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Are green bathrooms coming back?

Are green bathrooms coming back?

Bathroom design trends come and go, but some looks stand the test of time better than others. Recently, there has been renewed interest in green bathrooms – those decked out in various shades of green paint, tiles, and accents. But are green bathrooms really coming back into style, or is this just a passing fad?

The History of Green Bathrooms

Green bathrooms first became popular in the 1950s and 1960s. This was a time when many people were embracing bright, playful colors and eclectic styles in both fashion and interior design. Avocado green and lime green were very on-trend shades for appliances, furniture, and even bathrooms. Pairing these greens with pinks and yellows created a fun, retro look.

In the 1970s, earthy tones like sage green and moss green grew in popularity for bathroom design. These softer greens helped bathrooms feel more natural and relaxing. Wood paneling and accents were commonly combined with green colors during this time.

Green bathrooms fell out of favor in the 1980s and 1990s as people gravitated towards more neutral palettes. Whites, beiges, and greys took over bathroom design. The early 2000s also saw very minimalist bathrooms with clean white subways tiles and sparse accents.

The Return of Green Bathrooms

In recent years, green has been making a comeback in interior design. With people looking to add more color, personality, and nature-inspired elements to their homes, green bathrooms are becoming popular again.

Unlike the bold greens of the 1950s and 1960s, today’s green bathrooms feature more subtle, sophisticated hues. Soft sage, pale mint, and muted jade are replacing bright limes and avocados. These new green shades add a refreshing yet relaxing vibe.

Green is also being used sparingly as an accent color, rather than dominating the entire bathroom. Green tiles, paint on one wall, or touches of bath accessories create a balanced, modern look.

Benefits of a Green Bathroom

There are a few reasons green is appealing for today’s bathrooms:

  • Green is associated with nature, health, and renewal. It can help create a soothing spa-like environment.
  • Green is considered a neutral color that works with nearly any style from modern to traditional.
  • Different green shades and textures add visual interest and dimension.
  • Green pairs nicely with current popular colors like greys, whites, browns, and wood tones.
  • A green bathroom feels fresh yet timeless and unlikely to look dated.

Green Bathroom Paint Colors

If you’re looking to add a touch of green to your bathroom, paint is a simple way to start. Here are some of the most popular green paint colors for bathrooms right now:

Paint Color Description
Behr Gently Green Light green with soothing gray undertones
Behr Evergreen Fog Soft sage green that pairs well with creams and whites
Benjamin Moore Minty Green Crisp, bright mint green shade
Benjamin Moore Forest Green Deep green with a touch of blue
Sherwin-Williams Rainwashed Light green-gray that works well for an accent wall
Sherwin-Williams Naval Classic deep forest green

Whether you opt for a dark emerald tone on one wall or a light green on every wall, paint is an easy way to incorporate green in a bathroom.

Green Bathroom Tiles

Green bathroom tiles are another way to get this color trend into your space. You can opt for green tiles on the floor, shower walls, backsplash, or as an accent stripe.

Subway tiles, hexagonal tiles, and mosaic tiles all look striking in green hues. Try pairing sage green tiles with white grout for a clean, bright look. Or use moody emerald tiles with matching grout for a richer style.

Here are some popular options for green bathroom tiles:

  • Marble or ceramic look tiles in soft green shades
  • Green glass subway tiles for contemporary style
  • Bold emerald green porcelain tiles
  • Mother of pearl green mosaic tile sheets
  • Moroccan-inspired encaustic cement tiles in green patterns

Green tiles can be combined with other colors like white, grey, brown, and natural stone shades. Keeping grout lines minimal creates a seamless look.

Green Bathroom Furniture and Fixtures

There are many ways to incorporate green accents into bathroom furniture and fixtures without going overboard:

  • Mint or sage green vanity – This makes a statement without being too bold.
  • Pale green walls with white cabinetry and dark green hardware pulls
  • Vintage-style fixtures in an antique brass finish paired with green tiles
  • Green vessel sink atop a wood vanity
  • Grounding wood-toned floor with a pop of green from towels and decor

Avoid completely green suite sets or heavily-patterned green shower curtains. Opt instead for green touches balanced out by plenty of neutrals.

Green Bathroom Ideas and Inspiration

Here are a few ways to beautifully incorporate green into your bathroom design:

  • Sage green walls with marble tile wainscoting
  • Gently Green by Behr paint color with white shiplap board and batten walls
  • Mint green glass subway wall tiles paired with classic white hexagon floor tile
  • Mossy green tiles in walk-in shower with wood-look porcelain flooring
  • Forest green vanity and antique gold fixtures for a glam yet earthy vibe

Look to green accents found in nature like aloe plants, eucalyptus bundles, rattan baskets, and ceramic vases for inspiration. Layer in wood elements and plenty of texture for a fresh yet grounded look.


Green bathrooms are definitely back in style for those looking to add a dose of color and nature to their space. Today’s green bathrooms have a softer, more sophisticated look than the bold retro green bathrooms of the past. Sage, mint, and mossy green paired with plenty of neutrals create a relaxing oasis.

Green can be incorporated through paint, tile, furnishings, or decor. Keeping the overall palette balanced creates a trendy yet timeless green bathroom that feels peaceful rather than overwhelming. Nature-inspired green is the new neutral that works with any style.