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What undertones are in behr greige?

Greige is a popular neutral paint color that has taken the interior design world by storm in recent years. It’s a versatile shade that combines gray and beige undertones to create a soft, warm, and calming effect in any space. But with so many greige paint options on the market, how do you know which one is right for your home?

In this article, we’ll break down the undertones in one of the most popular greige paints – Behr Greige. We’ll look at how the undertones can differ between Behr’s various greige shades and help you find the perfect warm, cool, or neutral greige for your next paint project.

What is Greige?

Greige (pronounced “grayj”) is a portmanteau of the words gray and beige. It bridges the gap between those two popular neutral tones, taking the cool modernity of gray and warming it up with subtle beige undertones.

The greige color palette encompasses a wide range of shades from light to dark. Greige paint colors are versatile enough to work in almost any room of the house. They provide a soothing, welcoming backdrop that allows other colors and textures in the space to shine.

Some key characteristics of greige paint colors:

  • Subtle – Greige colors are muted and understated, never stark or severe.
  • Warm – Even greiges with gray undertones have a warmth from the beige influence.
  • Flexible – Greige can read as either cool or warm, depending on the lighting and colors around it.
  • Calming – The mixture of gray and beige has a very settled, Zen-like feeling.
  • Sophisticated – Greige offers a refined, upscale look, unlike flat beige.

Paint manufacturers like Behr, Sherwin-Williams, and Benjamin Moore all offer extensive greige color collections. Within those collections, though, undertones can vary from shade to shade.

Behr’s Greige Paint Selection

Behr offers one of the most extensive greige paint color collections, with over 50 greige shades across their product lines. From light whitewashed greiges to deep, cozy greiges, their selection allows you to find just the right undertone and intensity for your space.

Some of Behr’s most popular greige paint colors include:

  • Silver Drop – a light, bright greige with cool undertones
  • Aurora White – a warm, creamy greige
  • Greek Villa – a green-greige with olive undertones
  • Cliffside Gray – a medium greige with beige undertones
  • Restful – a rich, darker greige

Behr organizes their greige paint colors into three main undertone families:

Cool Undertones

Greiges with cool undertones pull from grayish blues and have a more sleek, contemporary vibe. Behr cool greiges work beautifully in modern spaces.

Some top choices include:

  • Silver Drop
  • Path of Discovery
  • Gray Area
  • Daybreak

Warm Undertones

Warm greiges draw inspiration from tans and brown-grays, providing an inviting, cozy feel. These greiges are especially popular for bedrooms, living rooms, and other relaxing spaces.

Some Behr warm greige faves:

  • Aurora White
  • Cliffside Gray
  • Modest Gray
  • Restful

Neutral Undertones

Behr’s neutral greiges strike a perfect balance between warm and cool undertones. They provide a harmonious backdrop for any style from traditional to contemporary.

Some stellar neutral Behr greiges include:

  • Cityscape
  • Silver Bullet
  • Classic Gray
  • Griffin

Now that we’ve looked at the variety of undertones within Behr’s greige family, let’s go deeper on the most popular Behr greige of all – Silver Drop.

Behr Silver Drop Greige Paint

Silver Drop is one of Behr’s benchmark greige colors, appearing across multiple product lines. It’s a light, bright neutral that beautifully walks the line between cool and warm undertones.

According to Behr, Silver Drop has both “cooling blue undertones and earthy brown undertones.” Applied to the wall, it takes on something of a chameleon nature – shifting in appearance based on the light and surroundings.

In cooler natural light, the subtle blue undertones come forward, giving Silver Drop a serene, tranquil vibe. As daylight fades and artificial lighting warms up, the greige takes on more creamy beige warmth.

This adaptability makes Silver Drop an extremely versatile shade. It can feel breezy and airy or cozy and welcoming, depending on the space and needs.

Use Cases for Silver Drop

Thanks to its versatility, Silver Drop suits a wide variety of spaces. Here are some top use cases for this popular Behr greige:

  • Living Rooms – Silver Drop creates an attractive, neutral backdrop that allows other furnishings and accent colors to shine.
  • Bedrooms – The greige color provides a relaxing ambiance perfect for sleeping and unwinding.
  • Kitchens and Dining Rooms – Silver Drop has enough depth to stand up to busy kitchens yet still feels sophisticated for dining.
  • Bathrooms – The greige adds softness and style to bathrooms without feeling too precious or high maintenance.
  • Home Offices – Silver Drop provides an uplifting yet focused environment for working from home.

It pairs beautifully with whites and wood tones, as well as pops of color like navy blue, olive green, and terracotta.Overall, Silver Drop offers just enough personality without overpowering other interior elements.

Silver Drop in Different Behr Paint Lines

While the shade remains constant, Silver Drop has slightly different finishes and price points across Behr’s product lines:

Behr Paint Line Finish Price Per Gallon*
Behr Premium Plus Low-luster eggshell enamel $46
Behr Marquee Pearlescent velvety finish $68
Behr Pro Matte finish $72

\*Prices as of February 2023 from

As you can see, Silver Drop is available in the softened matte finish of Behr Pro up to the luxurious pearl sheen of Marquee. Consider which finish will pair best with your room’s particular architecture and lighting when choosing your product line.

Achieving the Perfect Greige

Greige continues to top the neutral paint color charts for its subtle, adaptable elegance. But small variations in undertones can make a big difference in the overall effect.

When working with popular greiges like Behr Silver Drop, be sure to:

  • Take note of your room’s light. Is it primarily cool daylight or warm artificial light? That can help determine whether you want greige to lean more warm or cool.
  • Sample your top greige contender on the actual wall. Colors look different on wall surfaces vs. tiny paint chips.
  • View samples at different times of day. Shift the lighting to see undertone variations.
  • Coordinate with your interior furnishings and materials. You want your greige to enhance your existing decor.

A shade like Silver Drop can take on many different personalities across the greige color spectrum. By paying attention to the unique needs of your space, you’re sure to land on the perfect greige hue.

Start by sampling a few Behr Silver Drops, sit back, and let that versatile greige work its magic!


Greige paint colors like Behr Silver Drop offer the perfect neutral backdrop for any design style. By mixing warm and cool undertones, greiges can shift from airy to cozy and always provide a sophisticated, livable look.

When selecting your greige, pay attention to the specific room light and furnishings to choose a shade that enhances your space. Sample multiple finishes to find just the right depth and sheen.

With the adaptability of greige on your walls, you can refresh your rooms season after season with minimal fuss. So embrace the versatility of greige and welcome this modern neutral into your home!