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Where are Colorescience products made?

Colorescience is an American skincare company known for their mineral makeup and sunscreen products. Their headquarters are located in Dana Point, California and their products are sold through dermatologists, plastic surgeons, resorts, spas and specialty retailers. But where are their products actually manufactured?

Colorescience’s Mission and Values

Colorescience was founded in 2000 by Diane Ranger, a skin cancer survivor looking for better sun protection options. The company’s mission is to provide clinically proven mineral-based skincare products that protect and improve skin health. Colorescience aims to formulate products with safe, high-quality ingredients and follow ethical manufacturing practices.

Some of Colorescience’s core values include:

  • Innovative product development
  • Scientific research and clinical studies
  • Education about skin health and sun protection
  • Commitment to ingredient safety and quality
  • Ethical business standards

These values shape their approach to product formulation, testing, and manufacturing.

Made in the USA

The majority of Colorescience products are made in the United States. Their mineral makeup, sunscreen, skincare, and body care items are manufactured domestically at FDA-registered facilities.

Colorescience takes pride in keeping production local and supporting American jobs. They work closely with chemists, biologists, quality control teams, and lab technicians at their US-based labs and factories. This allows them to oversee each step of the process and maintain their high standards.

Made in Italy

While most items are made in the US, some of Colorescience’s cosmetics are produced in Italy. Their line of lip and cheek tints and several makeup brushes are manufactured there.

Colorescience collaborates with cosmetics labs in Italy that specialize in color cosmetics formulation and production. The “Made in Italy” lip and cheek tints are infused with skin-loving ingredients and give a wash of color using minerals like iron oxides. The makeup brushes are designed for optimal product application.

Choosing Italian partners allows Colorescience to tap into centuries-old cosmetics artistry and Old World techniques when creating these specific products.

Global Ingredients

While manufacturing takes place in the US and Italy, Colorescience sources ingredients from around the world. Some of the key ingredients in their products include:

  • Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide: These mineral sunscreen active ingredients are sourced globally from mineral suppliers like Australia, China, and Finland.
  • Iron oxides: These mineral pigments for makeup and tints come from countries like the United States, China, and Italy.
  • Plant oils: Ingredients like jojoba, olive, avocado, and marula oils are ethically sourced from various countries.
  • Seaweed extracts: Aquatic extracts are sustainably harvested from specific coastal regions.
  • Vitamins: Vitamins like C, E, and B3 (niacinamide) are sourced worldwide from ingredient suppliers.

By finding the highest quality ingredients from around the globe, Colorescience can create products that deliver results.

Quality Control and Testing

At every facility they work with, Colorescience maintains rigorous quality control standards. Their chemists test raw materials, in-process formulations, and finished products to ensure safety, purity and stability. Their procedures include:

  • Assessing ingredient quality before production
  • In-process lab testing at multiple stages
  • Final product assessments checking color, scent, texture, pH, viscosity, and more
  • Microbial testing to confirm products are free of contaminants
  • Stability testing to ensure effective shelf life
  • Packaging quality control

In addition to in-house testing, Colorescience sends products to independent 3rd party labs for further testing. This provides unbiased confirmation that products meet quality specifications.

Their focus on analytical testing ensures all products live up to their claims and meet consumer expectations.

Compliance with Regulations

At every facility, Colorescience requires strict compliance with all applicable regulations including:

  • FDA current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs)
  • ISO 22716 Good Manufacturing Practices for cosmetics
  • EU Cosmetic Regulations
  • California Safe Cosmetics Act requirements

By following Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines, Colorescience ensures hygienic production conditions, well-controlled processes, robust testing, and ethical business practices. This helps them meet diverse global compliance demands.


Colorescience seeks out manufacturing partners who hold key certifications that reflect their standards, including:

  • NSF GMP Registration – Confirms FDA Good Manufacturing Practice requirements are met
  • ISO 22716 Certification – International GMP standards for cosmetics
  • FDA Registered Facility – Registered with the US Food and Drug Administration
  • Leaping Bunny Certification – Confirms no animal testing takes place
  • Certified B Corporations – Key facilities have B Corp certification for social and environmental performance

These certifications provide third-party validation of quality systems and responsible practices at Colorescience manufacturing partners.

Ethical Sourcing and Manufacturing

Colorescience aims to partner with ingredient suppliers and manufacturers that share their values around ethical and sustainable practices. This includes:

  • No animal testing – Colorescience has Leaping Bunny certification and never tests on animals
  • Responsible sourcing – Their suppliers follow fair trade, eco-friendly harvesting, and socially responsible practices
  • Sustainability initiatives – Facilities aim to reduce waste, energy, and water usage through different programs
  • Safe and fair labor conditions – Manufacturing partners provide safe workplaces and fair compensation for employees
  • Inclusion and social justice – Colorescience supports diverse and equitable workforces at their partner facilities

By selecting suppliers aligned with their ethical stance, Colorescience can produce their products responsibly and give back through partnerships with charities.

Overview of Manufacturing Locations

Colorescience uses a range of FDA-registered manufacturing facilities in the United States. Some of their key production partners include:

Facility Name Location Type of Products Made
SkinClear Pharmaceuticals Petaluma, CA Sunscreen, skincare
Spencer Forrest Corte Madera, CA Cosmetics, sunscreen
KDC/One Irvine, CA Sunscreen
Vee Pak Chino, CA Assembly and packaging

In Italy, their manufacturing partners specialize in color cosmetics and brushes:

Facility Name Location Type of Products Made
Intercos Agrate Brianza Lip and cheek tints
Pinnacle Milan Brushes

Using this global network of partners allows Colorescience to craft high performing products true to their brand principles.

Commitment to Quality

Colorescience takes great care in selecting manufacturing partners that can meet their strict specifications. Their investment in domestic and global facilities ensures the highest quality at every stage.

By combining rigorous lab testing, world-class production capabilities, and ethical values, Colorescience can craft products that enhance skin health. Their commitment to quality, safety, responsibility and transparency is reflected in every bottle and compact produced.


In summary, Colorescience manufactures their mineral makeup, sunscreen, skincare and body care primarily at FDA-registered facilities in California and throughout the US. A portion of their cosmetics and brushes are produced at specialty labs in Italy. Raw ingredients are ethically sourced worldwide from partners that share Colorescience’s values around quality, sustainability and social responsibility. Extensive quality control and compliance procedures give consumers confidence in the safety, effectiveness and integrity of Colorescience products.