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What type of cat is the prettiest?

What type of cat is the prettiest?

When it comes to picking the prettiest cat breed, there are many factors to consider. Each cat has its own unique look, personality, and characteristics that make it beautiful in its own way. However, when looking at certain physical traits and attributes, some cat breeds stand out as particularly eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing. In this article, we will explore some of the most beautiful cat breeds and what makes them so pretty.

Persian Cat

One of the most popular cat breeds, the Persian cat is well known for its lush, long fur coat and distinctly sweet facial features. The Persian has a rounded head, full cheeks, large round eyes, a short snub nose, and small ears. This gives the Persian a soft, gentle, almost doll-like appearance that many find quite attractive.

Persians come in a wide array of coat colors and patterns including solid, tabby, bi-color and calico. Their long, silky fur requires regular grooming to prevent matting and tangling. When properly cared for, a Persian’s coat flows beautifully, accentuating their graceful form.

In terms of personality, Persians tend to be quiet, calm and sweet-natured cats that enjoy being pampered. Their beautiful looks combined with their easy-going personality make Persians a top choice for many cat lovers.

Maine Coon

As one of the largest domesticated cat breeds, the Maine Coon is a ruggedly handsome feline. Known for its large size, rectangular body shape, and lush, shaggy coat, the Maine Coon has an eye-catching wild appearance.

Maine Coons have medium-long fur with a silky, smooth top coat and soft, downy undercoat. This gives their coat a beautiful, voluminous look. Maine Coons come in nearly every color and pattern imaginable from solid to tabby to calico. Many Maine Coons have bold, contrasting body and chest colors with captivating coat patterns. Their large, alert ears topped with tufts of fur and long, plush tails add to their unique beauty.

While their size and wild looks give them a somewhat rugged persona, Maine Coons have gentle dispositions. They are intelligent, playful cats that get along well with children and other pets when properly socialized.


Known for their docile, puppy-like personalities, Ragdoll cats have a distinctly sweet and serene appearance that adds to their beauty. Ragdolls have semi-long, soft, silky fur that comes in a variety of pointed patterns with lighter bodies and darker extremities. Their coats lie flat against the body and lack an undercoat, giving Ragdolls a smooth, elegant look.

Ragdolls have broad, modified wedge-shaped heads featuring flat planes and oval blue eyes. Their eyes are large, vivid, and expressive which adds to their attractiveness. The Ragdoll has a medium-sized frame with a proportionate, graceful shape. Even as fully grown adults, Ragdolls maintain a soft, youthful look thanks to their gentle facial features and lack of coarse or standoffish fur. Their beauty is well matched by their affectionate, mellow temperament.

Russian Blue

With their sleek, silvery-blue coats, emerald green eyes, and elegant physique, Russian Blue cats are highly prized for their beauty. Their short, plush double coat has a shimmery, luminous sheen that attracts admiration. This is due to each hair having a silver-tipped blue base, creating an overall glittery effect.

Russian Blues have long, slender, yet muscular bodies giving them a graceful, refined shape. Their head is long and wedge-shaped with tall, large ears. Their bright green eyes provide a stunning pop of color against their blue-grey fur. Russians are also valued for their quiet, polite demeanors that match their sophisticated appearance. Overall, everything about the Russian Blue, from their looks to personality, is classy and stylish.


The Toyger is a designer cat breed created to emulate the exotic beauty of tigers and leopards in a domestic house cat. With their vivid stripes and bold coloring, Toygers have an wild, yet sophisticated appearance that turns heads.

Toygers have plush, thick fur with orange, charcoal, and white color tones mimicking real tiger patterns. No two Toygers have exactly the same stripes giving each a unique, artful look. Their muscular bodies combined with their dramatic stripes and ostentatious coloring give Toygers an air of confident power and elegance. Yet despite their fierce facade, Toygers have playful, friendly personalities. For those seeking the beauty of a miniature tiger without the wildness, the Toyger is an optimal choice.

