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Are fleece lined leggings see through?


Fleece lined leggings have become a popular staple during fall and winter months. Their soft, cozy interior makes them perfect for keeping warm in chilly weather. However, many women wonder if the fleece lining causes them to be see through when worn. There are a few factors that determine whether fleece lined leggings are see through.

The short answer is that fleece lined leggings can potentially be see through depending on the material, construction and color of the leggings. Black fleece lined leggings tend to be less see through than lighter colors. Thicker, more opaque fabrics are less likely to show skin or underwear underneath. The overall quality and stitching of the leggings also plays a role. Higher end, well-constructed leggings are generally less transparent.

What Makes Leggings See Through?

There are a few key factors that make leggings more prone to being see through:

Thin, lightweight fabrics – Fabrics like cotton, polyester and nylon spandex are often used in cheaper leggings. The thinner and more lightweight the material, the more likely it is to become see through when stretched over the skin. Heavier fabrics like ponte are less transparent.

Looser knits – Leggings made of loose knits rather than tight knits allow more space between the fibers for light to shine through. A tight knit helps block light transmission.

Lighter colors – Dark colors like black, navy and grey help conceal and prevent show through. Lighter washes of color tend to become more transparent when pulled tight across the body.

Poor construction – Cheaply made leggings with uneven stitching and thin seams can become see through in certain spots when worn. High quality construction is important.

Spandex content – Having spandex fibers makes leggings stretchier, but too high of a spandex content can also make them prone to becoming see through. Around 15-25% spandex is ideal.

Are Fleece Lined Leggings More See Through?

Fleece lining gives leggings a soft, cozy feel. But does adding this extra layer make leggings more likely to show skin and underwear?

There are a few factors to consider:

Fleece pile – Plush, thick fleece has more insulation. But a high pile also creates more bulk and may make the leggings less opaque overall. Low pile fleece maintains warmth without as much thickness.

Fleece density – Densely woven fleece blocks more light transmission. Loosely woven fleece with more air space can potentially allow show through.

Fabric beneath fleece – Double layered leggings with fleece lining paired with an opaque body fabric blocks light better than single layer.

Quality – Well-made leggings hold the fleece in place better. Cheap leggings may have fleece that bunches or becomes uneven when stretched.

Overall, fleece lined leggings are not inherently more see through than standard leggings. But cheaper fabrics, loose knits and improper construction can make the extra fleece lining more transparent. High quality double layered leggings with densely woven, low pile fleece tend to be quite opaque.

Which Colors Are Most See Through?

Light colors show more skin and underwear shadows than darker shades when stretched over the body. Here is an overview of which fleece lined legging colors tend to be the most and least see through:

Most See Through Colors

– White
– Light grey
– Pastels like light pink, yellow and blue
– Bright prints

The lighter and brighter the color, the more transparent it appears. Light leggings almost look sheer in some cases.

Least See Through Colors

– Black
– Dark grey
– Navy blue
– Forest green
– Burgundy

Deep, dark neutral and jewel tones are much less prone to show through. Black leggings in particular do a great job at concealing and blocking light.

Style and Construction Differences

Not all fleece lined leggings are made the same. Some styles and design elements make them more opaque:

Higher rise – Leggings that come up above the belly button help eliminate show through in the front by covering more skin. Low rise leggings often become see through when bending over.

Thicker waistband – A wide, compressed waistband helps prevent gaping and light transmission. Thinner bands may dig in and become transparent.

Gusseted crotch – A diamond-shaped panel in the crotch aids stretch and reduces camel toe, maintaining more opacity. Non-gusseted leggings can spread thin across this area when worn.

Flatlock seams – Seams sewn together flat help leggings lay smoothly and prevent show through along stitching lines. Overlock seams add bulky edges which can become see through.

Paying attention to the rise, waistband construction, crotch panel and stitching goes a long way in preventing transparent spots.

Fleece Lined Leggings Reviews

To get a better idea of how opaque different fleece lined leggings are, here are reviews of some top rated options:

Brand Style Fabric Opacity Rating
Hue Cozy Fleece Leggings Cotton/fleece 4.5/5
Lululemon Align Fleece Pants Nulu fabric & fleece 5/5
90 Degree Reflex Fleece Lined Leggings Polyester/spandex 4/5
Under Armour ColdGear Leggings Double knit fabric 4.5/5
Calvin Klein Fleece Leggings Cotton/nylon/spandex 3.5/5

Based on customer experiences, Lululemon, Under Armour and Hue score very high for opacity. Calvin Klein fleece leggings appear to be more prone to becoming see through. Going with athletic brands known for quality performance gear is a safe bet for avoiding show through.

Tips for Preventing See Through Leggings

Here are some handy tips for keeping fleece lined leggings opaque when you wear them:

– Choose black or dark colored leggings which conceal more than light shades.

– Look for thicker fabrics like ponte rather than thin cotton or polyester blends.

– Ensure leggings have at least 20% spandex for stretch and recovery.

– Opt for high waisted leggings over low rise varieties.

– Wear leggings a half size up to prevent over stretching thin spots.

– Layer over opaque tunic tops or longer coats that cover the hips and upper thighs.

– Add black shorts underneath leggings for extra security and confidence.

– Check leggings in natural lighting before leaving the house. Do any areas seem too thin?

– Size up or avoid wearing leggings that consistently become see through with wear.

Following these simple precautions will help you choose leggings that aren’t prone to show through. You can wear your fleece lined leggings with peace of mind.


Fleece lined leggings can be see through depending on the quality of materials and construction. Cheap, thin leggings with loose knits are more likely to become transparent. High end athletic brands like Lululemon and Under Armour use opaque fabrics that hold up well. Going up a size, wearing dark colors and choosing high waisted styles will also help prevent show through issues. With some savvy selection tips, you can find fleece leggings that keep you cozy while looking and feeling fabulous.