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Who should wear pink blush?

Who should wear pink blush?

Pink blush can be a fun, feminine way to add a pop of color to your makeup look. But not everyone can pull off a pink blush. Certain skin undertones will make a pink blush look clownish or overly dramatic. So who actually looks good in pink blush? Here’s a breakdown of which skin tones can totally rock a pink cheek tint.

Fair Skin Tones

Those with very fair skin that burns easily in the sun have a cool undertone to their complexion. This often coincides with blonde, red, or light brown hair. Fair skin with pink or red undertones is a perfect match for pink blush. The soft hint of color brings out the natural flush in the cheeks for a very pretty, natural look. It warms up the face just enough without looking tacky.

To find the right pink for fair skin, look for lighter baby pinks with a matte or satin finish. Shimmery pinks can be a bit too much on pale skin. Try a pink with a subtle blue base rather than an orangey pink, which may stand out too starkly. Make sure to apply with a delicate touch using a blush brush. Too much pink can look unnatural. But just a touch of soft pink or rose is flattering on fair skin.

Medium Skin with Cool Undertones

Those with medium toned skin that tans minimally and burns occasionally likely have a cool undertone. This is often common with dark blonde, brown, or black hair. Medium cool skin contains hints of pink or red rather than yellow. So a pink blush complements the skin’s undertone nicely.

The key for medium cool skin is choosing the right depth of pink. Pastel pinks will barely show up at all. But hot pinks may be too striking. Instead, look for a medium rose shade with subtle blue undertones. Muted berry pinks also pair perfectly with medium cool skin. For a naturally flushed look, use a large fluffy brush and apply the pink sheerly to the apples of the cheeks.

Asian Skin Tones

Many East Asian skin tones have a beautiful porcelain complexion with yellow undertones. For a traditional makeup style, pink blush provides the perfect pop of feminine color to complement the skin. Sheer cherry blossom pinks and soft roses give Asian skin a doll-like glow.

Focus the pink blush right on the apples of the cheekbones. This mimics the natural high color that appears when blushing. For added vibrancy, apply a sweep of pink blush along the temples as well. This lifts the complexion and defines the face.

To prevent the blush from looking too jarring, choose a pink with yellow rather than blue undertones. This helps it blend into the skin more seamlessly. Soft, matte textures also work best for a very natural flush.

Warm Medium to Tan Skin

Those with warmer medium skin tones that tan easily in the sun often suit coral and peach shades better than pinks. But certain pink blush shades still work beautifully. The key is choosing pinks with warm golden or orangey undertones rather than cool blue undertones.

Warmer pinks have a zesty, tropical vibe that pairs perfectly with summer tanned skin. Try a creamy peach-pink, melon, or apricot shade for a pop of color that still enhances your skin’s glow. Matte watermelon pink is another option that brightens up golden skin.

Focus the warmer pink blush on the upper cheeks towards the temples. This application style lifts and sculpts the face. Just avoid applying the pink too heavily on the apples of the cheeks, as it can look slightly clownish.

Darker Skin Tones

Traditionally, darker skin tones have gravitated toward warmer coral and brick tones for a natural flush. But recently, deeper pink blush shades have become popular for bringing out the rich dimension in dark skin.

The trick is choosing a vivid pink with a frosted or shimmery finish. Matte pinks tend to get lost on darker skin. But reflective, luminous pinks show up beautifully. Go for a rose gold, fuchsia, or berry pink with subtle shimmer. Apply lightly to the cheeks with a dense brush. Then build up the color gradually as desired.

A vibrant pink blush looks striking and modern against dark skin. It creates a fun pop of color for a special night out. Just take care not to overdo it. Keep the cheeks softly flushed rather than heavily rouged.

How to Apply Pink Blush

Here are some tips for flawlessly applying pink blush:

Choose Your Tools

– For light coverage, use a large fluffy brush and apply with a swirling motion.

– For more intense color, choose a firm domed brush and use a stippling motion.

– Try a duo-fiber brush for a sheer, airbrushed effect.

Focus on Placement

– Apply pink blush to the apples of the cheeks in a C-shape motion.

– Lift color up towards the temples for a sculpted look.

– Add a touch of pink along the bridge of the nose for a youthful glow.

Perfect the Technique

– Always start with a small amount of color and build up gradually.

– Use light, feathery strokes to blend out any harsh edges.

– Mix your pink blush with a bit of facial moisturizer for a sheer, dewy look.

Set It

– Finish with setting powder or spray to extend the wear-time.

– Avoid powdering directly over the pink blush area to prevent dullness.

Pink Blush Dos and Don’ts


– Pick a pink blush shade that complements your skin’s undertones.

– Opt for luminous finishes on darker skin and matte textures for fair skin.

– Apply blush where you naturally flush when exercising.

– Add pink blush to both sides of the nose for a youthful appearance.

– Use a brush and apply with soft, feathery strokes.


– Choose a color with too much white pigment, which can look chalky.

– Apply pink blush heavily under the cheekbones instead of on top.

– Overdo the blush intensity so you look obviously made up.

– Forget to blend out the edges for a seamless look.

– Apply shimmery pink blush near areas prone to oiliness.

Which Brands Have the Best Pink Blush?

Here are some top blush brands known for their gorgeous selection of pink cheek colors:

Brand Notable Pink Blush Shades
Nars Deep Throat, Sex Appeal, Gina, Gilda
Tarte Paaarty, Captivating, Blushing Bride
MAC Pinch O’ Peach, Sakura, Springsheen
Charlotte Tilbury Love Glow, Ecstasy, Sex on Fire
Hourglass Diffused Heat, Mood Exposure, Luminous Flush
Milani Romantic Rose, Blossomtime Rose, Tea Rose
Clinique Nude Pop, Cola Pop, Melon Pop

DIY Options for Pink Blush

Want a custom blush shade? Try making your own at home using natural ingredients:

Ingredient How to Use
Beetroot powder Mix with coconut oil or aloe vera gel. Apply to cheeks.
Crushed raspberries Muddle and apply juice directly to skin.
Pomegranate seeds Crush gently to extract pinkish pigment.
Lipstick Dab your favorite pink lip color onto cheeks.


While pink blush suits many different complexions, from very fair to deep dark skin, the most flattering shades vary quite a bit. Knowing your skin’s undertones is key for selecting a pink blush that enhances your natural beauty rather than clashes. Follow the guidelines for your skin tone, apply with a soft touch using the proper brush, focus on the right areas of the face, and you’ll be rocking a gorgeous pink flush in no time!