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What words start with qu for kids?

What words start with qu for kids?

There are many words that start with the letters qu that kids can learn and use. Knowing these qu words can help children expand their vocabulary and become better spellers and readers. In this article, we will explore common qu words for kids, grouped into different categories.

Question Words

Some of the most common qu words for kids are question words. These include:

  • Queen – A female royal ruler
  • Quack – The sound a duck makes
  • Quaint – Unusual or old-fashioned but charming
  • Quake – A shaking movement of the earth’s surface
  • Qualm – An uneasy feeling of doubt or fear
  • Quandary – A state of uncertainty over what to do

Learning these question words allows kids to form all kinds of inquiries. They can ask questions that start with who, what, when, where, why, and how using these important qu words.

Quantity Words

Qu words are also used when talking about amounts and quantities. Some quantity qu words for kids include:

  • Quarter – One fourth or 25 cents
  • Quart – A quarter of a gallon
  • Quorum – The minimum number of members required to conduct a meeting
  • Quota – A set limit or share of something
  • Quantum – An amount or portion
  • Quintuple – Five times as many

Learning these words allows kids to express quantity and numbers more precisely. They’ll be able to discuss portions, limits, and multiples accurately.

Quality Words

There are also many qu words that describe quality, nature, and traits. Some examples include:

  • Quick – Moving fast or taking little time
  • Quiet – Making little or no noise
  • Quirky – Odd or unconventional
  • Quaint – Unusual or old-fashioned but charming
  • Quibble – Argue or complain about trivial things
  • Queasy – Feeling nauseous

With these words, kids can talk about the nature, traits, and qualities of people, places, and things much more precisely.

Words with Qu Spelling Patterns

There are also some common spelling patterns that use qu. Learning these patterns can help kids become better spellers:

  • qu + a vowel + consonant(s) – queen, quick, quilt
  • qu + a vowel + e – queue, quake, quote
  • qu + i + vowel – quiet, acquire, require
  • qu + consonant(s) + i – squid, squirrel, liquid

Recognizing these patterns makes it easier for kids to spell unfamiliar words with qu correctly. They’ll understand that qu is almost always followed by a vowel.

Qu Words in Categories

It’s also helpful for kids to learn qu words grouped into categories and subcategories. Here are some examples:


  • Queen
  • Quarterback
  • Quintuplets


  • Quail
  • Quokka
  • Quetzal


  • Quebec
  • Quarry
  • Quarterdeck


  • Quilt
  • Quill
  • Quicksand

Seeing qu words grouped meaningfully helps kids reinforce the words and remember them more easily.

Qu Words by First Letter

Here is an alphabetical table of common qu words for kids to learn:

Letter Qu Words
Q quack, quail, quake, quality, quantity, quantum, quarry, quart, quark, quay
Qu quack, quad, quail, quaint, quake, qualm, quality, quantity, quantum, quarry, quart, quash, quay, queer, quell, query, quetzal, queue, quick, quiet, quintuplet, quirk, quit, quiz, quorum
Que queen, queer, quell, query, quest, queue, quiche, quicksand, quiet
Qui quibble, quick, quiet, quill, quilt, quince, quip, quirk, quit, quiver, quizzical
Qua quack, quad, quail, quaint, quake, qualm, quarter, quark, quarry, quash, quay
Quo quorum, quota, quote

Seeing qu words organized alphabetically helps kids learn patterns and relationships between words.

Quiz Time

Here are some quiz questions to test kids’ knowledge of qu words:

  1. Which qu word means a female ruler? Queen
  2. What qu word means to tremble or shake? Quake
  3. Which qu word is a frog-like amphibian? Quetzal
  4. What qu word means the minimum number needed for a meeting? Quorum
  5. Which qu word means unusual or unconventional? Quirky

Having kids answer simple quiz questions is a great way to reinforce new qu vocabulary words.

Qu Words in Sentences

Using qu words properly in sentences shows understanding and mastery. Here are some examples:

  • The queen ruled over the kingdom for many years.
  • The quake shook the town and caused lots of damage.
  • I need to buy a quarter gallon of milk at the store.
  • My little brother is very quirky and likes to wear mismatched socks.
  • The quokka is a cute, furry animal that lives in Australia.

Practicing using qu words properly in various sentence contexts reinforces their definitions and usage.

Qu Tongue Twisters

Tongue twisters that use qu words are a fun way for kids to practice pronunciation. Here are some examples:

  • Queenie quilted quilts quickly.
  • A quart of fresh quince juice.
  • Squirrels stash quirky quilts in the quiet quarry.
  • Quincy’s quartz quivered during the earthquake.

Twisting their tongues around these sentences is entertaining for kids while also improving their enunciation of qu words.


There are many great qu words for kids to learn that will expand their vocabulary. Question words, quantity words, and quality words starting with qu help children ask better questions, discuss math and numbers, and describe traits more precisely. Learning common spelling patterns featuring qu aids spelling skills. Organizing qu words into categories, alphabetically, and using them properly in sentences and tongue twisters reinforces their definitions and usage in a fun way. With this strong foundation of qu vocabulary words, kids will have an easier time reading, writing, and communicating.