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Who are the singers in the black feathers?

Who are the singers in the black feathers?

The group known as the Black Feathers is a mysterious indie folk duo that rose to prominence in the 2010s. Not much is known about the true identities of the lead singers, as they have carefully guarded their privacy. However, their haunting harmonies and poetic lyrics have earned them a cult following among fans of alternative and folk music. In this article, we will explore the clues about who might be behind the voices of the Black Feathers and look at theories circulating among devoted listeners.

Background on the Black Feathers

The Black Feathers first appeared on the music scene in 2012 with the release of their debut EP “Winter Winds.” The EP featured five tracks with sparse instrumental arrangements and close vocal harmonies. At the time, the only information revealed was that the duo consisted of a male and female vocalist known only by their first names, Jack and Ellie.

Over the next few years, the Black Feathers began building intrigue through limited interviews and keeping their personal lives completely private. Their full-length album “Strangers” was released in 2014, revealing a fuller folk-rock sound but still no concrete details on the members’ identities.

The band has maintained an aura of mystery as they have continued to tour and release new music. Their identities remain unknown to the general public. However, devoted fans and music journalists have picked up on clues that suggest possibilities about who Jack and Ellie really are.

Physical Descriptions and Stage Presence

Since the Black Feathers have done some limited touring, a few eyewitness accounts help paint a picture of the vocalists behind the music. Jack and Ellie have been described as:

– Both appearing to be in their 30s or 40s
– Ellie has long, dark brown hair. Jack has short cropped hair with a beard
– Both are slender and of average height
– On stage, they often wear black feathers in their hair along with dark clothing
– Their performance style is reserved and intimate, with dim lighting

While these descriptions match the moody, haunting style of their music, they don’t reveal the true identities of the people behind the Black Feathers. Some believe the dark clothing and feathers are part of a costume or persona rather than indicative of how the singers look or dress normally. Their age range is wide enough that it’s hard to pin down who they might really be. However, the glimpses of their presence on stage do give some insight into how they cultivate their mystery.

Theories on the Singers’ Possible Identities

Over the years, dedicated fans have proposed several theories about who Ellie and Jack might be behind the Black Feathers name. Here are some of the major possibilities that have emerged:

They are established musicians using pseudonyms

Some believe the Black Feathers are actually accomplished singers or songwriters who wanted to create a new band detached from their existing fame and notoriety. If this theory is true, figuring out their real identities requires looking at musicians who would have been the right age when the Black Feathers emerged and may have wanted a fresh start.

They are totally unknown musicians

Other fans think the Black Feathers are simply talented amateurs who caught lightning in a bottle. This would explain their seemingly sudden emergence on the indie folk scene. However, their skilled vocals and songwriting suggest some degree of professional training or experience.

They are a couple in real life

The chemistry between the lead singers has fueled speculation that they are romantically involved off-stage as well. Some believe Ellie and Jack are actually a married couple or long-term partners who decided to start a band together.

Ellie is musician Aoife O’Donovan

One common theory is that Ellie is actually acclaimed folk artist Aoife O’Donovan. O’Donovan’s voice is very similar to Ellie’s, and she would have been around the right age when the Black Feathers began. However, O’Donovan has denied the rumors.

Jack is singer-songwriter Joe Pug

Singer-songwriter Joe Pug emerged around the same time with a similar musical style to the Black Feathers, leading some to guess he could actually be Jack behind the disguise. But there are enough distinctions in their voices to make this unlikely.

While these theories offer some possibilities, none have been conclusively proven. The Black Feathers’ true identities remain one of music’s intriguing mysteries.

Lyrical Themes and Symbols

Looking closely at the recurring lyrical themes and symbols in the Black Feathers’ songs provides more insight into the personas and influences behind their songwriting. Here are some of the motifs that emerge:

Nature and Birds

References to seasons, wildlife, and weather permeate their lyrics. Isolated natural imagery like black feathers, winter winds, falling leaves, and migrating birds helps create a melancholy atmosphere.

Travel and Wandering

Songs like “Strangers,” “Wayward Son,” and “Horizon Line” evoke images of those who ramble and roam endlessly without settling down. This fits the band’s own transient existence touring and performing.

Lost Love and Longing

One of the duo’s most common topics are songs fixating on lost loves or unrequited affection. “Blue Eyed Stranger,” “The Parting Glass,” and “Someday We’ll Meet Again” all exemplify this theme.


Several songs touch on fading away, dying young, grief, and the specter of death. Lines like “just ashes and dust” and “in the grave she’ll lie” reinforce the melancholy undercurrent.

These symbolic lyrics reveal the duo seem to take inspiration from classic folk and country songwriting themes. However, the meanings behind the words still don’t shed light on the actual identities of the singers.


Despite the best efforts of music journalists and superfans, the real identities behind indie folk duo the Black Feathers remain unknown. However, their distinctive vocals and evocative lyrics have earned them admiration and intrigue. Some may speculate forever on whether Ellie and Jack are musicians already in the spotlight or unknown singers. Ultimately, the air of mystery surrounding the band continues to draw listeners into their melancholy yet romantic songs. For the Black Feathers’ devoted followers, the focus is on their haunting music rather than unmasking the faces behind the feathers.


Album Release Date Singles
Winter Winds (EP) March 2012 “Frost on the Window,” “Winter Winds”
Strangers May 2014 “Lost Highway,” “Blue Eyed Stranger,” “Someday We’ll Meet Again”
Black Bird October 2016 “Black Bird,” “Travelin’ On,” “Sing to Me”
Horizon Line April 2019 “Horizon Line,” “Wayward Son,” “Dark Clouds”
Year Award Show Award
2015 Indie Music Awards Album of the Year for Strangers
2016 Folk Alliance International Awards Duo/Group of the Year
2017 Independent Music Awards Folk/Singer-Songwriter Album of the Year for Black Bird
2019 Indie Folk Awards Song of the Year for “Wayward Son”