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What undertone is champagne blonde?

Champagne blonde is a beautiful hair color that flatters many different skin tones. But with so many variations of blonde, it can be tricky to determine if champagne blonde is the right undertone for you. Keep reading to learn all about champagne blonde hair color and what undertone it has!

What is champagne blonde hair?

Champagne blonde is a gorgeous warm blonde hair color. It has a light golden hue that resembles the bubbly color of champagne. This blonde shade is warmer and brighter than platinum or ash blonde colors.

Here are some key features of champagne blonde hair:

  • Very light golden blonde color
  • Warmer than platinum or ash blonde
  • A mix of light golden and pale yellow tones
  • Looks like the sparkling color of champagne
  • Works well on light to medium complexions

Champagne blonde typically has a level 9-10 lightness. But it can be customized to be a little darker or lighter if desired. This versatility makes it work for many different clients!

What undertones are in champagne blonde hair?

Champagne blonde hair contains warm golden undertones. The key undertones that create this gorgeous color include:

  • Warm gold: Gives a bright golden shimmer
  • Honey: Adds a pale golden glow
  • Buttery yellow: Brings light yellow hues

These warm golden undertones are what set champagne blonde apart from cooler platinum and ash blondes. The warm undertones give champagne blonde its bubbly, effervescent look.

How do undertones affect champagne blonde?

Undertones greatly affect how champagne blonde hair color looks. Here’s how the warm golden undertones impact this blonde shade:

  • Makes hair brighter and more vibrant
  • Gives a sparkling, champagne-like sheen
  • Flatters warm and neutral complexions beautifully
  • Can look slightly brassy on cooler skin tones
  • Requires regular toning to reduce brassiness
  • Reflects nicely in sunlight for a glowing effect

Choosing a champagne blonde with the right undertones for your complexion is key to getting a gorgeous result. Read on to learn which undertones work best for different skin tones.

Best undertones for warm skin tones

Those with warm yellow, peachy, golden, or olive skin tones look beautiful with champagne blonde’s warm golden undertones. The matching warmth in skin and hair creates a harmonious, radiant look.

For warm complexions, champagne blonde with strong honey and buttery yellow undertones is ideal. The shared goldenness will make skin absolutely glow. Just avoid going too light, as overly pale champagne blonde can wash out warm skin.

Best undertones for cool skin tones

Champagne blonde can also flatter cooler skin tones, but the undertones need some adjusting. Those with pink, ruddy, or very fair skin look best with champagne blonde containing:

  • Fewer brassy yellow tones
  • Extra pale buttery hues
  • A touch of ash for neutralizing brass
  • Lighter level 10 shade to complement fair skin

This customized champagne blonde has a cooler effect to match the skin. Reduce yellow tones as needed to prevent a jarring mismatch of undertones.

Best undertones for neutral skin tones

Neutral complexions are very versatile when choosing champagne blonde shades! Aim for a balance of warm and cool undertones:

  • Moderate golden and buttery yellow tones
  • Touch of ash for toning down brass
  • Not too light or dark in level

This blend of warm and neutral undertones pairs beautifully with neutral skin. The key is balancing the champagne warmth with a hint of coolness. Adapt the formula until you find the perfect mix of undertones.

How to maintain champagne blonde

Champagne blonde requires some maintenance to keep the undertones looking fresh. Here are some tips:

  • Use purple shampoo 2-3 times a week to reduce brassiness
  • Get toning treatments every 4-6 weeks to neutralize yellow tones
  • Use heat protectant when heat styling to maintain vibrancy
  • Opt for sulfate-free shampoos and masks to keep hair soft and shiny
  • Avoid chlorine and saltwater to prevent discoloration
  • Get trims every 8-10 weeks to keep ends looking healthy

With proper care, champagne blonde hair will maintain its gorgeous warm golden undertones for months!

How to transition to champagne blonde

Want to go from brunette or darker blonde to light champagne blonde? Here are some tips for transitioning:

  • Get balayage or babylights first to gradually lighten hair over several appointments
  • Use Olaplex or bonding treatments to prevent damage when lightening hair
  • Tone hair frequently while lightening to counteract brassiness
  • Avoid over-washing hair during transition period
  • Use hydrating hair masks and leave-in conditioner to boost moisture
  • Trim hair regularly to cut off damaged ends
  • Be patient – it can take months to safely achieve champagne blonde!

Taking things slow is crucial for keeping hair healthy. But the payoff of gorgeous champagne blonde locks is so worth it!

How to customize champagne blonde

Champagne blonde is endlessly customizable to create the perfect shade for your complexion. Here are some easy ways to adapt it:

  • Go warmer or cooler – Add more gold or ash tones
  • Change the lightness – Make it lighter for fair skin or darker for medium skin
  • Add dimension – Weave in balayage or babylights
  • Play with highlights – Frame the face with brighter ribbons
  • Add gloss – Boost shine with glossing treatments

Consult with your colorist to swatch out different formulations. With the right adjustments, champagne blonde can be personalized for your ideal undertones and depth.

FAQs about champagne blonde

Does champagne blonde suit olive skin?

Yes, champagne blonde can look gorgeous on olive skin when customized. Reduce the warmth slightly by adding some ash tones. This creates a harmonious balance with the natural goldenness of olive skin.

Is champagne blonde high maintenance?

Champagne blonde does require more maintenance than darker colors. Plan on toning regularly to reduce brassiness and prevent yellowing. Using products like purple shampoo and heat protectant will also help keep the color vibrant.

Can you have naturally champagne blonde hair?

Natural champagne blonde hair is possible but rare. People of Northern European descent sometimes have a natural vivid golden blonde color resembling champagne tones. But most champagne blondes use hair color to achieve the light, warm golden shade.

Does champagne blonde fade fast?

Yes, champagne blonde tends to fade faster than darker blondes. The lightness causes faster fading, as does sun exposure. Schedule tons of toning and glazing appointments to keep the color crisp and prevent significant fading.

In summary…

Champagne blonde is a gorgeous warm golden blonde shade that flatters many skin tones. The key is customizing the undertones and depth to complement your complexion. When done right, champagne blonde has an effervescent, luminous effect. Just be prepared for more maintenance to keep brassiness at bay. Consult a skilled colorist if you’re considering going champagne blonde!