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Who are the vocalists in outline in color?

Outline in Color is an American post-hardcore band formed in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2008. The band is known for its high energy live shows and blend of aggressive metalcore and melodic choruses. Outline in Color has released three studio albums and gone through several lineup changes, but has maintained a dedicated fanbase in the rock and metalcore scenes. The band is currently fronted by vocalists Michael Skaggs and Trevor Tatro. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the vocalists who have been part of Outline in Color over the years.

Founding Vocalist – Michael Skaggs

Michael Skaggs is the founding vocalist and only constant member of Outline in Color. He formed the band in 2008 along with guitarist Jared Glover. Skaggs handles lead vocals, occasionally mixing screaming and clean vocals within songs. His singing voice is generally smooth and melodic during choruses, complementing the band’s heavy guitar riffs.

Skaggs provides an energetic frontman presence during Outline in Color’s live shows with his charismatic stage antics. His vocal intensity matches the band’s driving metalcore sound. As the leader and visionary of Outline in Color, Skaggs writes most of the lyrics and oversees the band’s studio recordings.

Lead Guitarist – Cody Rose

In the band’s early days, lead guitarist Cody Rose occasionally performed guest vocals during live shows. He sang lead on the song “The Calm Before Reform” from Outline in Color’s 2009 EP The Calm Before Reform. His screamed vocals added growling depth to the track.

Although mostly focused on lead guitar, Rose contributed both screamed and clean backing vocals on Outline in Color’s first two albums. His versatility as a musician allowed the band to layer vocals and achieve a thicker, more powerful vocal sound in the studio.

Second Vocalist – Trevor Tatro

In 2012, the band added vocalist Trevor Tatro to the lineup before releasing their second full-length album Jury of Wolves. The addition of Tatro brought more diversity to Outline in Color’s vocal attack.

Tatro handles screaming vocals for the band, while Skaggs focuses on cleaner melodic vocals. On albums like Jury of Wolves and Struggle, the two vocalists play off each other seamlessly – often within the same song. The contrast between Skaggs’ smooth crooning and Tatro’s deep growls adds texture and depth to the band’s sound.

During live performances, Tatro thrashes around screaming into the microphone while Skaggs engages the crowd. This dynamic vocal duo has powered Outline in Color’s live show and helped the band stand out in the crowded metalcore scene.

Brief Hiatus and Return

After the release of Struggle in 2016, Outline in Color went on hiatus when Skaggs announced he was leaving the band. Other members continued playing together as the band Darke Complex with a new vocalist. However, in 2020 Skaggs returned to Outline in Color along with Tatro on vocals.

The pair recorded new singles “Fight Song” and “Soul Decay” together in 2020. They proved their vocal partnership was still capable of the same powerful melodic metalcore that put Outline in Color on the map. The duo has hinted at the possibility of a new album in the future.

Live Performances

Year Tour Vocalists
2009 Tour with A Skylit Drive Michael Skaggs
2010 Scream the Prayer Tour Michael Skaggs
2011 The Fight to Unite Tour Michael Skaggs
2012 Noise Revolution Tour Michael Skaggs, Trevor Tatro
2013 Outline in Color headline tour Michael Skaggs, Trevor Tatro
2016 10 Years on the Road Tour Michael Skaggs, Trevor Tatro
2020 The Death of Tours Tour Michael Skaggs, Trevor Tatro

This table shows some of Outline in Color’s major tours through the years and which vocalists were in the band at the time. The founding frontman Michael Skaggs has performed at every show. Trevor Tatro joined in 2012 and the pair have been the vocal team ever since.

Vocal Style and Influences

Outline in Color combines the harsh, distorted screams of metalcore with strong, catchy choruses. Michael Skaggs cites Underoath vocalist Spencer Chamberlain as a major influence on his dynamic vocal approach. The juxtaposition of screaming and singing gives Outline in Color’s music an accessible yet heavy sound.

Trevor Tatro’s screaming style takes inspiration from hardcore bands like Converge. His aggressive vocals provide the “darkness” to balance out Skaggs’ melody and light, according to the band. Lyrically, the duo aim for authenticity – writing about inner struggles and overcoming adversity.

Guest Vocalists

While Skaggs and Tatro have been Outline in Color’s core vocalists in recent years, they occasionally feature guest singers. For example, the band’s 2020 single “Fight Song” includes a guest vocal spot from Tyler “Telle” Smith of The Word Alive. Smith sings during the bridge section, providing his signature snarling scream.

Outline in Color also collaborated with Caleb Shomo of Attack Attack! and Beartooth. Shomo sang on the song “Paperthin” from the band’s 2009 debut album. At the time, Shomo’s guest spot generated buzz and exposed Outline in Color to a wider audience in the metal/post-hardcore scene.


Throughout their career, Outline in Color has made their mark through the powerful paired vocals of Michael Skaggs and Trevor Tatro. Skaggs’ versatile voice can switch smoothly between brutal screaming and catchy pop-melodies. Tatro provides the fierce growling screams and allows Skaggs to focus on soaring hooks. This dynamic vocal contrast gives the band’s heavy metalcore an accessible edge that sets them apart.

Reinforced by an on-stage chemistry and trading screams back and forth, Skaggs and Tatro drive Outline in Color’s sound. Their shared talent and vocal endurance sustain the band’s intense live energy. After some years apart, the frontmen’s 2020 reunion proved their vocal partnership is still capable of capturing that same melodic metalcore magic.