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Are the broncos wearing throwback uniforms?

The Denver Broncos are one of the most iconic franchises in the NFL, known for their classic orange and blue uniforms. As the 2022 season gets underway, Broncos fans are wondering if the team will be wearing throwback uniforms this year to celebrate their past. In this in-depth article, we’ll examine the history of the Broncos’ uniforms, look at when they have worn throwbacks in the past, and analyze the possibilities of them suiting up in retro jerseys this season.

Uniforms are an integral part of NFL lore. Classic designs hearken back to the early days of pro football, reminding fans of legendary players and championship seasons. The Broncos have one of the most recognizable uniform sets in the league, thanks to their distinctive orange, blue, and white color scheme.

Over the decades, the Broncos have maintained a relatively consistent uniform identity, albeit with minor tweaks and updates. This contrasts with some teams like the New England Patriots who have dramatically overhauled their look multiple times. Still, the Broncos have occasionally brought back popular throwback uniforms to celebrate their franchise history.

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the past uniforms of the Broncos. We’ll analyze how often they wear throwbacks and which retro jersey is most likely to be used this season if they go that route. Whether you’re a diehard Broncos fan or just love NFL uniforms, read on for an in-depth examination of the Denver throwbacks!

History of Broncos Uniforms

Let’s start from the beginning by looking at how the Broncos’ uniforms have evolved over the decades:

Year Jersey Style
1960-1961 Vertical-striped socks, brown and yellow uniforms
1962-1996 Iconic orange, blue and white design debuts
1997-2011 Navy blue alternates introduced, minor updates to striping
2012-Present Nike takes over, modernizes uniform with tapered stripes

The Broncos entered the AFL in 1960 decked out in brown and yellow uniforms accented by vertical striped socks. This original look only lasted two seasons before the team adopted the now-classic orange, blue, and white color scheme in 1962. That general uniform appearance featuring the famous “D” helmet logo lasted for over 30 years.

In 1997, the Broncos unveiled navy blue alternate jerseys which became a staple of their uniform rotation throughout the late 1990s and 2000s. When Nike took over as the NFL’s uniform supplier in 2012, they gave the Broncos a modern makeover by tapering the jersey stripes and streamlining the pants. But the classic orange and blue look remained intact.

Overall, the Broncos have maintained a strong sense of uniform continuity while gradually evolving their look over time. This balance of tradition and periodic updates keeps their iconic colors at the forefront.

History of Broncos Throwback Uniforms

In addition to their standard uniforms, the Broncos have also worn popular throwback jerseys to celebrate their team history on special occasions. Here is a quick overview of when the team has showcased retro uniforms over the years:

Season Throwback Jersey Style Years Celebrated
1994 1960-1961 Brown and Yellow 60s AFL Uniforms
2009 1968-1996 Orange Crush 50th Anniversary
2012 1968-1996 Orange Crush 50th Anniversary
2015 1965-1966 Cotton Bowl 60th Anniversary
2019 1968-1996 Orange Crush 50th Anniversary

As you can see, the Broncos have rolled out throwbacks just a handful of times, usually to celebrate significant franchise anniversaries.

In 1994, they became the first team in NFL history to wear throwback jerseys when they donned their original brown and yellow uniforms to celebrate their early AFL roots. These unusual jerseys are the rarest Bronco throwbacks and have only been worn once since in a 2009 AFL Legacy game.

Far and away the most popular throwback for the Broncos has been their famous “Orange Crush” uniforms worn from 1968-1996 during the team’s first Super Bowl eras. This retro look featuring the classic “D” logo and shoulder striping has been brought back numerous times to celebrate the 50th anniversary of those designs.

Most recently in 2019, the Broncos wore Orange Crush throwbacks to commemorate 50 seasons since the AFL-NFL merger of 1970 when Denver joined the NFL. Given the popularity of this throwback among fans, it seems the most likely choice for any potential retro uniforms this season.

Will Broncos Wear Throwbacks in 2022?

This brings us to the main question – will the Broncos suit up in throwback jerseys during the 2022 NFL season? Let’s analyze the possibilities:

  • The Broncos don’t have any significant franchise anniversary this season.
  • 2022 marks 55 years since the debut of the classic orange, blue and white uniforms in 1962.
  • The team wore Orange Crush throwbacks as recently as 2019.
  • Denver has a new head coach in Nathaniel Hackett who may want “fresh” uniforms.
  • The NFL has loosened restrictions on alternate uniforms.

On one hand, the lack of a major anniversary this season diminishes the likelihood of throwbacks being worn. The team just showcased throwbacks three years ago, so some could argue it’s too soon to repeat that again.

