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Who is the owner of AZ haircare?

AZ haircare is a popular haircare and styling brand known for its high-quality products. The company was founded in 2007 by hairstylist Adee Phelan, who saw a need for salon-quality hair products that were accessible and affordable. Based in Ireland, AZ haircare has grown into an international brand with products sold in over 50 countries. But who exactly is the owner behind this successful haircare empire? Here we will explore the story of AZ haircare’s founder Adee Phelan and how she built the company from the ground up.

Adee Phelan’s Background

Adee Phelan grew up in Ireland and got her start in the beauty industry as a hairstylist. She began working in salons in Ireland and the UK in her early 20s, eventually rising to become an award-winning stylist. Phelan had a passion for creating gorgeous hairstyles and saw firsthand that many of her clients struggled to recreate salon looks at home with drugstore products.

She realized there was a need in the market for salon-caliber products at mass retail prices. In 2007, Phelan set out to develop her own line of haircare specifically formulated to give women affordable at-home access to salon results. She bootstrapped the company from the ground up, researching ingredients and formulations before officially launching AZ haircare.

Launching AZ Haircare

The name AZ comes from Phelan’s children’s initials, a nod to her family being part of the inspiration behind the brand. The products themselves are designed to simplify styling and enhance hair health. The line includes shampoos, conditioners, treatments, styling products, and tools like brushes and dryers.

Key focuses are moisture, smoothing, and heat protection. AZ is also known for its extensive range of colors – the brand offers over 30 shades of permanent hair dyes along with root touch-up and color care collections. Phelan worked closely with chemists and hairdressers to develop salon-quality formulas that were sulfate- and paraben-free.

She started by selling the products online directly through the AZ haircare website and quickly expanded into salons and retailers. The brand found success in UK drugstores like Superdrug and Boots and eventually moved into international distribution.

AZ haircare Today

Today, Adee Phelan remains the sole owner and director of AZ haircare. The company is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with an office and distribution center located in North Yorkshire, England. AZ has become one of the leading haircare brands in Ireland and the UK.

Some key facts about the current state of AZ haircare:

  • Products sold in over 50 countries worldwide
  • Range includes over 150 haircare products
  • Around 30 permanent home hair shades
  • Flagship line called AZ Professional designed for salon use
  • Products stocked in major retailers like Target, Boots, and Ulta
  • Over 1.4 million Facebook followers and 65,000 Instagram followers
  • Winner of over 40 beauty awards and honors

While the company now has an extensive team working on product development, marketing, and operations, founder Adee Phelan maintains full ownership and management as the director. She continues to be highly involved, overseeing everything from product formulas to brand partnerships.

Leadership Style & Philosophy

In interviews, Adee Phelan has emphasized the importance of creating a brand with real integrity and sticking to her core vision. Key parts of her leadership philosophy include:

– Keeping an entrepreneurial spirit as the company grows
– Staying passionate about products and honing the brand identity
– Focusing on salon-quality results consumers can achieve at home
– Creating a fun, approachable brand personality
– Offering affordable prices without sacrificing ingredients
– Promoting diversity, inclusion, and accessibility in AZ messaging
– Giving back to the community through partnerships

Phelan has also discussed the challenges of being a female entrepreneur and empowering women to pursue their dreams. She advocates for gender equality in business and aims to run her company with empathy.

Above all, Phelan credits her ongoing success to surrounding herself with a great team and retaining control as owner. She remains dedicated to being closely involved in all aspects of AZ haircare.

Awards and Recognition

Some of the awards and honors AZ haircare has earned under Phelan’s leadership include:

GOLD AWARD Primary Colors Collection Beauty Shortlist Awards 2021
BEST STYLING PRODUCT Magic Dust Texturising Powder Harper’s Bazaar Beauty Awards 2020
BRAND OF THE YEAR AZ Haircare Irish Hairdressing Awards 2018
PRODUCT OF THE YEAR Moisture Boost Conditioner YOU Beauty Awards 2017
BEST HAIR DYE BRAND AZ Haircare P&G Beauty Awards 2016

Phelan herself won Irish Entrepreneur of the Year in 2015. Her commitment to empowering women in business led AZ haircare to be named a UN Changemaker company in 2020.

Recent Developments

In the past few years, AZ haircare has continued innovating and expanding its distribution under Phelan’s direction.

– In 2021, the company released a line of FORMAT radio frequency hair tools for salons. This includes irons, brushes, and dryers that use radio frequency and infrared heat to style hair.

– AZ haircare launched globally in Australia and New Zealand in 2019. The products quickly gained popularity through local retailers like Priceline Pharmacy.

– In 2018, a range called AZ PRO was introduced to provide salons with professional formulas for coloring, care, styling, and finishing.

– AZ expanded its partnership with retail giant Target, bringing more hair heroes and specialty collections to US stores.

– Digital marketing ramped up with influencer collaborations on social media and content creation on AZ accounts.

– The company’s first TV ad campaign aired in the UK in 2017 featuring vibrant visuals and the tagline “Hair is Everything”.

Future Outlook

As the sole owner, Adee Phelan holds the future of AZ haircare in her hands. Some areas the brand could explore include:

– Increasing its footprint in the US beauty market by securing deals with more major retailers
– Enhancing its identity as a leader in hair color and continuing to expand the shades offered
– Developing natural, clean, and sustainable formulas to attract eco-conscious buyers
– Expanding the men’s collection to grab a bigger piece of the male grooming segment
– Utilizing digital tools like virtual try-on for hair color and augmented reality mirrors
– Personalization – offering custom haircare boxes or formulations based on hair type surveys
– Salons – growing AZ PRO’s distribution and salon services like in-salon color bars

Given the brand’s tremendous growth under Phelan’s leadership so far, AZ haircare is poised for continued success. The company seems likely to keep innovating while retaining its core mission of providing salon-caliber products.


Adee Phelan is the inspiring founder, owner, and director behind haircare brand AZ. She built the company from the ground up after recognizing the need for quality styling products at mass retail prices. Based in Ireland but now sold worldwide, AZ haircare has flourished under Phelan’s leadership and passion. The brand has earned numerous awards and honors for its extensive range of effective and affordable hair products.

As sole owner, Phelan maintains control of AZ operations and culture. She runs the company guided by her values of entrepreneurship, integrity, inclusivity, and giving back. Although AZ has experienced tremendous growth, Phelan remains committed to staying hands-on as director. With her continued involvement, AZ is poised to reach even more customers seeking salon-quality haircare products for at-home styling.