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Can gold go with any colour?

Can gold go with any colour?

Gold is a timeless metal that has been prized for its beauty and durability for thousands of years. With its warm, rich hue, gold can look gorgeous when paired with the right colors. But can gold jewelry or accessories really go with any color? Let’s take a closer look at the versatile color pairing possibilities of gold.

How gold gets its color

Before exploring what colors pair well with gold, it helps to understand what gives gold its signature golden yellow color in the first place. Pure gold is highly malleable and too soft for most practical uses, so it is generally alloyed with other metals like copper and silver to increase its hardness while retaining its beauty. The mix of metals changes the color tone of gold:

Alloy mix Color tone
100% gold Bright yellow
75% gold, 25% copper Warm golden yellow
50% gold, 50% copper Rose gold
75% gold, 25% silver Greenish yellow

The most common mix is 75% gold and 25% copper, which produces the warm, rich golden yellow color we associate with gold jewelry. Understanding the source of gold’s color is useful knowledge when thinking about coordinating shades.

Complementary colors for gold

Now let’s look at the color palette that can accentuate different gold tones for a harmonious look.

Soft warm hues

The yellow undertones of gold make it a natural complement to soft, warm colors in the same color family. Delicate peach, buttery yellow, camel, and copper all harmonize beautifully with gold jewelry and accessories for an elegant monochromatic look. Warm metallics like rose gold and bronze can also mirror and intensify the warm glow of gold.

Cool neutrals

Crisp neutral tones offer the perfect contrasting color palette for gold’s radiant warmth. Pairing gold with shades of white, gray, black, navy, or chocolate brown allows the gold tones to shine. An all-black outfit punctuated with gold jewelry makes a particularly dramatic style statement.

Rich jewel tones

Vibrant emerald green, ruby red, sapphire blue, and amethyst purple are regal complements to gold’s luxe finish. Jewel tones have a richness that flatters gold. Deep purple or forest green dresses paired with gold earrings or a necklace create stylish color coordination.

Earthy hues

Natural earthy tones like mossy greens, clay reds, and warm browns work in harmony with gold’s earthy mineral quality. Pairing metallic gold shoes or a handbag with autumnal olive, burgundy, khaki, or chocolate creates an organic, grounded look.

Avoiding color clashes with gold

While gold pairs beautifully with many colors, a few shades can clash and overpower gold’s natural radiance:

– Cool, icy pastels like mint, baby blue, or pale pink

– Vibrant neon brights like hot pink, orange, or lime green

– Silvery metallics like platinum, silver, pewter, or chrome

These cool or overtly bright colors usually look best paired with silver or platinum rather than gold. But exceptions can work well, like a punch of neon brights to liven up an otherwise neutral and gold outfit.

Tips for combining gold with different colors

Here are some handy tips for gracefully pairing gold with a variety of colors:

– Match gold metal tones throughout for harmony – yellow gold jewelry with yellow gold belt buckle, watch, eyeglass frames, etc.

– Anchor gold with neutral basics or black – gold bracelet with white button-down, black sheath dress with gold clutch

– Add gold as a accent to colorful outfits – emerald dress with gold hoops, red cocktail dress with gold cuff

– Pair gold with adjacent colors on the color wheel for rich coordination – deep purple and gold bangle, warm brown and gold loafers

– Keep clothes, bags, and shoes in the same color family – camel coat, tan bag and camel pumps with small gold hoop earrings

– Add gold as a warm pop of contrast against cool shades – gold cocktail ring with navy dress

– Repeat gold in small touches throughout an outfit for cohesion – gold earrings, belt, and heels with a red dress

Gold for every skin tone

Gold is versatile enough to flatter a wide range of skin tones. Here are tips for finding gold hues that enhance different complexions:

Skin tone Most flattering gold
Fair, rosy Rose gold, white gold
Pale, olive Yellow gold
Medium, warm Yellow gold, bronze
Medium-dark, neutral Yellow or white gold
Dark, cool White gold, yellow gold

The warmth or coolness of skin undertones helps determine the most harmonizing gold tone. Jewelry stores often carry bracelets in different gold shades to conveniently test options against your skin. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Gold for day vs. night

Gold can work for daytime or nighttime wear with the right styling. For day, pair down gold jewelry with casual neutral basics. Keep things subtle with delicate chains, thin bangle stacks, and small pendants or hoops. Save the statement cuffs, chandelier earrings, and bold cocktail rings for night, when gold dazzles against party looks.

Gold designs and finishes

Beyond color, gold’s design and finish offer more ways to adapt it for different looks:

Yellow gold tends to feel dressier and more old-world glamorous. Opt for scrolled filigree, carved shapes, and glassy stones.

White gold and rose gold feel more modern and youthful. Try sleek geometric shapes, minimal bands, and raw, unpolished textures.

A highly polished finish makes gold formal and elegant. Consider it for evening events and weddings.

A more brushed, matte finish has an organic feel that works for daytime. It also pairs well with the casual charm of raw gemstones.

In summary

Gold can potentially complement any color when styled thoughtfully. The versatile warmth of gold pairs elegantly with soft warm neutrals, cool tones, rich jewel shades, and earthy hues in the same color family. Avoid overly icy pastels or bright neon shades that compete with gold’s radiance. With the right gold tone, design, and finish, you can make gold jewelry and accessories work for any personal style or occasion, from casual daytime looks to red carpet glamour. Gold’s allure is classic, yet timelessly on-trend.


Gold is a universally flattering metal that can coordinate beautifully with all colors of the wardrobe rainbow when paired strategically. Like a trusted best friend, gold is the finishing touch that pulls any outfit together into a polished, put-together look. From adding a touch of warm luxury to cool casual basics or amplifying the richness of vibrant jewel tones, gold transcends trends and is always in style. With a few simple guidelines, this precious metal can indeed go with any and every color combination to enhance your unique personal flair. Gold’s glow reflects your inner light. Let gold be your trusty fashion accessory that makes any color shine.