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Whose lightsaber is what color?

Whose lightsaber is what color?

Lightsabers are the iconic weapons of the Jedi and Sith in the Star Wars universe. Known for their glowing blades and distinctive sounds, lightsabers come in a range of colors that hold meaning for their wielders. The color of a lightsaber is an important part of a character’s identity and offers clues about their affiliation and personality. This guide will explore which characters have lightsabers of different hues and what the colors signify.

Blue Lightsabers

Blue is one of the most common lightsaber blade colors in Star Wars. It is widely used by Jedi Guardians, who focus more on combat training and physical discipline. Some notable blue lightsaber wielders include:

Character Description
Luke Skywalker Luke constructed his first blue lightsaber under Obi-Wan Kenobi’s guidance. He later built a green one in Return of the Jedi.
Anakin Skywalker Anakin used a blue lightsaber as a Jedi Knight before his fall to the dark side.
Obi-Wan Kenobi Obi-Wan’s blue lightsaber was an iconic weapon he used throughout the prequels and original trilogy.
Mace Windu This powerful Jedi Council member wielded a unique blue lightsaber with an amethyst blade.

Blue lightsabers represent the Jedi ideals of justice, peace, and enlightenment.

Green Lightsabers

Green blades are another common color affiliated with Jedi Consulars, who focus on negotiation, lorekeeping, and balancing the Force. Some major green lightsaber users are:

Character Description
Luke Skywalker Luke built his green-bladed lightsaber in Return of the Jedi, signifying his new Jedi Consular role.
Qui-Gon Jinn This wise and unorthodox Jedi Master used a green lightsaber during the prequel era.
Yoda The venerable Grand Jedi Master wielded a green lightsaber befitting his sage-like Consul role.
Rey Rey constructed her own green lightsaber at the end of Rise of Skywalker.

Green is linked to Jedi harmony, focus, and connection with the Force.

Purple Lightsabers

Purple lightsabers are relatively rare in Star Wars. They seem to denote Jedi who walk the line between blue and red, balancing Guardian combat with Consular diplomacy. Characters with purple lightsabers include:

Character Description
Mace Windu This esteemed Jedi Council member had skills in both combat and diplomacy.
Mara Jade Eventually Luke Skywalker’s wife, Mara Jade was skilled in battle but turned from the dark side.
Kylo Ren In Rise of Skywalker, a vision of Ren shows him with a purple blade, suggesting a balance of light/dark.

Purple represents a balanced approach between aggressive and harmonious Jedi traits.

Yellow Lightsabers

Yellow blades have cropped up in recent Star Wars stories, often wielded by Jedi Temple Guards. Characters who use yellow lightsabers include:

Character Description
Temple Guards Anonymous sentinels who protect Jedi temples wield double-bladed yellow lightsabers.
Rey In The Rise of Skywalker, Rey briefly uses a folding yellow lightsaber staff.
Bastila Shan This Knights of the Old Republic Jedi uses a rare yellow-bladed lightsaber.

Yellow represents Jedi Sentinels, who actively seek out and confront the dark side.

Red Lightsabers

Red lightsabers are carried by Sith Lords and others who fall to the dark side of the Force. The synthetic crystals in red blades are infused with the Dark side by their creators. Notable red lightsaber wielders include:

Character Description
Darth Vader The iconic villain wields a threatening red blade throughout the original trilogy.
Darth Sidious The evil Emperor uses a red lightsaber in his duel with Yoda in Revenge of the Sith.
Darth Maul This Darth has a double-bladed red lightsaber, representing his command of Jar’Kai dueling.
Kylo Ren Kylo’s unstable red crossguard lightsaber reflects his own erratic dark side emotions.

Red symbolizes the dark side, evil, and chaos.

White Lightsabers

Glowing white lightsabers are incredibly rare. The only notable white lightsaber user so far in canon is Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker’s former Padawan, who wields white blades by the time of Star Wars Rebels. Her white lightsabers represent her journey from leaving the Jedi Order to becoming a light side Force wielder outside the existing structures.

Black Lightsabers

Only Dark Jedi and Sith use black-bladed lightsabers, as black is a color associated with the dark side. One of the only black lightsaber users was the Dark Jedi Jerec from the Jedi Knight video games. Dark side wielders can infuse kyber crystals with the Force to “bleed” them into red, then further corrupt them to black.

Other Colors

Some other lightsaber colors have appeared in Star Wars Legends stories, if not the current canon, such as orange, bronze, and silver blades. But the colors discussed above are the major hues associated with the Jedi, Sith, and other Force adepts in the saga. The colors reflect their alignments, roles, and personalities.


A lightsaber’s color deeply relates to the identity of the one who wields it. Blue and green blades represent the main branches of Jedi traditions. Red symbolizes falling to the dark side, while purple shows balance between light and dark. Yellow is affiliated with Jedi sentinels, while white exemplifies leaving the Jedi Order entirely. Black lightsabers are solely for evil Force users. From guardians to sages, the color of a character’s lightsaber reveals much about their place in the Star Wars galaxy.