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Who makes Icy Avalanche paint color?

Who makes Icy Avalanche paint color?

Icy Avalanche is a popular paint color that can add a cool, refreshing look to any room. With its light grayish-blue tone, this versatile color works well in a variety of home interiors. But with so many paint brands on the market, you may be wondering – who actually makes Icy Avalanche paint? Which brand offers the original version of this color?

In this article, we’ll uncover the origins of Icy Avalanche and look at some of the major paint brands that offer their own take on this icy cool hue. We’ll also discuss how you can use this color effectively in different rooms and styles. Let’s dive in and find out who makes the original Icy Avalanche paint color.

The History of Icy Avalanche

Icy Avalanche first debuted as one of Sherwin-Williams’ exterior color options in 2016. It quickly became a popular choice for painting the outside of homes with its frosty, tranquil vibe. Sherwin-Williams describes Icy Avalanche as evoking “feelings of a serene winter landscape with its cool, icy gray tones.”

As a versatile neutral, Icy Avalanche started being used inside homes as well. Its soft, cool undertones work well in a range of decor styles from traditional to modern. As an interior wall color, it creates an airy, breezy ambiance. So while originally an exterior color, Icy Avalanche is now widely used inside the home too.

Sherwin-Williams Icy Avalanche

As the original creator of Icy Avalanche, Sherwin-Williams offers a few different paint lines in this color:

– Sherwin-Williams ProClassic Interior Acrylic Latex
– Sherwin-Williams Duration Interior Latex
– Sherwin-Williams Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel
– Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint Exterior Latex

Sherwin-Williams describes its original Icy Avalanche (SW 7642) as a light blue-gray with soft undertones. It works well in rooms with plenty of natural light and pairs nicely with whites and grays. Popular companion colors include Alabaster, Mindful Gray, and Repose Gray.

Behr Icy Avalanche

Behr offers its own version of Icy Avalanche in several different paint lines:

– Behr Premium Plus Interior
– Behr Premium Plus Ultra Interior
– Behr Premium Plus Exterior
– Behr Premium Plus Ultra Exterior

Behr’s Icy Avalanche is very similar to Sherwin-Williams’ original hue. It’s described as a “calm, peaceful blue-gray” that creates a relaxing mood. Behr recommends pairing it with crisp whites, natural wood tones, and other grayish blues.

Benjamin Moore Crystalline

While not named Icy Avalanche, Benjamin Moore’s Crystalline is a very close match to this cool-toned grayish blue. Crystalline is available in these Benjamin Moore paint lines:

– Benjamin Moore Aura Interior
– Benjamin Moore Regal Select Interior
– Benjamin Moore ben Exterior

Benjamin Moore describes Crystalline as a pale winter sky blue that welcomes tranquility into a space. It has slightly more green-blue undertones than the Sherwin-Williams original, but overall creates a very similar icy cool effect.

Valspar Secluded Garden

Valspar’s Secluded Garden is another paint color that nearly matches the original Icy Avalanche hue. It’s a light blue-gray that Valspar describes as calm and refreshing. Secluded Garden can be found in these Valspar paint lines:

– Valspar Reserve Interior
– Valspar Optimus Interior
– Valspar Duramax Exterior

While not branded as Icy Avalanche, Secluded Garden is a spot-on dupe for capturing this color’s chilly, relaxing vibe.

Glidden northern Escape

Glidden’s Northern Escape is also quite comparable to the original Icy Avalanche tone. This soft blue-gray evokes a sense of tranquility with its cool, misty look. Northern Escape is available in these Glidden paint lines:

– Glidden Premium Interior
– Glidden Premium Exterior
– Glidden Professional Ultra-Hide Interior

Though not an exact match, Northern Escape definitely shares the same icy blue personality as Sherwin-Williams’ original Icy Avalanche introduction.

