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Where can I play color galaxy?

Color galaxy is a fun and challenging puzzle game that has become hugely popular in recent years. In the game, players must arrange different colored galaxy elements strategically to clear levels and progress. With its simple but addictive gameplay, stunning visuals, and brain-teasing puzzles, it’s no wonder color galaxy has developed such an enthusiastic following across all age groups.

Color galaxy first launched on mobile platforms, but its popularity has led to versions being developed for consoles, PCs, and even as a physical board game. This allows fans to enjoy the game in whatever way suits them best. Here, we’ll look at the various platforms where you can access color galaxy and break down the key differences between each version.


The original color galaxy game was designed for mobile. It was first released on iOS in 2015, with an Android version following in 2016. The game remains extremely popular on both platforms and receives regular updates with new levels and features.

Mobile is in many ways the ideal platform for color galaxy. The intuitive touch controls work seamlessly for arranging the colorful galaxy elements. The gameplay is perfectly suited for on-the-go gaming in short bursts. And the vibrant visuals look stunning on modern high-resolution mobile displays.

Dedicated fans may want to invest in the premium version of the mobile game, which unlocks an additional 500 puzzles across 10 galaxy worlds. This provides many more hours of challenging color galaxy gameplay.

Key Details

  • Released on iOS and Android
  • Intuitive touch controls
  • Sharp graphics and visuals
  • Perfect for gaming on the go
  • Premium version with extra content available

Nintendo Switch

In 2018, an enhanced version of color galaxy was released for the Nintendo Switch. This allowed players to enjoy the game on their TV screen or in handheld mode. The Switch version includes all the puzzles from the original mobile release plus additional exclusive content.

Motion controls using the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers add a fun extra dimension to the galaxy manipulation gameplay. And HD rumble provides satisfying tactile feedback as you arrange elements and complete lines. The Switch release also adds a two-player competitive multiplayer mode, allowing you to challenge friends.

Key Details

  • Full original mobile game plus new content
  • TV and handheld mode gaming
  • Motion controls via Joy-Con
  • HD rumble feedback
  • New two-player competitive multiplayer

PC (Steam)

Alongside the Nintendo Switch version in 2018, color galaxy also launched on PC via Steam. This gave PC gamers access to the same enhanced version of the game as Switch owners. The PC edition includes support for 4K resolutions for extra crisp visuals.

For those who prefer mouse and keyboard controls, this is an appealing way to play. But the game was designed with touch in mind. So using a touchscreen monitor or playing in handheld mode with Switch Joy-Cons connected to your PC is recommended.

Key Details

  • Enhanced version with extra content
  • 4K graphics support
  • Play with mouse/keyboard or touch controls
  • Cross-platform multiplayer with Switch

PlayStation and Xbox

Color galaxy has not yet received official releases on PlayStation or Xbox consoles. However, the core mobile version of the game is available to download and play on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S thanks to backwards compatibility.

While this means PlayStation and Xbox owners can access color galaxy, they won’t get the enhancements and additional content found in the Switch and PC versions. So playing on Sony or Microsoft consoles is best suited for newcomers wanting to try the basic mobile game.

Key Details

  • Mobile version available via backwards compatibility
  • No extra content from Switch/PC editions
  • More basic experience best for first-time players

Color Galaxy Board Game

Capitalizing on the popularity of the video game series, color galaxy has also been adapted into a physical board game. This retains the key mechanics and objectives of arranging colored galaxy elements into complete lines to clear them.

The board game can be played solo or competitively with up to 4 people. It includes 100 puzzle challenges of increasing difficulty to work through. With portability and accessibility advantages over the digital versions, the board game opens up color galaxy to an even wider audience.

Key Details

  • Faithful adaptation for 1-4 players
  • 100 puzzles ranging from easy to hard
  • Compact and portable
  • No gaming hardware required

Getting Set Up for Mobile, Switch, and PC

Getting started with color galaxy is quick and easy on mobile, Switch, and PC. We’ll run through the basics for installing and beginning your journey with this addictive galaxy puzzler.

