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Which country made Colorrose makeup?

Makeup and cosmetics have become a huge global industry, with brands from countries all over the world competing for market share. One brand that has been growing in popularity recently is Colorrose, known for their wide range of lipsticks, eyeshadows, and nail polishes. But which country is behind the Colorrose makeup brand?

The Origins of Colorrose

Colorrose was founded in South Korea in 2002 by entrepreneur Min-seo Park. Based in Seoul, the brand started out with just a handful of lipstick shades but quickly expanded their lineup to include blushes, eyeliners, mascaras, and other color cosmetics. Their products stood out for their vibrant pigments, buildable coverage, and affordable pricing. Within just a few years, Colorrose became one of the top selling cosmetic brands in South Korea.

While initially focused on the domestic Korean market, Colorrose began exporting their products internationally in 2007. They capitalized on the growing global popularity of Korean beauty trends, marketing their brand as bringing K-beauty makeup to the world. Asia became their largest export market, but Colorrose products also made their way into stores in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

Colorrose’s Expansion and New Markets

Colorrose continued to experience rapid growth in the 2010s. To keep up with demand, they opened new factories and distribution centers in South Korea. They also began selling their products through their own online store that ships worldwide. This online direct-to-consumer approach allowed them to reach customers in markets they didn’t yet have a physical retail presence.

In recent years, Colorrose has invested significant resources into expanding their presence in North America. Their products are now carried by major retailers like Sephora and Ulta in the United States and Canada. To appeal to Western markets, they have added more natural and neutral shades to complement their signature bold Korean-style colors.

Latin America is also a rapidly growing market for Colorrose, especially Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina. Their affordably priced but good quality products resonate well in these emerging markets. They tailor their products and marketing to appeal to Latin American beauty ideals and trends.

Research and Development in South Korea

Even as they go global, Colorrose still maintains their main research and development facilities at their headquarters in Seoul. Their team of chemists and product developers create new formulations and color palettes based on the latest Korean and international beauty trends. This Korean R&D center is what allows Colorrose to quickly launch new products attuned to beauty fads around the world.

However, they do also operate satellite product development labs in a few other countries now as well. This allows them to create formulations suited for specific markets. For example, their lab in the United States focuses on products for the US and Canada, while their lab in Brazil develops formulations for the Latin American market.

Korean Roots, Global Brand

Despite their global reach, Colorrose still proudly plays up their Korean origins. Their branding and marketing emphasize K-beauty trends and innovations. Most of their executive team is still predominately Korean as well. This allows them to maintain a distinctly Korean approach to cosmetics even as they sell to diverse markets worldwide.

At the same time, they hire diverse local teams in each market to tailor products and messaging to connect with local consumers. Their ability to balance staying true to their Korean roots while also adapting locally has been key to their international success.

Environmental and Social Responsibility

As Colorrose grows into one of the world’s leading cosmetics brands, they have also stepped up their commitment to environmental and social responsibility. They aim to use sustainably sourced packaging, natural ingredients, and eco-friendly manufacturing processes whenever possible.

Colorrose has also launched philanthropic initiatives aligned with their brand identity. For example, they partner with organizations providing makeup and skincare training to those who need supportive employment. And they donate products to support programs boosting confidence and self-expression through makeup.

Colorrose Product Lines

Today Colorrose has an extensive lineup of makeup, skincare, nail, and hair care products. Here is an overview of some of their major product categories:


  • Mascara – volumizing and lengthening formulas
  • Eyeshadow – palettes, singles, creams, and powders
  • Eyeliner – pens, gels, liquids, and kohl pencils
  • Eyebrow – pencils, gels, powders, and stencils
  • Primer – extends wear and intensifies color


  • Lipstick – satin, matte, sheer, cream, and vinyl finishes
  • Tint – lightweight, hydrating stains
  • Lip gloss – clear, pigmented, and holographic options
  • Liner – retractable and wooden pencils
  • Plumper – formulas to temporarily boost volume


  • Cushion foundation – lightweight medium coverage
  • Liquid foundation – buildable full coverage
  • BB cream – blemish balm with SPF
  • Concealer – color correctors and natural finishes
  • Blush – powders, creams, and stains
  • Highlighter – luminous powders and creams
  • Contour – cool-toned matte powders and creams
  • Primer – color correcting and blurring


  • Polish – cremes, shimmers, metallics, and jelly finishes
  • Top coat – clear glossy sealant and ridge filling
  • Base coat – protects and prolongs wear
  • Stickers and decals – colorful patterns and designs


  • Mask – intensive conditioning treatments
  • Oil – argan, macadamia, and olive oil blends
  • Mousse – volumizing and texturizing formulas
  • Spray – thermal protectant and finishing spritz

Global Brand, Korean Roots

Colorrose has come a long way from their humble beginnings twenty years ago in Seoul. They transformed from a small Korean startup to a global beauty powerhouse valued at over $1 billion USD. Though now sold worldwide, their research, development, and leadership remains anchored in South Korea.

For consumers seeking great quality makeup at reasonable prices, Colorrose is a compelling option. Their global expansion has made the brand more accessible than ever. So next time you are browsing cosmetics, check to see if Colorrose’s K-beauty inspired products are on sale near you!

Key Facts

  • Founded in 2002 in Seoul, South Korea
  • Known for vibrant colors and affordable pricing
  • Expanded internationally starting in 2007
  • Now sold in over 60 countries worldwide
  • Features extensive makeup, skincare, nail, and hair care ranges
  • Headquarters and main R&D facility still located in Seoul
Year Key Milestones
2002 Colorrose founded in Seoul, South Korea
2007 Started exporting products beyond Korea
2010 Opened online global web store
2015 Expanded research labs in US and Brazil
2019 Colorrose products in over 5,000 stores globally
2022 Company valuation exceeds $1 billion USD


In summary, Colorrose was founded two decades ago in South Korea and still maintains its headquarters and R&D there. But it has successfully expanded worldwide and tailored products for different global markets. By combining its Korean cosmetics heritage with localization everywhere they sell, Colorrose has become one of the most recognizable and beloved makeups brands internationally. So next time you use a Colorrose product, you can appreciate the global reach but Korean roots of this powerhouse cosmetics company.