Dutch Boy Icy Avalanche

Interestingly, while Sherwin-Williams created Icy Avalanche, their brand Dutch Boy offers their own interpretation of this color too. Dutch Boy’s Icy Avalanche is a light gray with subtle hints of blue – quite close to the original version. It’s available in:

– Dutch Boy Platinum Plus Interior Paint & Primer
– Dutch Boy Maxbond Interior/Exterior Extreme Weather Paint

So if you’re looking for the Sherwin-Williams brand specifically, go for their original Icy Avalanche. But Dutch Boy’s take on it is very similar too.

Kelly-Moore Palladian Blue

On the West Coast, Kelly-Moore offers an Icy Avalanche lookalike with Palladian Blue. This tranquil gray-blue is available in these Kelly-Moore paint lines:

– Kelly-Moore PermaCrete Interior Acrylic Latex
– Kelly-Moore Permanizer Exterior Acrylic Latex

While not promoted as an exact Icy Avalanche match, Palladian Blue certainly captures the essence of this cool, inviting color.

Pittsburgh Paints Rainsong

Owned by PPG, Pittsburgh Paints’ Rainsong exterior paint color resembles Icy Avalanche. Described as a gray-blue, this breezy hue evokes the feeling of cool raindrops.

While Pittsburgh Paints doesn’t appear to market an official interior Icy Avalanche equivalent, Rainsong on the exterior offers a similar icy-cool look.

PPG Porter’s Paints Mountain Meadow

PPG’s Porter Paints brand also provides a close alternative with their color Mountain Meadow. This light gray-blue has a misty, relaxing vibe akin to Icy Avalanche. While not branded as an exact match, Mountain Meadow captures the essence of this cool tone.

Color Comparison Table

Brand Paint Color Name
Sherwin-Williams Icy Avalanche
Behr Icy Avalanche
Benjamin Moore Crystalline
Valspar Secluded Garden
Glidden Northern Escape
Dutch Boy Icy Avalanche
Kelly-Moore Palladian Blue
Pittsburgh Paints Rainsong
Porter’s Paints Mountain Meadow

Decorating with Icy Avalanche

Now that you know the origins and different brand versions of Icy Avalanche, let’s look at how to use this color in your home:

Living Rooms

In living rooms, Icy Avalanche creates a relaxing backdrop for conversation and lounging. Pair it with warm wooden furniture, natural textiles, and brass or gold accents to give the space a balanced feel. Add milky white trim to lighten up the look.


Icy Avalanche evokes feelings of serenity in bedrooms. For a dreamy oasis, accessorize with soft linens in whites, light blues, and grays. Accent with pale wood nightstands and metallic finishes for an ethereal look.


In bathrooms, Icy Avalanche provides a spa-like ambiance. Coordinate with crisp white tile, silver faucets, and towels in light neutrals. Hang a cyan or sage green shower curtain to subtly play up the blue undertones.


In entryways, Icy Avalanche sets a peaceful, welcoming tone. Pair with white trim for a clean contrast. Add a neutral jute rug and natural fiber coat rack or bench.


For kitchens, Icy Avalanche creates an open, airy feel. Combine with bright white cabinetry and counters for a cottage vibe. Contrast with dark wood butcher block islands for a punch of color. Use stainless steel appliances to enhance the modern charm.

Finding the Right Product

Ready to bring home your own Icy Avalanche? First, decide if you want the true original from Sherwin-Williams or an option from another brand. Consider where and how you’ll use the color. An exterior house paint may have different sheen and durability than an interior wall product. Read reviews to compare quality across top brands.

Test swatches on the wall before fully committing to make sure you like the undertones with your existing decor. Sample sizes from most brands allow you to paint a section to view the color accurately. Consider purchasing primer as well to help the paint adhere smoothly to surfaces. With the right Icy Avalanche paint product, you’ll be relaxing in cool, icy tranquility in no time.


With its soothing cool-toned elegance, it’s no wonder icy Avalanche has become a sought-after paint color. Originally created by Sherwin-Williams, modern interpretations can be found under different names from Behr, Benjamin Moore, Valspar, Glidden, and more. Test different samples to find your perfect icy match. Use Icy Avalanche to infuse any space with the calming ambiance of a winter wonderland. Bring this rejuvenating color into your home and enjoy the peaceful, refreshing vibe it creates.