On Mobile

  1. Download color galaxy from the App Store or Google Play Store
  2. The free version gives access to 300 levels
  3. Pay a one-time fee to unlock the full content library
  4. Tap colorful elements to drag and arrange them
  5. Complete lines horizontally or vertically to clear elements

On Nintendo Switch

  1. Purchase color galaxy from the Nintendo eShop
  2. Launch the game and calibrate motion controls
  3. Use touchscreen in handheld or Joy-Cons docked
  4. Toggle joystick or motion control input
  5. With 2 players, compete to complete rows quickest


  1. Get color galaxy on Steam
  2. Ideal with a touchscreen monitor
  3. Can also play with mouse/keyboard
  4. With controllers, enable Switch Pro or Joy-Con support
  5. Head to Settings > Display to enable 4K

Progressing Through the Game

Color galaxy gradually increases in difficulty across 6 main galaxy worlds. Beating each world unlocks the next, tougher set of puzzles. Here’s an overview of the galaxies and some tips for tackling their challenges:

Nebula Galaxy (Levels 1-50)

The entry galaxy eases you in gently. Focus on quickly identifying completed rows and working methodically.

Cosmic Galaxy (Levels 51-100)

Ramps up the puzzle complexity. Look ahead and think several moves ahead to succeed here.

Supernova Galaxy (Levels 101-150)

A mind-bender of a galaxy. Develop pattern recognition skills and don’t be afraid to take risks.

Andromeda Galaxy (Levels 151-200)

Concentrate deeply. Watch for pieces that can complete multiple lines and control the board.

Hydra Galaxy (Levels 201-250)

Rapid and reflex-dependent challenges. Trust your instincts and go with the flow.

Spectrum Galaxy (Levels 251-300)

The ultimate color test. Keep calm, visualize the end goal, and execute the solution.

Rewarding Progression System

Beating levels and galaxies in color galaxy brings satisfying rewards and progression:

In-Game Achievement Reward
Complete 10 levels Bronze medal
Complete 25 levels Silver medal
Complete 50 levels Gold medal
Complete a galaxy Trophy
Complete 10 bonus challenges Rainbow galaxy piece
Collect 5 rainbow pieces Unlocks rainbow galaxy

These provide ongoing incentives to better your personal bests and stretch your puzzle-solving skills. Comparing your trophies and medals against friends also adds replay value.

DLC Expansions

The core color galaxy experience provides hundreds of levels spanning hours of challenging gameplay. But for devoted fans, additional DLC expansions are available, adding further galaxy puzzles.

Stellar Expansion

This pack adds 100 levels across two new galaxies – Cascade Galaxy and Gravity Galaxy. It costs $4.99.

Cosmic Expansion

Another 100 levels in the Black Hole Galaxy and the Polaris Galaxy. Yours for $4.99.

Dimensional Expansion

This wildly challenging DLC introduces the Parallel Galaxy. Just 50 levels but they’ll push your skills. $2.99.

These optional purchases are the perfect way for color galaxy masters to take things up another level and get their money’s worth from the game.

Active Development

Color galaxy has benefitted from continual updates and improvements ever since its mobile debut. Developers are committed to supporting the game with new features and content years after initial release.

Recent major updates have added:

  • New galaxy elements like power-ups, combos, and bomb pieces
  • Daily and weekly challenge modes
  • Global leaderboards and tournament events
  • Spectator mode to watch replays and learn new strategies

With regular tuning and fresh features, color galaxy stays compelling even for experienced players racking up hundreds of hours. This ongoing support is impressive and ensures an active community.

The Future

As color galaxy finds its way onto more and more platforms, the future looks bright. There is scope for the game to come to additional consoles like PlayStation and Xbox with enhancements.

Augmented and virtual reality adaptations also hold exciting potential, truly bringing the mesmerizing galaxy manipulation to life all around you. And while still speculative, a big-budget animated series or movie based on color galaxy could take the brand mainstream.

For now, fans have plenty of challenging gameplay across mobile, PC and Nintendo Switch. But the universal appeal of these galaxy-brain-teasing puzzles means color galaxy is surely still just at the start of its long journey.


Color galaxy has cemented itself as a puzzle gaming phenomenon, offering cerebral and compelling challenges wrapped up in stylish galactic visuals. Fans can flex their mental muscles across mobile, Nintendo Switch, PC, and even tabletop. With regular new content updates and potential for even more platforms in future, you can enjoy unraveling the secrets of the colorful galaxies for many years to come. Just be prepared to lose hours at a time in this incredibly addictive battle of wits through the cosmos.