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What’s the most popular Apple Watch color?

Apple Watches come in a variety of different colors and styles to suit different tastes. With new models released each year, Apple offers customers more options than ever when it comes to choosing a color for their smartwatch. But when it comes to popularity, which Apple Watch colors are the biggest hits with customers? Let’s take a look at the data and explore the most popular Apple Watch colors over time.

Examining Apple Watch Color Trends Over Time

The first Apple Watch was released in 2015 and came in three different casing colors: silver aluminum, space gray aluminum, and 18-karat gold. The very first model only came in two band color options: white and black. Since then, Apple has steadily expanded the color palette for Apple Watch over successive generations. New case finishes like stainless steel and titanium have been introduced. The variety of Apple Watch band options has also grown exponentially over time.

While Apple doesn’t release specific sales data on Apple Watch colors, we can look at third-party market research and Apple’s own promotional imagery over time to get a sense of the most popular colors. When the Apple Watch Series 4 launched in 2018, analysts at Slice Intelligence broke down the most popular case and band combinations. At the time, the silver aluminum case with a white sport band was the clear winner, accounting for nearly a third of all Series 4 purchases. The second most popular combination was the space gray aluminum case with a black sport band.

Apple’s promotional images also support the enduring popularity of the silver aluminum case. Even as new colors have been introduced over time, Apple’s marketing has consistently focused on silver as the leading color for Apple Watch. Meanwhile, black and white band options remain perennial favorites year after year.

Most Popular Apple Watch Colors Today

Fast forward to today, and silver aluminum remains the color of choice for most Apple Watch buyers. According to Experian Simmons 2022 consumer data, silver is the most popular case color with a 33% share of consumers. The next most popular colors are space gray aluminum (28%), gold aluminum (14%), and red aluminum (12%).

However, Apple has said that blue is its second most popular color for the Apple Watch Series 7. This suggests that while silver remains on top, blue has surpassed space gray in recent years when it comes to aluminum case colors.

Apple Watch Color Share of Consumers
Silver Aluminum 33%
Space Gray Aluminum 28%
Gold Aluminum 14%
Red Aluminum 12%
Blue Aluminum Not Available

In terms of bands, the black sport band remains the most popular option based on Apple’s imagery and sales data from third parties. After black, white and pink sport bands seem to be the next most prevalent choices.

Why Are Silver and Black So Popular?

So why have silver and black dominated Apple Watch colors for so long? There are a few likely reasons behind their enduring popularity:

  • Silver and black are neutral colors that pair well with most outfit choices.
  • These colors have been offered since the very first Apple Watch, giving them an edge.
  • Silver and black models showcase the iconic Apple Watch design.
  • These colors appeal to men and women across wider age ranges.
  • Silver aluminum has a brighter, sleek high-tech look.
  • Black gives the Apple Watch a traditional watch feel.

For many buyers, silver and black are seen as the “default” Apple Watch colors. Going with one of these standard colors allows customers to get the core Apple Watch experience without having to agonize over color choice. At the same time, both silver and black models have a classic, versatile, gender-neutral aesthetic.

Most Popular Colors Beyond Silver and Black

Of course, personal style comes into play when choosing an Apple Watch color. Some customers opt for bolder colors to make more of a statement. Looking at the current color range, we can spot some clear favorites beyond silver and black:

  • Gold Aluminum – The gold case elicits luxury while still being affordable. Gold also pairs well with a wide range of band colors.
  • Blue Aluminum – As noted above, blue has become a top color choice, especially for sport and leather bands.
  • (PRODUCT)Red – Vibrant red makes the Apple Watch really pop on the wrist and supports a charitable cause.
  • Starlight Aluminum – Apple’s lightest color aluminum case offers an eye-catching soft gold hue.

Offering colorful Apple Watch options beyond silver and black gives customers more ways to put their personal stamp on these highly personal devices. Even if you go for a neutral case, choosing from the dozens of available bands is another way to express your style.

Most Popular Apple Watch Colors: Conclusion

When it comes to the most popular Apple Watch colors, silver and black rule the roost. Silver aluminum cases paired with white or black sport bands have remained go-to choices for many Apple Watch buyers since the very first model. The neutral metallic and monochrome color schemes simply work well for a wide range of personal styles.

However, color trends evolve over time. Blue has emerged as a new favorite aluminum case color option, while red and gold remain popular across aluminum and stainless steel models. Apple also keeps expanding the overall Apple Watch color palette, giving customers more options to find a look that suits their personality.

While silver and black lead in popularity, there is no single “best” Apple Watch color. The right color for you depends entirely on your personal taste and style preferences. With so many case and band combinations now available, you have more options than ever to discover your perfect Apple Watch color match.