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Who starred in the Hallmark movie The Color of Rain?

The Hallmark Channel original movie The Color of Rain tells the inspiring true story of Gina Kell and Michael Spehn. Their lives were forever changed when their spouses died of cancer just six weeks apart in 2001. Here is a look at the talented cast that brought this heartwarming tale to life in the 2014 film.

Premiering on Hallmark in July 2014, The Color of Rain was based on the New York Times bestselling book of the same name by Michael Spehn and Gina Kell. It recounts how their respective spouses, Cathy Spehn and Matt Kell, both passed away from cancer in 2001. After initially bonding over their shared grief, Michael and Gina fell in love and married in 2003. They combined their families to make a new life together. The movie illustrates how even devastating loss can give way to hope.

Warren Christie as Michael Spehn

Taking on the role of Michael Spehn is Canadian actor Warren Christie. He is known for TV series like Motive, Happy Town, and October Road. Michael is shown first as a loving husband to Cathy and father to their three children. After Cathy dies of cancer, he struggles to hold his family together in his grief. His chance encounter with Gina gives them both strength to start rebuilding.

Lacey Chabert as Gina Kell Spehn

Playing Gina is Lacey Chabert, famous for Party of Five and Mean Girls. At the start, she is blissfully married to Matt Kell and raising their two young daughters. Her world crumbles when Matt is diagnosed with cancer and passes away weeks after Cathy Spehn. She relates to Michael’s pain more than anyone else. Over time, they help mend each other’s broken hearts.

Supporting Cast

The excellent supporting cast includes many veteran actors:

  • Jack Coleman as Matt Kell – Gina’s first husband who dies of cancer
  • Jessica Sipos as Cathy Spehn – Michael’s first wife who dies of cancer
  • Stephanie Belding as Jenna Kell – Gina’s daughter
  • Meghan Mitchell as Grace Kell – Gina’s other daughter
  • Eric Benz as Brock Spehn – Michael’s son
  • Alex Frnka as Erin Spehn – Michael’s daughter
  • Dalias Blake as Adam Spehn – Michael’s other son

These talented performers rounded out the cast and enabled the leading stars to shine.

Behind the Scenes

Several key creatives helped bring Gina and Michael’s poignant story to the small screen.

  • Director: Harvey Frost
  • Writer: Nancey Silvers
  • Executive Producers: Jordy Randall, Harvey Frost, Jeffrey Schenck

It was filmed on location in Canada. The movie first aired on the Hallmark Channel on July 26, 2014.


The Color of Rain garnered high praise from reviewers and strong ratings upon its premiere. It scored a 2.8 HH rating with over 3.8 million viewers tuning in. The movie struck a chord with its life-affirming message and exceptional performances.

In their positive reviews, critics highlighted the wonderful acting and complex emotional journey depicted.Warren Christie and Lacey Chabert had fantastic chemistry that made the unlikely love story feel genuine. Audiences found it a poignant tearjerker that still managed to uplift them by the end.


For their moving performances as Michael and Gina, both Warren Christie and Lacey Chabert were nominated for acting awards.

  • Warren Christie – 2014 Canadian Screen Award nomination for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Dramatic Role
  • Lacey Chabert – 2014 Women’s Image Network Award nomination for Actress in a Made for TV Movie

Although it did not win any awards, the film received high praise all around for its inspirational story and compassionate message.


The popularity of The Color of Rain led to three sequels on Hallmark:

  • The Color of Rain: A New Hope (2015)
  • Colour of Hope (2017)
  • The Color of Love (2019)

The first two sequels continued the story of Michael and Gina’s marriage, while the third focused on their daughter Jenna as a young adult. While the original remains the most acclaimed, the other films also delivered uplifting stories that inspired viewers.

Beyond the movies, Michael and Gina Spehn have published several books and speak around the country. They run the New Day Foundation dedicated to helping grieving widows and widowers. Their story remains a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.


The Color of Rain touched countless viewers with its tale of profound grief transformed into hope. At the heart of its success was the tremendous cast, led by Warren Christie and Lacey Chabert as Michael and Gina. Their emotional performances made this improbable love story feel real and cathartic. The film continues to moved audiences years later with its message that there can be light even in our darkest hours.

Character Actor
Michael Spehn Warren Christie
Gina Kell Spehn Lacey Chabert
Matt Kell Jack Coleman
Cathy Spehn Jessica Sipos
Jenna Kell Stephanie Belding
Grace Kell Meghan Mitchell
Brock Spehn Eric Benz
Erin Spehn Alex Frnka
Adam Spehn Dalias Blake
Key Crew Name
Director Harvey Frost
Writer Nancey Silvers
Executive Producers Jordy Randall, Harvey Frost, Jeffrey Schenck