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Are the Chiefs red or blue?

The Kansas City Chiefs are one of the most popular and successful franchises in the National Football League (NFL). As members of the AFC West division, the Chiefs have a large and passionate fanbase who turning up to Arrowhead Stadium every Sunday during the fall to cheer on their team. One of the defining characteristics of the Chiefs is their color scheme – proudly wearing both red and white uniforms at home games. But are the Chiefs definitively a “red” team or a “blue” team when it comes to their official colors?

The Origins of the Chiefs’ Colors

The Chiefs franchise was originally known as the Dallas Texans when it began play in the AFL in 1960. The owner at the time, Lamar Hunt, chose Columbia blue, orange and white as the original colors of the Dallas Texans. However, the franchise relocated to Kansas City in 1963 and was renamed the Chiefs. Hunt decided to change the official team colors to red, gold and white. The main color scheme has remained constant over the past six decades, cementing the Chiefs as a red franchise.

In the early days after the rebranding, the Chiefs wore white jerseys with red numbering at home and red jerseys with white numbering on the road. Over time, thePreference flipped to wearing red at home so the raucous home crowd at Arrowhead could create a sea of red. The red home jerseys paired with white pants also provided better contrast against the green grass field. Since 1989, the Chiefs have worn red jerseys for nearly every home game.

The Uniforms and Logo

The Chiefs’ official team colors are now listed as red, gold and white. Their helmets are red with a white arrowhead logo outlined in gold. The iconic arrowhead logo has been a fixture since the team’s inception in the 1960s. Their home uniforms are red jerseys paired with white pants, while their road uniforms are white jerseys with red pants. The stripes on both jerseys incorporate the team’s two other colors gold and white.

In addition to the standard home and away kits, the Chiefs have a red-on-red “Color Rush” alternate uniform that they break out for select games. The all-red combo creates a bold look for the sea of fans at Arrowhead Stadium. They also have a white-on-white road alternate uniform that provides a clean contrast against other teams’ darker colors.

Jersey Element Home Uniform Away Uniform
Jersey Color Red White
Pants Color White Red
Helmet Color Red Red
Logo White Arrowhead White Arrowhead

As the above table summarizes, red is the predominant jersey color for the Chiefs, especially at home games where they aim to use the energy of the crowd and intimidate opponents.

Traditions Connected to the Red Branding

The Chiefs’ red home jerseys have inspired several traditions and fan rituals over the years. Most well-known is the “Sea of Red” where thousands of fans wear red to Arrowhead Stadium, creating a vibrant scene of team pride. Face paint, flags and other accessories in Chiefs red are common sights.

Chiefs fans also swing towels around in a “war chant” cadence to rally the crowd during exciting moments. The original “Warpaint” cheer towels were, unsurprisingly, red with a Native American mascot logo. New versions of the towels come in colors like gold or white but red remains the quintessential background color.

When Chiefs players score a touchdown at home games, fans also chant “Chiefs!” while making a tomahawk chop motion with their arms. The franchise’s close ties to Native American imagery and customs has been controversial but remains an integral part of Chiefs fandom.

Brand Personality and Values

The predominance of red in the Chiefs’ branding and marketing over the years has developed a strongassociation between the color and the team’s values and personality:

  • Passion
  • Intensity
  • Strength
  • Power
  • Energy
  • Excitement

Red conjures up all of those qualities and emotions. When paired with the arrowhead logo, the color scheme signals competitiveness, precision, and fighting spirit as well – key attributes for an NFL franchise. Gold hints at excellence and the desire for championships.


Despite a color palette that incorporates red, gold, and white, it is undeniable that the Kansas City Chiefs have fully adopted red as the team’s defining color. The prevalence of red jerseys, particularly at home games, and fans’ coordinated efforts to create a “Sea of Red” showcase how the color has become an integral part of the franchise’s identity. Even as the organization evolves over time, red will likely remain the foundational color for the Chiefs brand.

So in answer to the original question “Are the Chiefs red or blue?” – they are decidedly and undeniably red. From the first glance at their uniforms to the overwhelming presence of red in fan traditions and Arrowhead Stadium, the Chiefs are one of the NFL’s reddest franchises. The symbolic qualities of red match the team’s competitive spirit and the energy of the iconic Chiefs Kingdom fanbase. Both visually and psychologically, red is the perfect color for the Chiefs.