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Which color matches with black and pink?

Which color matches with black and pink?

As an SEO writer assistant, let me provide some quick answers about which colors go well with the color combination of black and pink. Black and pink is a popular color scheme that can be dressed up or down. The right complementary colors can really make this palette pop. Here are some of the top colors that match with black and pink.

Neutral Colors

Black and pink already make a bold statement together, so neutral colors help tone down the look while still allowing the black and pink to stand out. Here are some neutral shades that complement a black and pink color scheme:

  • White – Crisp, bright white acts as a perfect contrast against the dramatic pink and black.
  • Gray – Light grays compliment black and pink without being overpowering.
  • Beige – Warm, soft beiges or tans pair nicely with vibrant pink.
  • Cream – Off-whites and creams provide a softer neutral background.
  • Nude – Flesh tone nudes or blush pinks blend well with pink shades.

Neutrals open up lots of versatility in how to style black and pink. Pairing them with neutral colors results in a more subtle, elegant look. Black, pink and white is a popular color scheme for weddings and formal events. Gray, beige and nude neutrals give black and pink a more casual, everyday look.

Metallic Colors

For a glamorous look, metallics add shine and shimmer to black and pink. Metallic shoes, handbags, jewelry and accessories pop against the two colors. Here are some metallics that complement black and pink:

  • Gold – Rich gold is a perfect metallic to pair with pink. It looks glamorous and feminine.
  • Rose gold – A pinkish gold tone works beautifully with pink shades.
  • Silver – Cooler silver metals contrast nicely against pink and black.
  • Pewter – Muted pewter gray metals add subtle shine.
  • Bronze – Warm, antique bronze pairs well with black.

Metallics should be used sparingly as accents against the black and pink palette. Too much metallic can look overly showy. Keep metallics minimal by choosing one or two statement pieces like metallic heels or a sequined clutch.

Earth Tones

Natural earth tones are an unexpected match for black and pink that create a more organic, bohemian vibe. Earthy neutrals soften the drama of the color combination. Complimentary earth tones include:

  • Khaki – Khaki greens pair nicely with pink.
  • Olive – Deep olive greens work well with black.
  • Taupe – Muted taupes give a modern edge.
  • Sand – Soft sands or stone shades provide contrast.
  • Chocolate brown – Rich chocolate browns accent black.

Earth tones lend themselves to casual everyday wear with black and pink. Pair pink and olive for a military-inspired look. Sand and chocolate brown makes black and pink appropriate for fall weather. Earth tones bring out bohemian vibes.

Bright Accent Colors

Vivid, saturated colors make bold accents against the black and pink combination. Small pops of bright colors let the pink and black really stand out while adding a fun flair. Good bright accents with black and pink include:

  • Red – Fiery reds pop against pink.
  • Orange – Vibrant oranges and corals complement pink.
  • Yellow – Cheerful yellows accent pink nicely.
  • Turquoise – Vivid turquoises or aquas pop against black.
  • Lime green – Zesty limes and greens pair with pink.

Use brights sparingly in accessories only, like a red belt or yellow handbag. Too much bright color alongside black and pink can become overwhelming. Brights work best in small details against a neutral backdrop.

Deep Jewel Tones

Rich jewel tones help ground the black and pink color scheme with depth and sophistication. Deep gemstone colors pair strikingly with black and pink. Good jewel tones to try include:

  • Sapphire – Deep blues accent the pink.
  • Emerald – Lush greens pop against pink.
  • Ruby – Intense reds complement pink.
  • Amethyst – Regal purples accentuate pink.
  • Onyx – Inky blacks and grays for monochromatic depth.

Jewel tones look most stylish in evening formalwear with black and pink. Intense jewels tones lend an air of luxury and elegance for special occasions. Try an emerald green cocktail ring or ruby red pumps.

Pastel Colors

For a soft, feminine look, pastels pair beautifully with black and pink. Light candy colors like mint, lavender and peach take the edge off the bold combination. Pretty pastels to try include:

  • Mint – Cool mint greens soften pink.
  • Lavender – Soft purples complement pink.
  • Peach – Warm peaches pair with pink.
  • Lemon – Light lemony yellows pop against pink.
  • Ice blue – Icy blues contrast with pink.

Pastels work well for spring and summer styles. A pastel skirt or blouse balances nicely with something black and pink. Keep the pastels light for maximum effect against the stronger pink and black.


Black and pink is a chic color combination that pairs well with many shades. Neutrals, metallics, earth tones, brights, jewel tones and pastels all complement the pink and black in different ways. The key is choosing colors that either contrast dramatically with black and pink, like whites or brights – or colors that harmonize, like earth tones and pastels. Metallics and jewel tones lend black and pink a dressy, formal air. Have fun mixing and matching shades to create stylish black and pink outfits and accessories.

Color Category Examples
Neutrals White, gray, beige, cream, nude
Metallics Gold, rose gold, silver, pewter, bronze
Earth tones Khaki, olive, taupe, sand, chocolate brown
Bright accents Red, orange, yellow, turquoise, lime green
Jewel tones Sapphire, emerald, ruby, amethyst, onyx
Pastels Mint, lavender, peach, lemon, ice blue