Breed Physical Traits Personality
Persian Long, lush fur, sweet facial features Calm, quiet, sweet-natured
Maine Coon Large, rugged, shaggy coat Gentle, intelligent, playful
Ragdoll Silky fur, soft, youthful features Docile, affectionate, mellow
Russian Blue Sleek, glittery blue coat, green eyes Quiet, polite, sophisticated
Toyger Vivid striped fur, exotic wild look Playful, friendly


The Abyssinian is a beautifully elegant cat renowned for its distinctly ticked coat. Each hair has alternating light and dark banding, giving the coat an eye-catching, patterned appearance. While most breed coats are solid or spotted, this unique ticking sets Abyssinians apart.

Abyssinians have lightly built, slender bodies and long, tapered tails giving them a graceful shape. Their legs are long with small, oval feet. When in motion, the Abyssinian moves with agility and poise. Its head is shaped like a modified, upside-down triangle with large almond eyes and alert, prominent ears. With its angular lines and lithe physique, the Abyssinian has an artistic, sculptural look.

Beyond aesthetics, the active, inquisitive Abyssinian has a bright, playful personality making it both a beautiful and delightful breed.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Hailing from the forests of Norway, the Norwegian Forest Cat is a striking breed with a coat uniquely suited to cold weather. Their semi-long fur has a dense, water-resistant undercoat topped by a glossy overcoat. This creates a vibrant, rich texture and gives the coat loft and protection against the elements.

Norwegian Forest Cats have square, muscular bodies and long legs suited for climbing and hunting. Tufts of fur adorn their ears and toes. The most common coat colors are white, grey, ginger, and skogkatt which is a brown tabby pattern. Their lush fur coat, robust build, and plumed tail and ears give Forest cats a rugged yet beautiful look. Their social, gentle temperaments contradict their powerful exterior.


Recognizable for their distinctive colorpoints and striking blue eyes, Siamese cats have a range of features that make them appealing to many cat enthusiasts.

Siamese cats have sleek, supple bodies with long, tubular shapes and lengthy, tapering tails. Their colorful bodies provide an eye-catching contrast against their darker points which appear on the face, ears, paws and tail. Hallmark baby-blue eyes give Siamese cats an especially dazzling look. Due to their heat-sensitive fur, even the patterns on pointed Siamese are variable and visually interesting.

Beyond their obvious good looks, Siamese cats have outgoing, talkative and social personalities adding to their popularity as a breed. Their vocal nature, affection and intelligence make them highly engaging and entertaining companions.


Bengal cats are sought after for their lustrous, vividly spotted and striped coats reminiscent of Asian leopards and other wild felines. Bengals have sleek, muscular bodies, with slightly longer hind legs, giving them a powerful stance. Along with their panther-like markings, Bengals possess captivating aqua, green and gold eyes that glow like jewels against their dark fur. Their thick, soft coats come in colors like brown, silver and snow with bold leopard patterns throughout.

While their wild appearance catches the eye, Bengals also impress with their energetic, lively personalities. They are adventurous, affectionate, and highly intelligent. Fetching toys and performing athletic feats are favorite pastimes. For those desiring the stunning looks of exotic felines with domestic livability, Bengals are a spectacular choice.


At first glance the Sphynx may not seem beautiful due to its lack of fur, but this breed has many unique features that give it a special appeal. Sphynx cats have lean, angular bodies that reveal their graceful bone structure. Without fur in the way, their prominent cheekbones, whisker pads and ears stand out. Their disproportionately large ears and lemon-shaped eyes are striking and expressive.

While hairless, the Sphynx is not entirely bare and has a light layer of fuzz over parts of its body often referred to as a “peach fuzz”. This gives its skin a soft, suede-like texture. Sphynx cats come in a range of colors and patterns from solid white to calico. Without fur, the colors are vividly displayed on their skin. They even offer cat lovers with allergies an opportunity to enjoy feline companionship. Beneath their naked exterior, Sphynx cats have charming, clownish, affectionate personalities making them more than just beautiful on the outside.


When evaluating which cat breed is the prettiest, there are many stand outs for their gorgeous coats, dazzling eyes, graceful builds, and striking colors and patterns. Breeds like the Persian, Maine Coon, Ragdoll, Russian Blue, and Siamese consistently rank as top contenders for their physical beauty. Others like the Toyger and Bengal win admiration for their exotic, wild markings. However, beauty is about more than just physical traits. The most stunning cat breeds also have appealing personas to match their handsome looks. In the end, a cat’s inner and outer beauty is what makes it truly lovely.