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Why is the dior lip glow so good?

The Dior Lip Glow is a cult-favorite lip balm that has developed a reputation as one of the best lip care products on the market. With its hydrating formula, color-changing technology, and sleek packaging, it’s no wonder why beauty lovers everywhere rave about this lip balm.

The Origins of Dior Lip Glow

Dior Lip Glow was first launched in 2018 as part of the Dior makeup line. It was developed by Dior makeup creative and image director Peter Philips, who wanted to create a lip balm that hydrated lips while also providing a wash of color. The formula took over two years to develop and perfect before finally hitting store shelves.

The lip balm quickly became a hit among beauty influencers and editors for its unique abilities. The color-changing technology in the balm reacts to the pH balance of the wearer’s lips to create a customized pink tint. This made it appealing to consumers who wanted both skincare and subtle makeup in one product.

Beneficial Ingredients for Soft, Smooth Lips

One of the key reasons why Dior Lip Glow is so effective is its nourishing ingredient formula. Some of the beneficial ingredients include:

  • Shea butter – Deeply moisturizes and softens lips.
  • Iris extract – Soothes and protects delicate lip skin.
  • Hyaluronic acid – Attracts and retains moisture to smooth fine lines.
  • Vitamin E – Conditions lips and provides antioxidant protection.

These ingredients work together to hydrate lips, improve texture and smoothness, and prevent dryness. The formula is also free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.

Color-Changing Technology

The patented color-changing technology is what really makes Dior Lip Glow stand out. The balm contains pH reactive pigments that adapt to the pH level of lips and create a customized pink tint when applied.

Here’s how it works:

  • Lips have a pH between 4.5-7.
  • The pigments in the Lip Glow formula are sensitive to pH levels in that range.
  • When applied to lips, the pigments react to the pH, resulting in a pinkish tint.
  • The shade develops within seconds and lasts for hours.

This technology provides a flushed, rosy wash of color that works on all skin tones. The shade develops on its own based on each individual’s pH levels, giving customized results every time.

Hydration Levels Over Time

In addition to its immediate hydrating and coloring effects, Dior Lip Glow also continues moisturizing lips throughout the day. Here is how its hydration levels stack up over time:

Time Hydration Level
Immediately after application Provides high hydration
1 hour after application Lips remain soft and supple
2 hours after application Lips still feel hydrated and smooth
4 hours after application Hydration levels start decreasing gradually
6 hours after application Lips may start feeling dryness creep back

As the table shows, Dior Lip Glow keeps lips hydrated for hours after application before hydration begins to decline. Reapplication every 4-6 hours provides continuous moisture and color.

Occlusive Film for Moisture Retention

One of the keys to the Lip Glow’s long-lasting hydration is its occlusive film technology. Occlusives act as a protective barrier on the lips to prevent moisture loss from evaporation.

Common occlusive ingredients in lip products include:

  • Dimethicone
  • Beeswax
  • Lanolin
  • Petrolatum

Dior Lip Glow contains dimethicone and beeswax to form an occlusive film on the lips after application. This film prevents moisture from escaping the lips and keeps them soft and hydrated for hours.

User Reviews

In addition to its lab-tested benefits, Dior Lip Glow also has rave reviews from real users. Here’s what people love about it:

Pros Cons
– Leaves lips soft and moisturized -Can wear off unevenly when eating/drinking
– Subtle wash of color -Expensive price tag
– Customized pink tint -May not work well layered over matte lipsticks
– Sheer, natural-looking finish -Color payoff can vary from application to application
– Convenient balm format -Limited shade range (only 1 option)
– Attractive and luxurious packaging

As shown, the consensus is that Dior Lip Glow hydrates incredibly well while providing a flush of customized color. The main complaints are the high price point and uneven wear with eating/drinking.

Alternatives to Consider

While Dior Lip Glow remains a top lip glow balm, there are some other options to consider as well:

Product Key Features
Clarins Lip Comfort Oil – Hydrating lip oil with sheer color
Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment – SPF protection with tint
Yves Saint Laurent Volupte Tint-In-Balm – Creamy, nourishing formula
Chanel Baume Essentiel – Anti-aging and smoothing
Drunk Elephant Lippe Balm – Clean formula with no fragrance

These provide similar hydration and sheer color payoff. Clarins Lip Comfort Oil is the most affordable, while Chanel Baume Essentiel is the most luxurious splurge.

Is Dior Lip Glow Worth the Hype?

Based on its powerful hydration, innovative color-changing technology, and overwhelmingly positive reviews, Dior Lip Glow absolutely lives up to the hype. While the price is steep, it delivers on all of its claims and provides nourishing care plus a flush of customizable color.

Here’s a summary of why it stands out:

  • Clinically proven to keep lips moisturized for 6 hours
  • pH-activated pigments tailor the color to each individual’s lips
  • Shea butter, hyaluronic acid, and vitamins condition and smooth lips
  • Occlusive film prevents moisture loss
  • Luxe and chic metallic packaging

Dior Lip Glow has earned its holy grail status through its innovative technology and ability to deliver soft, glowing lips. For those willing to splurge, it’s a lip balm that lives up to the magic.


Dior Lip Glow has become a must-have lip product because of its ability to hydrate lips while also providing a customized wash of color. Its pH-reactive pigments tailor the pink tint to each individual’s pH levels, while ingredients like shea butter and hyaluronic acid nourish lips. The occlusive film technology prevents moisture loss for lasting hydration. While the price is high, Dior Lip Glow delivers on its claims and provides both instant gratification and long-term lip care.