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Which colour goes well with yellow?

Which colour goes well with yellow?

Yellow is a bright, cheerful and energetic color that pairs well with a variety of colors. Choosing the right colors to go with yellow can create aesthetically pleasing color combinations. When used effectively, complementary or analogous colors can make yellow pop, creating vibrant, eye-catching palettes. Here we’ll explore some of the best color pairings for yellow and tips for working with this vibrant hue.

Colors that Go Well with Yellow

Some of the best colors to pair with yellow include:

  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Brown
  • White
  • Gray
  • Black

Let’s take a closer look at some of these color combinations:

Yellow and Blue

Yellow and blue create a vibrant complementary color scheme. Situated opposite each other on the color wheel, they inherently want to be paired together. When combined, these two colors create a strong visual contrast that grabs attention.

Some examples of yellow and blue color combinations include:

  • Sunflower yellow and sky blue
  • Lemon yellow and navy blue
  • Golden yellow and royal blue
  • Canary yellow and cobalt blue

This pairing works well in all types of designs from logos and graphics to painted walls. It brings a lot of energy and excitement.

Yellow and Purple

Like blue, purple is also a complementary color to yellow. This pairing offers the same vibrant, high-contrast effect. However, purple and yellow feel a bit more playful and magical together.

Some examples include:

  • Pale yellow and lilac
  • Bright yellow and violet
  • Dandelion yellow and orchid purple
  • Mustard yellow and amethyst purple

This fun color combination works well for youthful, whimsical or fantasy-inspired designs. It has an uplifting spring-like quality.

Yellow and Pink

Pink and yellow form an energetic analogous pairing on the color wheel. Analogous colors sit next to each other and create harmonious combinations.

Some yellow and pink combinations include:

  • Pale yellow and baby pink
  • Bright yellow and fuchsia
  • Sunflower yellow and rose pink
  • Daffodil yellow and watermelon pink

This duo evokes happiness, youth and fun. It works well in youth and children’s designs as well as graphics wanting to convey joy or playfulness.

Yellow and Red

While not as high-contrast as yellow and blue, red can also pair nicely with yellow as an analogous color combination. Though bright red and bright yellow together may be overly intense, softer hues work harmoniously.

Some yellow and red combinations include:

  • Pale yellow and brick red
  • Golden yellow and tomato red
  • Sunflower yellow and crimson
  • Mustard yellow and rusty red

Yellow and red feel energetic, vibrant and warm. This fun combination works for everything from food packaging to children’s designs.

Yellow and Green

Yellow and green are analogous colors that create a pleasing, harmonious combination. This duo evokes nature, renewal and the outdoors.

Some examples include:

  • Chartreuse yellow and kelly green
  • Lime yellow and sage green
  • Golden yellow and forest green
  • Sunflower yellow and mint green

This fresh color scheme is perfect for environmental or outdoor-themed designs. It also works well in graphics related to gardening, growth or renewal.

Yellow and Orange

Yellow and orange may be closely related, but they create a fun, bright pairing. Their vibrant energy plays off each other well.

Some yellow-orange combinations include:

  • Lemon yellow and pumpkin orange
  • Sunflower yellow and peach orange
  • Daffodil yellow and tangerine orange
  • Canary yellow and carrot orange

This tropical-feeling duo evokes sunshine, happiness and warmth. It’s perfect for summer designs, travel graphics or anything conveying energy and fun.

Yellow and Brown

While brown may seem like an unusual pairing for the bright hue, its earthiness can actually make yellow pop beautifully. The contrast creates visual interest.

Some examples of yellow and brown combinations include:

  • Pale yellow and chocolate brown
  • Golden yellow and cinnamon brown
  • Sunflower yellow and chestnut brown
  • Mustard yellow and cocoa brown

With its earthy, retro vibe, this palette works well for antique or vintage designs. The colors have a classic, rustic feel.

Yellow and White

White works with virtually every color, and yellow is no exception. This clean pairing feels bright and uplifting.

Some yellow and white combinations include:

  • Pale yellow and crisp white
  • Lemon yellow and snow white
  • Daffodil yellow and pure white
  • Sunflower yellow and bright white

Crisp and refreshing, this duo can create clean, minimalist designs or convey simplicity or purity. The lighter palette also gives yellow an airy, ethereal vibe.

Yellow and Gray

Soft yellow and cool gray complement each other beautifully. The combo feels soothing and elegant.

Some examples include:

  • Pale yellow and heather gray
  • Buttery yellow and charcoal gray
  • Sunflower yellow and slate gray
  • Mustard yellow and steel gray

With its refined vibe, this pairing works well for formal designs or minimalist styles. The gray nicely tones down bright yellows.

Yellow and Black

Black adds nice contrast against yellow, making it stand out. But pairing a bright yellow with true black can be jarring, so softer dark grays work better.

Some yellow and black/dark gray schemes include:

  • Pale yellow and black
  • Golden yellow and dark charcoal
  • Sunflower yellow and dark gray
  • Mustard yellow and black

The bold, graphic quality of this combo makes it perfect for logos, icons or warning signs. It gets attention while retaining legibility.

Tips for Combining Yellow with Other Colors

When working with yellow, keep these tips in mind:

  • Use soft yellows with darker colors to prevent vibrancy from becoming overwhelming.
  • Mix warm and cool shades for visual interest.
  • Add white or black to soften or darken the yellow if needed.
  • Use darker shades of yellow as neutrals against brighter hues.
  • Add texture, patterns or soft neutrals to prevent bright colors from clashing.

Also, remember that different shades of yellow, from lemon to amber, will work better with some colors than others. For example, warm golden yellows pair better with reds and browns, while light lemony yellows look fresher with blues and greens.

Example Color Combinations with Yellow

Here are some specific examples of color palettes that use yellow:

Color Scheme Description
Sunflower yellow, sky blue, white Vibrant complementary pairing perfect for summer designs
Mustard yellow, rusty red, chocolate brown Warm, earthy combination for autumn themes
Pale yellow, sage green, gray Soothing, natural analogic colors for wellness or eco designs
Golden yellow, royal purple, black Regal, magical feeling for medieval or fantasy motifs
Canary yellow, aqua, dark teal Tropical pairing evoking sunshine and water
Dandelion yellow, cobalt blue, white Retro color scheme with 1950s feel

These are just a few examples of the many possibilities. Yellow is extremely versatile, so explore different shades and color combinations to find what works best for your particular design needs.


Yellow is a fun, cheerful color that looks great combined with many different hues. Opting for complementary colors like blue and purple creates vibrant contrasts, while analogous pairings with pink, green, orange and red produce energetic harmonies. Cooler shades like white and gray beautifully tone down yellow’s vibrancy. And adding small accents of black provides graphic punch.

Keep color theory principles like the color wheel in mind when pairing yellow. But don’t be afraid to get creative with new combinations like yellow and brown for retro flair. The right color palette can make yellow pop in any design, conveying anything from joy and energy to elegance and refinement. With a limitless range to work with, find the perfect shades and palettes to make yellow shine.