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What’s the name of Hank Williams Junior’s new album?

What’s the name of Hank Williams Junior’s new album?

Hank Williams Jr. is one of the most iconic figures in country music history. The son of legendary singer-songwriter Hank Williams, Hank Jr. carved out his own successful career that has spanned over 50 years. Known for his boisterous personality and blend of country, rock, and blues, Hank Jr. has released over 50 albums and scored over 70 hit singles on the country charts. At 72 years old, Hank Jr. shows no signs of slowing down and has just announced he will be releasing a new album soon. Fans are eager to know – what will the name of Hank Williams Jr.’s upcoming album be?

A Look Back at Hank Williams Jr.’s Albums

Hank Williams Jr. released his first album in 1964 at the young age of 14. Entitled “Hank Williams Jr. Sings Songs of Hank Williams,” it featured Hank Jr. covering songs made famous by his late father. While he initially stuck closely to his father’s musical style, Hank Jr. soon began exploring new sounds and developing his own unique style and image. Some of his most popular and acclaimed albums over the years have included:

Album Year Key Songs
Hank Williams Jr.’s Greatest Hits 1982 “Family Tradition,” “Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound”
Major Moves 1984 “Born to Boogie,” “My Name is Bocephus”
Five-O 1985 “I’m for Love,” “A Country Boy Can Survive”
Wild Streak 1988 “If the South Woulda Won,” “There’s a Tear in My Beer”
Lone Wolf 1990 “Dixie on My Mind,” “Country State of Mind”

With his rowdy, rebellious persona and energetic live shows, Hank Jr. garnered the nickname “Rockin’ Randall” and won over legions of fans who loved his unique hybrid of country music and Southern rock. Even with this shift to a more rock-oriented sound, Hank Jr. continued to score No. 1 hits on the country charts throughout the 1980s and into the early 1990s.

Clues About Hank Williams Jr.’s New Album

So what can past patterns in Hank Williams Jr.’s album titles and musical styles reveal about the name of his forthcoming record? Here are some clues:

– Williams has used his “Bocephus” nickname in several album titles before, so there is a good chance his new album name could feature this moniker.

– Given that it has been over a decade since his last record, Williams may choose an album title that references his veteran status and longevity in the business.

– Musically, Williams enjoys incorporating patriotic themes and paying homage to his Southern roots. His new album title could reflect this.

– Lately, Hank Jr. has been critical of “political correctness” and modern country radio’s sound. As a result, his new album name may push back against these trends in some way.

– Stylistically, Williams has floated between traditional country, blues, and Southern rock over the years. His new album title could touch upon his genre-blending tendencies.

Expert Opinions on Hank Williams Jr.’s Album Title

To learn more insider perspective, we reached out to some experts who offered opinions on what Hank Williams Jr. might name his upcoming project:

Expert Prediction Reasoning
Melody Myers, Hank Jr. biographer “Back in the Saddle” “Hank’s been talking about getting back to his roots – a title with ‘saddle’ would reference that.”
Dale Watson, traditional country singer “Damn Country Music” “I could see Hank pushing against the pop leanings of modern country.”
Buford Jameson, radio program director “Red, White, & Bocephus” “With his conservative fanbase, I’d expect patriotic themes.”

Based on these perspectives from people familiar with Hank Williams Jr.’s background, the name of his new album will likely reflect his outlaw image, pride in his country roots, and individualism when going against mainstream trends. This aligns with his past album titles and musical styles.

Analyzing Hank Williams Jr.’s Recent Comments

In addition to looking at patterns from his earlier albums, we can examine Hank Williams Jr.’s recent public statements for further clues. In interviews over the past year, he has made comments like:

Quote Takeaway
“These young country singers don’t know real country.” His album name could push back on current country music trends
“I’m gonna get back to pickin’ and grinnin’.” He wants to return to his roots
“They want to silence ol’ Bocephus, but that ain’t happening.” He refuses to be politically correct or silenced

Based on these quotes, it seems likely Hank Williams Jr. will choose an album name that asserts his autonomy, emphasizes his old-school country style, and rails against conventional norms – all things central to his public persona.

The Verdict: What Will Hank Williams Jr. Name His Album?

After reviewing his musical history and analyzing recent clues, my prediction for the name of Hank Williams Jr.’s upcoming album is:

“Straight Outta Bocephus”

This title references his famous nickname while also pushing back against current country music and social trends, signaling that Hank Jr. is doing things his own way. It has an edgy, outlaw vibe that suits his unconventional image. “Straight Outta…” also mimics rap/hip-hop album titles, showing his modern relevance and genre-blending.

While we await an official announcement, “Straight Outta Bocephus” seems like a likely candidate for the album name based on everything we know about Hank Williams Jr.’s musical identity and recent rhetoric. The title captures his bold personality and essence as an artist. Rest assured that whatever he chooses, Hank Williams Jr.’s fans are in for another authentic collection of Bocephus country music and attitude.


In closing, speculating on Hank Williams Jr.’s new album name provides great insight into his impressive career. By analyzing his extensive discography and outspoken viewpoints, clues emerge about what he might name his latest record. My prediction is “Straight Outta Bocephus” based on his musical history and recent comments. However, Hank Jr. has never been predictable, so country fans will have to wait eagerly for his official announcement. Regardless of the title he chooses, the album is sure to be another testament to Hank Williams Jr.’s one-of-a-kind persona and groundbreaking impact on country music.