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Which brown for warm skin tone?

Which brown for warm skin tone?

Choosing the right brown hair color for warm skin tones can be tricky. The wrong shade can wash you out or make your complexion look dull. The key is finding a brown hair color that enhances your natural skin warmth with golden, peachy undertones. This article will guide you through how to determine your skin’s undertone, the best brown hair color shades for warm complexions, and styling tips to complement your new brown locks. With the right information, you’ll be able to rock a brown hair color that makes your complexion glow beautifully.

Determine Your Skin Undertone

The first step is figuring out if you have warm, cool, or neutral undertones. Here are some ways to tell:

Warm Undertones Cool Undertones Neutral Undertones
– Veins appear greenish – Veins appear blue/purple – Veins are both blue and green
– Tan easily – Burn easily – Can tan and burn
– Look best in gold jewelry – Look best in silver jewelry – Look equally good in gold and silver
– Peachy, yellow, or golden undertones – Pink, red, or blue undertones – No strong undertones

If you identify with the warm undertone column, you likely have a warm skin tone. You’ll want to choose brown hair colors with golden or reddish tones to complement your complexion.

Best Browns for Warm Skin Tones

Here are some of the most flattering shades of brown hair color for warm skin tones:

Golden Brown

A golden brown hair color flatters warm skin beautifully. The rich, golden tones enhance peachy and olive complexions. It brings out the glow in your skin. This shade works well for brunettes who want to go a bit lighter while maintaining dimension. Ask your colorist for a brown with buttery golden highlights throughout.

Honey Brown

Honey brown hair has a warm, peachy undertone that illuminates warm skin tones. It has a soft, natural-looking brightness perfect for those with medium to tan complexions. Honey brown tends to suit those with dark blonde, brown, and black hair looking to warm up their color a bit. The shade is especially lovely with highlights throughout to catch the light.

Chestnut Brown

For those with medium to olive skin tones, chestnut brown hair can be extremely flattering. It has red undertones that enhance warmth in the skin. Chestnut brown looks beautiful on natural brunettes wanting to punch up their color. Keeping the roots slightly darker prevents the color from washing you out. It’s a rich shade that still feels natural.

Chocolate Brown

Chocolate brown hair color has a dark cocoa base with warm reddish tones running throughout. It’s a beautiful option for those with medium to tan skin. Keeping the color all one dimensional provides a striking complement to warm complexions. Opt for a matte chocolate brown color for a bold look.

Caramel Brown

Caramel brown hair is ideal for warm skin tones. It provides a sweet warmth and glow. The shade works well for blonde or light brunette hair wanting to warm up their tone for fall. Ask your colorist for buttery caramel highlights to tie the entire color together beautifully. It’s a versatile option for most warm skin tones.


Bronde provides the best of blonde and brown shades blended together. For warm skin tones, go for a bronde with a chestnut, honey, or caramel brown base. Ask your stylist for chunky golden highlights throughout. This helps create dimension while adding warmth. Bronde allows you to stay in the blonde family while still warming up your look.

Styling Tips for Brown Hair and Warm Skin

After coloring your hair a warmer brown shade, utilize these styling tricks to enhance your complexion:

– Add loose waves. Soft waves amplify the warm tones of brown hair and warm skin. Use a 1 1/4 inch curling iron to add voluminous, touchable texture.
– Try a side part. Parting your hair to the side helps showcase the warm highlights. The angled front pieces beautifully frame your face.
– Add Fenty gloss. Warm up your makeup look with Fenty Gloss Bomb in shades like Warm Berry to complement your brown hair.
– Pull some hair back. Half up half down styles allow you to show off your face while creating movement.
– Straighten strategically. Target any unwanted puffiness with a flat iron but leave body in the lengths. This creates a polished yet voluminous look.
– Use dry shampoo. Dry shampoo boosts volume at the roots on second day hair for a tousled, beachy texture.

These styling techniques will maximize the warm, radiant effect of your brown hair. Play with volume, texture, and face-framing to find what makes your skin glow.


Finding the perfect warm brown hair color for your skin tone comes down to enhancing what you already have. Look for shades with golden, chestnut, caramel and chocolate undertones to make your complexion shine. Avoid any ashy or cool-toned browns, which can make you look washed out. With the right hue and styling techniques to complement your skin’s undertones, your brown locks will leave you looking sun-kissed and vibrant.