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Who can wear white eyeglass frames?

Who can wear white eyeglass frames?

White eyeglass frames have become increasingly popular in recent years. With their crisp, clean look, they can make a bold fashion statement. But not everyone can pull off this trend successfully. Certain skin tones and face shapes are better suited for white frames than others. So who exactly can wear white eyeglass frames? The right pair can look striking on the right person. But get it wrong, and white frames can wash you out or overpower your features. Consider your complexion, eye color, hair color, and face shape when deciding if you can rock white glasses.

Skin Tones That Work Best

In general, people with warm, yellow undertones in their skin look best in white frames. The warm hues in tan or olive complexions make an ideal contrast against the bright white. People with very fair skin or pink or red undertones may look washed out. However, there are always exceptions. Here are some guidelines for which skin tones wear white frames well:

Skin Tone Good Match for White Frames?
Fair or pale with pink undertones Not recommended
Fair with yellow/peach undertones Yes
Light or medium tan Yes
Olive skin Yes
Dark brown or black skin Yes

As shown in the table, most skin tones with yellow, peach, or neutral undertones can successfully wear white eyeglass frames. The stark contrast creates a striking look. But those with the fairest skin or cool pinkish tones are better off avoiding white.

Ideal Eye and Hair Colors

In addition to flattering skin undertones, certain eye and hair colors are especially complemented by white frames:

– Dark brown or black eyes provide another bold contrast against white frames.

– Light blue, green, hazel, or grey eyes also pop against the white background.

– Darker hair colors like black, dark brown, or chestnut brown pair well with white’s starkness.

– Warm brunette and auburn shades also work nicely.

– Blonde hair has enough contrast from white frames to make it work.

– Red hair can be too close in tone to white frames, so should be avoided.

So in summary, those with very dark or vibrant medium to darker hair and eyes tend to look best in white eyeglass frames.

Ideal Face Shapes

Just as important as your coloring is considering your face shape when choosing white frames. While white frames tend to flatter most face shapes, some must be more selective than others:

Face Shape Good Match for White Frames?
Oval Yes
Round Yes, with angular narrow frames
Square Yes, with rounded frames
Heart Yes, with cat-eye or oval frames
Oblong Yes, with rounded or oval frames
Diamond Yes, with cat-eye or browline frames
Triangle Yes, with cat-eye or oval frames

As you can see, those with oval, heart, oblong, diamond and triangle shaped faces have more frame shape options to balance their features. Square faces should choose rounded white frames to soften angles. And round faces should stick with narrow angular frames to add definition.

But no matter your face shape, white frames should be paired with the right frame size and shape for your features. Oversize white frames can overwhelm small or delicate faces. And petite narrow white frames can get lost on larger faces. Work with your optician to select properly fitted white eyeglass frames for your unique face.

Tips for Wearing White Frames

If you have the right complexion, eyes, hair and face shape for white eyeglass frames, here are some tips for wearing them successfully:

– Stick to solid white or cream frames. Patterned white frames compete too much with your face.

– Pair white frames with earth tone clothing and accessories rather than bright colors. Neutrals allow the glasses to stand out.

– Try gradient or mirrored lens rather than clear lens for added style.

– Maintain white frames by cleaning frequently to avoid smudges and yellowing.

– Opt for anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coatings to keep white frames looking crisp.

– Use a glasses case and avoid tossing white frames in your bag to prevent chips and breaks in the paint.

Choosing flattering eyewear is about balance and coordination. By thoughtfully selecting white eyeglass frames to complement your coloring, features and personal style, you can pull off this modern minimalist look beautifully.