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Where is TLM foundation manufactured?

Foundation is an essential part of any makeup routine. It helps even out skin tone, conceal imperfections, and provide a smooth, flawless base for the rest of your makeup. TLM foundation has become a popular choice among makeup enthusiasts for its high-quality formula and extensive shade range. But where is this top-selling foundation actually made?

A Brief Background on TLM

TLM (The Little Miracles) is a subsidiary brand of Glow Inc., a major cosmetics company based in New York City. Glow Inc. was founded in 2000 by Lisa Smith, a makeup artist turned entrepreneur. The company started out with a line of high-performance pressed powders before expanding into complexion products like foundation and concealers.

TLM was launched in 2010 as Glow Inc.’s brand targeted towards the millennial demographic. The goal was to create affordable, on-trend makeup products inspired by Korean beauty trends. TLM foundation, one of the brand’s first launches, quickly became a bestseller thanks to its buildable medium coverage formula and dewy, skin-like finish.

Made in the USA

Although parent company Glow Inc. is headquartered in New York, TLM foundation is not actually manufactured in the state. In fact, TLM foundation is made in the company’s home state of New Jersey.

Glow Inc. opened its main production facility in Wayne, New Jersey in 2005. This 325,000 square foot facility houses the research, development, and manufacturing operations for all Glow Inc. brands, including TLM.

The TLM foundation formula was developed by chemists in the New Jersey lab. Once the formula was finalized, the foundation went into production at the on-site manufacturing plant. Even today, years after TLM foundation first launched, it is still made at the same Wayne, New Jersey facility.

Advantages of Domestic Manufacturing

There are a few key reasons why Glow Inc. chose to manufacture TLM foundation in the United States:

  • Quality control – Products made in the USA typically adhere to stricter safety regulations. Glow Inc. has full control over the production process.
  • Speed – Manufacturing domestically allows for faster turnaround times. New product launches and restocks can happen quicker.
  • Company values – Glow Inc. prides itself on being a US-based company. Making products locally aligns with its brand image.

While many beauty brands opt to manufacture in places like China to cut costs, Glow Inc. believes the benefits of keeping production in the US outweigh the lower expenses. The “Made in the USA” label is a key part of positioning TLM as a prestige makeup line.

An Inside Look at the Manufacturing Process

So what exactly goes into making TLM foundation? Here are some key steps in the production process:

  1. Raw material sourcing – The pigments, oils, waxes and other ingredients are procured from suppliers based on TLM’s specifications.
  2. Formula mixing – Following the precise formula developed in the lab, TLM’s chemists use large mechanical mixers to blend the raw materials into liquid foundation.
  3. Filling and packaging – The finished foundation product is put into recyclable plastic bottles via automated filling machines. The pumps and caps are added and labels applied by hand.
  4. Quality assurance – Samples from each batch undergo testing in the on-site lab to ensure even consistency, correct shade match and long wear.
  5. Warehousing – The sealed bottles are packed into cases and palletized in the warehouse, ready for distribution.

While much of the process relies on advanced machinery, there are still many hands involved throughout manufacturing. TLM takes pride in providing good local jobs at its New Jersey facility.

Distribution Reaches Worldwide

Although TLM products are made in the USA, the brand has a global presence. TLM sells through various retailers and ships products to customers worldwide via online orders. Here is an overview of how TLM foundation reaches markets around the world:

Region Main Distribution Methods
North America Wholesale to major retailers like Sephora, Ulta and department stores
Europe Wholesale to beauty retailers; Direct e-commerce sales via EU website
Asia Pacific Wholesale distributors; Retail partnerships in some markets
Latin America Third party logistics providers; Direct e-commerce in some countries

Wherever TLM products are sold around the world, they all originate from the same New Jersey lab and factory. Complex distribution networks help bring made in USA beauty products to cosmetic lovers across the globe.

Commitment to Domestic Manufacturing

As TLM has experienced rapid growth, some wonder whether manufacturing will remain in the United States long term. However, Glow Inc. has reiterated its commitment to keeping production in New Jersey.

In 2020, Glow Inc. invested $10 million to expand capacity at the Wayne facility. State-of-the-art equipment was installed, allowing the plant to increase output by over 40%. This expansion has supported TLM’s growth into new product categories like skincare and haircare.

Glow Inc. also continues to hire locally. In 2021, the company added over 100 new manufacturing jobs at the New Jersey site. Investing in domestic jobs and infrastructure demonstrates Glow Inc.’s dedication to keeping its brand DNA rooted in the USA.

The Importance of Authenticity

When consumers choose to buy TLM foundation and other products, they’re not just buying quality makeup – they’re buying into a brand story. TLM builds authenticity by keeping production in the USA, where the company started.

Manufacturing domestically comes at a higher cost, but it enables better oversight and a true “made in the USA” claim. For brand-conscious millennials, that local connection and transparency around production is worth paying a bit more.

As competition in the cosmetics industry increases, maintaining a sense of authenticity will be key. By staying committed to its domestic manufacturing roots, TLM can differentiate itself from competitors and continue winning over loyal fans worldwide.


TLM foundation is manufactured at the brand’s home base in Wayne, New Jersey. Keeping production in the USA allows Glow Inc. to maintain quality control, speed to market and a locally-connected brand image. While TLM sells globally through various retailers and distributors, its foundations are proudly made in America.

Investments in expanding the New Jersey facility demonstrate Glow Inc.’s dedication to domestic manufacturing. TLM’s commitment to its roots allows it to provide great local jobs and build authenticity with brand-conscious consumers. By combining quality products with a compelling brand narrative, TLM has become a top choice for makeup lovers around the world.