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Why is my aura multiple colors?

Why is my aura multiple colors?

It is common for people who can see auras to notice that an individual’s aura may contain multiple colors. There are a few potential reasons why someone’s aura is not a single, solid color:

1. Everyone has a unique energy makeup

A person’s aura reflects their overall energy. This includes their thoughts, feelings, personality, health, and spirituality. We are all unique individuals with our own blend of qualities, so it makes sense that our auras would be comprised of a complex combination of colors.

Just as every person has a distinctive fingerprint, every aura has a distinctive color pattern. The specific colors present indicate our strengths, challenges, and areas of focus. An aura with only one color would reflect a very one-dimensional personality.

Having a multifaceted aura structure allows our energy to shift and change over time as we grow and evolve. The aura colors that are most prominent may fluctuate day to day based on our mood, activities, and experiences.

2. Auras reflect chakra activity

According to ancient Indian philosophy, the human body contains seven main chakras or energy centers. Each chakra governs specific physical, mental, and emotional aspects of our being. Chakras can be open, blocked, or imbalanced, which then impacts our aura.

The seven chakras and their associated colors are:

Chakra Location Color
Root Base of spine Red
Sacral Lower abdomen Orange
Solar plexus Upper abdomen Yellow
Heart Center of chest Green or pink
Throat Throat Blue
Third eye Forehead Indigo
Crown Top of head Violet

When the chakras are balanced and energized, their colors will shine through in the aura. For example, a bright yellow solar plexus chakra will result in more yellow in the aura. If multiple chakras are active, the aura will take on a combination of those colors.

3. The aura has multiple layers

It is believed that the human aura has multiple layers, often described as seven main subtle body layers extending from the physical body. The most inner aura layer, close to the skin, is the etheric aura which is seen as a pale gray or blue light contour. Further out is the emotional layer, reflecting feelings and desires. The mental layer holds thoughts and beliefs, while the astral layer relates to passions and perceptions.

The outer spiritual aura layers include the celestial level of divine love and intuitive states, extending out to the cosmic layer connecting us with all life. Each layer interacts with the others but also has its own primary energy color. When these layers blend together, they create the full rainbow effect around the body.

4. Outside influences can affect aura colors

As human energy fields, auras are sensitive to outside influences. The energy of other people, places, situations, and even objects can imprint on the aura.

For example, being surrounded by happy people may imprint some pink in the aura, while walking into a stressful workplace may add murky grays. Getting a new crystal can reflect its healing color in your aura as it releases positive vibrations. Exposure to secondhand smoke can unfortunately lead to dingy browns forming in the aura.

These outside energy influences temporarily change the color patterns and overall look of the aura until the imprinted vibration dissipates. Then the aura will return to its normal baseline state.

5. Transitional periods lead to aura color changes

Our auras are not static and can shift colors depending on what we are going through in life. During major transitional times or developmental milestones, the aura often becomes more dynamic and multicolored as our energy integrates new information and vibrations.

For example, teenagers tend to have rapidly shifting, vividly colored auras as they navigate puberty changes. Pregnant women’s auras blossom with pinks and blues as they connect deeply with the energy of new life. Even starting a big new project at work or moving homes can spark auric changes.

These transitional auric shifts indicate our energetic makeup transforming as we enter a new phase. Once the transition period stabilizes, the aura will settle back into a more steady, unified flow.

6. Auras inherently contain all color vibrations

At the most basic level, our auras contain the energies of the entire color spectrum. The seven color chakra system – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet – shows a simplified version of this energetic rainbow.

In reality, there are infinite shades and hues that reside within our spiritual beings. Our souls intrinsically hold the vibrations of all colors, even if the aura does not outwardly reflect them all at once. We are made of rainbow light.

Seeing multiple colors in one aura simply means more of our inner workings are being made visible in that moment. The variety of colors and combinations offer deeper insight into the profound complexities existing within.


There are many potential reasons why an individual’s aura may display multiple colors rather than a single shade. Our distinctive energetic makeup, active chakras, multi-layered aura structure, outside influences, significant life transitions, and the full spectrum of color energies intrinsic to our soul all contribute to a naturally dynamic, multi-hued aura.

A complex aura is a good sign reflecting a well-rounded, deeply feeling, evolving human being. If your aura contains a rainbow of colors, embrace the beautiful complexities of your spirit!