However, the 55th anniversary of the debut of their current color scheme does present an opportunity to celebrate that uniform history. The league’s new flexibility regarding alternate uniforms also makes throwbacks more possible for any team.

Overall, I would say it’s approximately a 50/50 chance that the Broncos wear some version of throwback uniforms for at least one game this season. It likely comes down to whether first-year head coach Nathaniel Hackett wants to embrace a retro look or establish his own uniform identity.

If the Broncos do go the throwback route, expect it to be the popular Orange Crush look paying homage to their first Super Bowl teams from the 1970s and 80s. The wild brown and yellow sixties uniforms are highly unlikely to return. An outside possibility would be wearing blue Color Rush alternates as a pseudo-throwback to their early 90s uniforms.

We may not know for certain if throwbacks are planned until close to the season when the NFL release official uniform schedules. But for now, signs seem to point toward strong potential we’ll get to see the Broncos in retro duds this fall!

Best Denver Broncos Throwback Games

If the Broncos do break out throwbacks this season, what games would make sense? Let’s highlight some of the top throwback game possibilities for Denver in 2022:

Opponent Tentative 2022 Date Uniform Storyline
San Francisco 49ers September 25 Super Bowl XXIV Rematch
Kansas City Chiefs December 11 AFC West Rivalry Throwback
Arizona Cardinals December 25 “Christmas Day Classic”

A home matchup against the 49ers would allow both teams to wear throwbacks to celebrate Super Bowl XXIV when Denver wore their Orange Crush jerseys against San Francisco in 1990.

A divisional game against the Chiefs would feature great AFL throwback potential between these original rivals. Arizona provides a fun “Christmas Day Classic” throwback opportunity if the NFL schedules these retro-colored teams to face off then.

Other home matchups against fellow classic-uniformed teams like the Raiders, Chargers, Browns, or Bills could also present fun throwback possibilities. Ultimately the NFL schedule will dictate which opponents and dates make sense for potential Broncos retro matchups.

Denver Broncos All-Time Throwback Jersey

If you had to pick one throwback jersey as the quintessential look in Broncos history, which would it be? Here’s a breakdown of the top contender for Denver’s all-time throwback:

1968-1996 “Orange Crush” Home Jersey

  • Worn during both Broncos Super Bowl eras
  • Featured in 3 separate throwback games since 2009
  • Beloved by fans as “original” Broncos look
  • Orange colors provide iconic & unique identity
  • Simple, classic design that has stood test of time

Without question, the late 60s to mid 90s “Orange Crush” home jersey is the definitive throwback for the Denver Broncos. Its lasting popularity across decades of NFL and franchise history makes it the quintessential retro look.

The bold orange colors, classic shoulder striping, and iconic “D” logo on the helmet perfectly encapsulate the Broncos’ tradition and heritage. It’s no wonder this throwback has been brought back so many times over the past 15 years to celebrate monumental anniversaries.

Many all-time great Broncos ranging from Floyd Little to John Elway to Terrell Davis wore this uniform during the biggest moments in franchise history. Both of Denver’s Super Bowl championships were won with this classic design.

While the original 1960s uniforms hold novelty retro appeal, and the current Nike looks have a modern appeal, the “Orange Crush” throwback stands the test of time as the truest Bronco uniform. Hopefully we see it again if throwbacks are worn this season!


The Broncos have some of the most iconic uniforms in NFL history. Their classic orange, blue, and white color scheme has endured for over 50 years. While Denver has maintained a strong uniform identity, they’ve also mixed in occasional throwbacks to celebrate their franchise history.

The fan-favorite “Orange Crush” look worn from 1968-1996 stands out as the quintessential Broncos throwback jersey. With the NFL relaxing rules around alternate uniforms, there is a solid chance Denver wears retro jerseys this season to commemorate their tradition.

If throwbacks are in the plans, expect them to be showcased during home matchups against fellow classic uniform teams like the 49ers, Chiefs, Raiders, or Bills among other possibilities. Broncos fans will be keeping their fingers crossed for the opportunity to see their team in the legendary “Orange Crush” uniforms once again!

Summary Table

Key Questions Summary
How long have Broncos had current uniform colors? Over 50 years since debuting in 1962
When have they worn throwbacks previously? 1994, 2009, 2012, 2015, 2019
What is their most popular throwback jersey? 1968-1996 “Orange Crush” home uniform
Will they wear throwbacks in 2022? 50/50 chance during home matchups
Best throwback game possibilities? 49ers, Chiefs, Cardinals
All-time Broncos throwback jersey? 1968-1996 “Orange Crush”

In summary, the Broncos’ classic uniform scheme has been integral since the 1960s, with the “Orange Crush” throwback being the most iconic. Fans are hopeful Denver will wear retro jerseys for select home matchups this season to continue celebrating the team’s rich history.