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What’s the luckiest color for a door?

What’s the luckiest color for a door?

When it comes to front doors, color choice matters more than you might think. The color of your front door can influence how welcome guests feel when they arrive at your home. Certain door colors are also thought to attract good luck, prosperity, and positive energy according to feng shui and color psychology. So what is objectively the luckiest color to paint your front door? Let’s explore what different colors symbolize and what the experts say about the best door colors for luck.

What Colors Are Considered Lucky?

Here are some of the most commonly believed “lucky” door colors:


Red is arguably the most popular lucky color in Chinese culture. It represents joy, celebration, and prosperity. Feng shui practitioners often recommend red front doors to attract strong “chi” (positive energy) into a home. Red is also thought to ward off evil spirits.


Green symbolizes nature, growth, health, and renewal. It’s connected to harmony, balance, and good fortune. Green doors are said to welcome prosperity and abundance.


Blue represents calm, relaxation, and consistency. It’s thought to create a peaceful atmosphere. Light blues are especially recommended for doors because they’re inviting. Dark blue is associated with dignity, security, and dependability.


Yellow is cheerful and energetic. It’s linked to optimism and confidence. Yellow doors project a friendly vibe. Soft yellows are welcoming while bold yellows grab attention. Pastel yellows are ideal for doors.


Purple promotes creativity and imagination. It combines the stability of blue with the energy of red. Light purple doors are reputed to attract innovative ideas. Dark purple is more mystical and introspective.

Color Lucky Associations
Red Joy, celebration, prosperity, warding off evil
Green Harmony, nature, growth, balance, good fortune
Blue Peace, calm, relaxation, security
Yellow Optimism, confidence, friendliness
Purple Creativity, imagination, innovation

Expert Opinions on the Luckiest Door Colors

Color experts and feng shui practitioners emphasize different door colors for attracting good fortune. Here is what some say about the luckiest front door hues.


Interior designer Beth Diana Smith states, “A red door has long been a symbol of luck, prosperity, and protection against evil spirits in many cultures. It’s a bold color that makes a strong first impression.”

Feng shui master Lam Kam Chuen recommends red front doors to enhance passion, excitement, and happiness at home. He says the vibrant color imbues the home with fiery positive energy.


Green is endorsed by many feng shui experts as an optimal door color for promoting family health and nurturing relationships. Says feng shui writer Rachael Yu, “The natural color green activates the Wood feng shui element, stimulating growth, vitality, and feelings of rejuvenation.”

Home stylist Lucy Glendinning suggests sage green for doors to cultivate prosperity. She says the earthy color attracts wealth and success. Other energizing greens she likes are moss, emerald, and lime.


Celebrity feng shui consultant Marites Allen counts yellow as her top color for entry doors. She says it sets a vibrant, joyful tone. “Yellow doors really pop and create enthusiasm. They illuminate and activate any home.”

Astrology authority Ophira Edut favors sunflower yellow doors for their welcoming golden glow. She says yellow doors feel uplifting, optimistic and warm people’s hearts. She recommends the hue especially for north-facing entrances.


Feng shui expert Angela Ang affirms that light blues make excellent front door colors for encouraging positive chi. She says pale sky blues and aquas create a soothing first impression. Dark navy blue doors can also establish protective energy at the home’s entrance.

Interior designer Tristan Auer opts for blue doors to transmit calmness and peace. He finds the color promotes relaxation in high-stress urban settings. Light blues work well for doors in most architectural styles, from traditional to modern.

What Does Science Say About Luckiest Door Colors?

Beyond cultural meanings, psychological research provides insight on how different door colors can affect mood and perception. Here’s what studies reveal:

Red Stimulates and Excites

Scientific findings confirm red’s emotionally stimulating effects. Research shows red raises heart rate and brain activity. Studies link red to enhanced focus and alertness. This suggests red doors could make a lively first impression. But red may be overstimulating as a dominant door color.

Yellow Boosts Happiness

Studies demonstrate that yellow elevates mood and boosts dopamine levels. Research associates yellow with optimism, self-esteem and creativity. This supports yellow’s use for inviting, feel-good doors. However, yellow can also increase anxiety. Soft buttery yellows are likely most effective for doors.

Green Is Calming and Renewing

Evidence verifies green has relaxing and restorative effects. Studies link green to reduced stress and eye fatigue. Research also connects green to healing. For doors, green seems an ideal choice for equanimity. Green alludes to growth and renewal, without being overbearing.

Blue Fosters Tranquility

Blue is scientifically proven to have tranquilizing effects. Studies confirm blue light reduces heart rate and blood pressure. Blue also curbs appetite. Research correlates blue with openness and wisdom. For entry doors, serene sky blues should cultivate an uplifting peacefulness.

Purple Encourages Creativity

There’s some evidence linking purple to boosts in creative thinking. Purple unique visual stimulation may coax the brain into making unusual connections. Vivid purple doors could stir imagination and ingenuity. However, purple risks seeming overly regal or eccentric.

Color Psychological Effects
Red Stimulates and excites
Yellow Boosts happiness and optimism
Green Promotes calm and renewal
Blue Fosters tranquility and wisdom
Purple May encourage creative thinking

Feng Shui Factors for Choosing Luckiest Door Color

Beyond picking an intrinsically fortunate color, feng shui offers specific guidance on selecting the best front door hue for your home. Consider these factors:

Direction Door Faces

– North-facing doors – fiery colors like red, orange, pink

– South-facing doors – cool colors like blue, green, purple

– East-facing doors – pale, airy colors like white, yellow, light blue

– West-facing doors – earthy, vivid colors like terracotta, olive, cobalt

Bagua Area of Door

– Fame area – bold reds and oranges

– Love area – pinks and light greens

– Health area – blues and greens

– Career area – grays, browns

– Prosperity area – purple, gold

– Family area – whites, pastels

– Knowledge area – navy blue

Other Aspects

– Visibility – Bright, vivid colors show up well at long distances

– Architecture style – Colors should suit overall aesthetic, from traditional to modern

– Surrounding environment – Complement or contrast with landscape colors

– Existing decor – Coordinate with interior color scheme


While there’s no definitively proven “luckiest” door color, many hues are believed to attract good fortune according to cultural traditions and psychology. Red promotes passion and excitement. Green fosters growth, wellness and stability. Yellow infuses cheer and vitality. Blue inspires calmness and peace. And purple stimulates creativity. Consider both your home’s feng shui as well as personal color preferences when selecting your front door hue. A lucky color aligned with your style will create the most harmonious entry to your home. With a thoughtful approach, you can pick a door shade that seems destined to attract prosperity and happiness.