel disjointed. Focus on quality over quantity too – a few luxurious pillows have more impact than lots of cheap tchotchkes.

Examples of Gold and Royal Blue Home Decor

Here are some gorgeous examples of living spaces decorated elegantly with gold and royal blue accents:

Room Gold Accents Blue Accents
Living Room Gold mirror, candle holders, picture frames Royal blue drapes, sofa, pillows
Dining Room Gold tableware, charger plates, candles Royal blue tablecloth, upholstered dining chairs
Bedroom Gold bed frame, lamps, jewelry box Royal blue duvet, pillows, window treatments
Bathroom Gold faucets, towel rods, trays Royal blue towels, rugs, shower curtain

Use these gorgeous rooms for inspiration on gracefully incorporating gold and royal blue throughout your home’s decor.


Gold and royal blue can seem like an unexpected combination. But when used thoughtfully, these colors create a look that’s both elegant and opulent. The key is balancing the warmth of gold with the cool vibrancy of blue. Use one color as the foundation and the other as accents. Layer shades of blue and gold for depth. And don’t be afraid to incorporate neutrals to provide separation. With the right ratio of colors, your gold and royal blue outfit or decor will feel luxe and memorable.