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What was the movie with the crayons called?

Crayons hold a special place in many of our childhood memories. The familiar smell of opening a fresh box, the vibrant colors, the joy of creating our first drawings and masterpieces. For some of us, a particular movie featuring crayons may stir up nostalgia. But the title escapes us, lingering just out of reach. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most iconic crayon-starring films in an effort to jog our collective memory.

The History of Crayons in Film

Crayons have been featured in movies since the early days of animation. Their bright, whimsical nature made them a natural choice for cartoonists looking to add color and fun. Walt Disney produced one of the first animated films using crayons in 1933 called The Three Little Pigs. The stand-out song “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?” featured a scene with the pigs singing and dancing while drawing with crayons.

In 1977, a novelty song called “The Crayon Song” was released, with lyrics all about the names and colors of crayons. This popular children’s song would go on to be featured in movies and shows for decades after. Most notably, a re-recorded version by children’s musician Barry Louis Polisar was used in the iconic 1990s movie Jumanji during a scene where the young protagonist is sketching with crayons.

Most Iconic Crayon Movies

While crayons have made small appearances in many films, a few really stand out for making crayons a central part of the plot or visuals. Here are some of the most notable crayon movies through the decades:

1970s – Harold and the Purple Crayon

This classic children’s book was adapted into a short film in 1959 and then again as an animated film by Hanna-Barbera Productions in 1971. The story follows a curious 4-year-old boy named Harold who uses his magical purple crayon to create an imaginary world where his drawings come to life. The simple but imaginative story captured the creativity of childhood and spawned several sequels.

1980s – The Care Bears Movie

This 1985 animated film featured the cast of Care Bear characters on an adventure to bring caring and niceness to the world. A scene in an orphanage shows the Care Bears cheering up the children by bringing them art supplies including crayons, kicking off a coloring dance party. The Care Bears would continue having crayon adventures in later films like 2000’s Journey to Joke-a-lot.

1990s – The Crayon Song

While not technically a full movie, the “Crayon Song” scene in 1995’s hit family adventure movie Jumanji deserves a shout-out. This catchy crayon-themed tune was memorized by every 90s kid. When young Alan draws with crayons early in the film before getting trapped in the magical board game, audiences knew they were in for a nostalgic treat.

2000s – Harold & the Purple Crayon

In 2001, the imaginative purple crayon stories were revived again, this time as a charming computer-animated TV series following the adventures of Harold and his magical crayon. It brought the simple but creative spirit of the original books and films to a new generation of children.

2010s – Toy Story 4

In this 2019 addition to the hit Pixar franchise, a newly created toy named Forky comes alive. Forky’s character is brought to life by a pipe cleaner, popsicle sticks, and a broken crayon. The handcrafted crayon element sparks Forky’s imagination and sense of purpose. And crayons play an even bigger role when Bo Peep uses them for her artistic, makeshift staff.

What Was That One Crayon Movie Called?

As we reflect on all these iconic crayon moments in movies, you may find yourself still trying to pin down that one specific crayon film from your childhood but just can’t remember the name. Could it be one of these lost classics featuring colorful crayons?

Wax Factory (1980)

This fantasy movie aimed at kids follows two children who take a magical factory tour and learn how crayons are made. They see giant wax vats of color and machines molding the crayons into their familiar shape. A memorable scene shows the duo drawing a beautiful mural with their fresh crayons.

The Crayon Box (1997)

In this animated musical, a box of crayons come to life at night when their owner isn’t looking. They sing, dance, and share their hopes and fears about what it’s like to be a crayon. Eventually, they learn to embrace their differences and work together when their owner tries to replace them with newer crayons.

My Life as a Yellow Crayon (1999)

This lighthearted family comedy tells the story of a young boy who wakes up one morning to find he has turned into a yellow crayon overnight! Much like Harold from Harold and the Purple Crayon, he finds he can draw things into existence but also run into problems when his crayon body starts melting in the sun. He goes on a journey to become human again.

The Day the Crayons Quit (2013)

Based on the bestselling children’s book, this animated film brings the letters in the book to life on screen as a set of crayons write to their owner Duncan saying they’ve had enough and are going on strike. They complain about how Duncan uses them and feel unappreciated. Duncan realizes he needs to show more creativity in how he uses each color crayon.

Decade Iconic Crayon Movie
1970s Harold and the Purple Crayon
1980s The Care Bears Movie
1990s The Crayon Song Scene in Jumanji
2000s Harold & the Purple Crayon TV Series
2010s Toy Story 4


Our trip down crayon memory lane has unearthed some true classics, from beloved books like Harold and the Purple Crayon to unforgettable movie moments in films like The Care Bears Movie and Jumanji. And who could forget the colorful cast of Toy Story 4? Though the exact title still eludes us, these vibrant films remind us how crayons capture childhood creativity and imagination. The next time you catch a whiff of a fresh crayon box, let it color your memories and transport you back to these iconic crayon movies we all know and love.