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Can asian hair be platinum blonde?

Going platinum blonde is a popular hair color trend, but it can be tricky for those with naturally dark Asian hair. Platinum blonde requires pre-lightening the hair to a very pale shade before applying the icy tones. On Asian hair, which is generally thicker and darker, reaching those pale levels can take time and multiple sessions with a colorist.

However, with the right techniques, care, and maintenance, Asian hair can indeed be colored a beautiful platinum blonde. In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about getting and maintaining platinum locks as an Asian.

The Science Behind Platinum Blonde on Asian Hair

Asian hair is typically very dark, with nearly 100% of Asians having black or dark brown hair. This is due to the high concentration of eumelanin pigment in Asian hair.

Eumelanin gives hair a black or brown color. The other pigment responsible for hair color is pheomelanin, which produces red and blonde tones. Asian hair contains very little pheomelanin pigment naturally.

To reach platinum blonde, eumelanin needs to be removed through a bleaching process using products like hydrogen peroxide or persulfates. However, Asian hair’s high eumelanin concentration makes it more resistant and harder to lighten.

Here’s a look at how the melanin concentration affects blonde coloring:

Hair Color Eumelanin Level Pheomelanin Level
Black High Low
Dark brown High Low
Light brown Medium Medium
Blonde Low High
Platinum blonde Very low Very high

Reaching platinum requires getting Asian hair to extremely low levels of eumelanin and boosting pheomelanin as much as possible. This intensive process means addressing the following challenges:


Because of the high eumelanin levels, Asian hair needs to be pre-lightened significantly before attempting platinum tones. It may take multiple sessions over several months to gently remove the pigment while minimizing damage.


As eumelanin levels drop, brassiness and unwanted warm pigments can develop in the hair. Specialized toners and products are required to counteract this effect.


Bleaching causes porosity changes in the hair cuticles. The cuticles raise and don’t hold color as well, leading to faster fading of platinum tones.


The harsh lightening process leads to dryness and breakage. Extra conditioning and care is crucial when taking Asian hair platinum.

It is possible to overcome these challenges with the right techniques, which we’ll discuss next.

How to Achieve Platinum Blonde Asian Hair

Here are some tips and steps for successfully coloring Asian hair to a platinum blonde shade:

Gradual Lightening

Lifting dark Asian hair to pale levels requires multiple lightening sessions over time. Doing it gradually and spacing out appointments 6-8 weeks apart minimizes damage.

Ask your colorist for a multi-step plan. Often the first 1-2 sessions focus on getting to a pale yellow base. Then toners can be applied to cancel yellowness.

Use Low-Volume Developer

High-volume peroxide developers (like 40 volume) will lighten hair quickly but cause more damage. Keeping the developer at 20 volume or lower lifts color slowly for better results.

Purple Shampoo

Use a purple shampoo like Shimmer Lights between sessions. The violet pigments in these products help neutralize brassy yellow tones.

Hydrating Treatments & Masks

Nourish and hydrate hair with moisture masks and olaplex treatments to limit breakage and keep your hair healthy.

Toner, Toner, Toner

It takes multiple toning sessions to cancel out yellow brassiness and get your hair icy white. Use a blue-violet toner specifically formulated for pale blonde shades.

Avoid Chlorine & Heat Styling

Chlorine from pools and heat tools open the cuticles causing color to fade faster. Protect hair with leave-in treatments and minimize heat styling.

Touch Up Roots

Plan to have your colorist do a root touch up every 4-6 weeks as your natural regrowth will be darker and contrast strongly against platinum lengths.

Use Bond Builders

Bond-building treatments, like Olaplex No.3, strengthen and prevent breakage of hair strands damaged by lightening. Use them regularly.

Trim Every 6-8 Weeks

Get regular trims to snip away split ends before they travel up the hair shaft causing breakage.

How Long It Takes to Go Platinum Blonde

How long it takes to reach platinum blonde depends on your natural hair color and condition. Here are some estimates:

Natural Hair Color Number of Sessions Total Time Frame
Black 4-5 6-8 months
Dark brown 3-4 4-6 months
Medium brown 2-3 3-4 months
Light brown 1-2 6-8 weeks

These time frames account for spacing out lightening sessions every 6-8 weeks and allowing time for toning and maintaining the platinum color.

Those starting with darker shades like black can expect to spend 6 months or longer getting to a pale platinum, while lighter shades may only take 1-2 sessions and 6-8 weeks.

Maintenance & Care for Platinum Blonde Asian Hair

Once you’ve reached your desired platinum shade, maintenance and care is crucial for keeping hair healthy and color vibrant. Here are some tips:

Use Purple Shampoo 1-2 Times Weekly

Using purple shampoo keeps brassiness at bay between toning sessions. But don’t overdo it, as the pigments can cause a violet tint.

Deep Condition Weekly

Mask hair with a hydrating deep conditioner for at least 15-20 minutes a week. This nourishes strands and replenishes moisture.

Limit Washing to 2-3 Times a Week

Washing less frequently preserves the vibrancy of toner and color. Use dry shampoo between washes to refresh hair.

Sleep on a Silk Pillowcase

Silk pillowcases prevent moisture loss at night. Cotton cases absorb moisture and cause friction damage.

Avoid Chlorine, Heat Styling & Chemical Processing

Chlorine, heat tools, and chemical processes damage the cuticle and lift color faster. Protect and limit use of these things.

Trim Every 6-8 Weeks

Get regular trims to prevent split ends travelling up the hair shaft. Point trimming preserves length while keeping ends healthy.

Touch Up Roots

Plan for root touch ups every 4-6 weeks to prevent regrowth becoming too visible. Time for a toner if blonde looks brassy.

Use Bond Strengthening & Leave-In Treatments

Reinforce bonds and provide protection from styling with bond builders like Olaplex and leave-in conditioners.

How Much It Costs to Go Platinum Blonde

The costs of going platinum blonde will depend on:

  • Your natural hair color – Darker hair requires more sessions
  • Hair length and thickness – More hair means using more product
  • Salon location – Pricing varies by geographical area
  • Experience level of the colorist – Master colorists charge more

On average, you can expect to invest anywhere from $200-800 to reach platinum blonde. Here’s a rough breakdown of pricing:

Service Average Price Range
Single Lightening Session $150-300
Toner $50-150
Root Touch Up $80-150
Olaplex Treatment $50-100
Deep Conditioning $20-50
Haircut & Style $100-250

Going gradually, using lower volume developers, and spacing out sessions can help make achieving platinum more affordable. Maintenance is also an ongoing investment every 4-6 weeks.


While it requires time, care, and financial investment, Asian hair can absolutely be lightened to a gorgeous platinum blonde. Gradual lightening, use of toners to combat brassiness, and diligent conditioning and maintenance help get the icy shade while keeping hair healthy.

If cared for properly, platinum blonde can look stunning on Asian hair. However, the process isn’t one to rush or take lightly. Consult closely with a skilled colorist and commit to the necessary aftercare. With patience and persistence, you can rock this trendy icy blond look.