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Are furvilla bases free to use?

Furvilla is a popular online game where players can adopt, design, and care for virtual furry pets called furbies. One of the key features in Furvilla is the ability for players to customize their furbies by designing bases that include different poses, expressions, outfits, and accessories. But an important question many new players have is whether or not they can use bases made by other players for free.

Can I use any Furvilla base for free?

The short answer is no, not all Furvilla bases are free to use. While Furvilla does allow players to create and share their own custom bases, there are rules around how those player-created bases can be used by others. Specifically, Furvilla divides custom bases into two categories:

  • Free-to-use (FTU) bases
  • Non-free-to-use (NFTU) bases

FTU bases are bases that the creator has explicitly marked as free for anyone to use. These types of bases can be used on your furbies without needing to ask permission or provide credit. However, NFTU bases are bases that the creator has not given permission for others to use freely. These types of bases can only be used on your furbies if you get direct permission from the original base creator.

How can I tell if a base is FTU or NFTU?

Telling the difference between FTU and NFTU bases is easy if you know what to look for. Here are the signs that indicate whether a Furvilla base is free to use or not:

  • FTU bases will be explicitly marked as “FTU” or “free to use” in the base name or description
  • NFTU bases will not have any indicators of being FTU or free to use
  • FTU bases will grant permission to edit, recolor, and reuse the base freely
  • NFTU bases will not provide permissions and may even specify “do not edit or reuse”

So always look at both the name and description of a Furvilla base before using it. If it doesn’t clearly state the base is FTU, you should assume it is NFTU and off limits without permission.

What are some examples of FTU indicators?

Here are some common phrases and labels you may see that designate a Furvilla base as free to use:

  • “FTU” or “Free to use”
  • “No need to ask to use or credit”
  • “Edit and recolor as you wish!”
  • “Free base”
  • “Feel free to reuse”

As long as the base creator has given clear permission through a label or statement like those examples, the base can be used on your furbies without any restrictions.

What are the rules for using NFTU bases?

For bases that are not explicitly marked as free to use, you must follow these rules for using them:

  • You must ask permission from the original creator before using their base on your furby
  • You must provide credit to the base creator if requested
  • You cannot edit or recolor the base without permission
  • You cannot reuse or redistribute the base to others

Breaking any of these rules is considered base theft, which Furvilla strictly prohibits. Those caught stealing bases may face punishments like temporary bans or permanent blacklisting.

What if I edit or recolor an NFTU base? Can I still use it?

Making any edits or changes to an NFTU base still requires getting permission from the original creator first. This includes:

  • Changing colors
  • Removing items
  • Adding items
  • Changing poses
  • Cropping or rotating
  • Any other modifications

So do not edit an NFTU base unless the creator has specifically allowed you to. Even minor changes still count as reuse and require permission.

What about bases from other sites or games?

Bases obtained from any site, game, or community other than Furvilla should also be treated as NFTU by default. Even if the base is marked as free elsewhere, you still need permission before bringing it into Furvilla. Only bases created and uploaded within Furvilla’s own base galleries can be safely assumed as FTU if labeled as such.

Can I use FTU bases from Furvilla on other sites?

This depends on the rules of the other site. While Furvilla bases marked FTU are free to use within Furvilla, creators may not allow them to be ported and reused elsewhere. Always check the terms of use for any other site before uploading Furvilla FTU bases there.

What about bases made using Furvilla’s item generator?

Furvilla provides an item generator that lets users mix and match from existing clothing items to create new bases. The rules for these computer-generated bases depend on a few factors:

  • If no existing player-made items were used, the generated base can be marked as FTU
  • If the generation used other players’ NFTU item uploads, it must be marked NFTU
  • Credit must be given to any players whose items were used

So check carefully what items were included by the generator. Follow FTU or NFTU rules accordingly.

Can I ever use an NFTU base without permission?

Technically, Furvilla’s rules do make a few exceptions for when NFTU bases may be used without direct content from their creator:

  • Using as a minor part of a transformative work for artistic purposes
  • As part of an educational presentation or critique
  • As illustration for informational guides about Furvilla itself

However, these uses should still credit the original base creator and follow fair use principles. Unauthorized use may still risk DMCA takedowns or disputes. So it’s always safest to simply ask first before using any NFTU base.


Understanding Furvilla’s rules on free versus non-free-to-use bases is key for using custom content appropriately. Be sure to look for FTU indicators before downloading any base. If there is any doubt, take the cautious approach and assume a base requires permission unless explicitly marked otherwise. With so many amazing free bases available, there’s no need to steal content when respecting Furvilla creators and their intellectual property. Just communicate with them and enjoy this creative community the right way!