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What to wear with orange and blue?

What to wear with orange and blue?

Orange and blue are vibrant, complementary colors that look fresh and exciting together. Determining what to wear with these lively hues can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. With some key tips on styling orange and blue clothing and accessories, you can create fashionable outfits with visual appeal.

Factors to Consider When Styling Orange and Blue

When assembling an orange and blue outfit, keep these factors in mind:

Color Combinations

– True orange and true blue – These pure hues offer maximum contrast.

– Bright orange and navy blue – Creates a nautical vibe.

– Burnt orange and royal blue – Muted tones provide a softer look.

– Orange and light blue – Pastel pairing for a delicate, springtime feel.

Color Placement

– Orange top, blue bottom or vice versa – Classic colorblocking.

– Blue outerwear over orange dress – Lets both colors stand out.

– Orange shoes with blue dress – Pops of color draw the eye.

– Alternating orange and blue accessories – Adds visual interest.

Style Balance

– Pair bold orange statement piece with subdued blue items.

– Combine muted blue staples with bright orange accent details.

– Mix orange and blue prints in similar color saturations.

– Incorporate one vibrant color and one neutral alongside orange and blue.

Personal Factors

– Skin tone – Warm orange complements peachier complexions, while cool blue suits fairer skin.

– Hair color – Orange flatters brunettes, while blue enhances blondes.

– Eye color – Blue eyes really “pop” against orange. Brown eyes look livelier with blue.

– Personal style – Tailor orange/blue combos to your individual taste.

Tops to Wear With Orange and Blue

The key tops to pair with orange and blue bottoms include:

Orange Tops

– Orange button-down shirt with blue jeans or trousers

– Orange blouse with blue skirt

– Orange polo shirt with blue shorts

– Orange T-shirt with blue capris

– Orange tank top with blue leggings

Blue Tops

– Blue blouse with orange skirt

– Blue button-down with orange slacks

– Blue polo with orange shorts

– Blue T-shirt with orange jeans

– Blue tank with orange leggings

Patterned and Printed Tops

– Graphic tee with orange and blue

– Striped sailor top in orange and blue

– Floral blouse mixing orange and blue blooms

– Paisley print shirt with orange and blue swirls

– Plaid button-down with orange and blue checks

Bottoms to Pair With Orange and Blue Tops

These bottoms complement orange and blue tops:

Orange Bottoms

– Orange pants with blue blouse

– Orange pencil skirt with blue button-down

– Orange shorts with blue polo

– Orange jeans with blue tee

– Orange leggings with blue tank

Blue Bottoms

– Blue jeans with orange tee

– Blue trousers with orange blouse

– Blue pencil skirt with orange top

– Blue shorts with orange polo

– Blue leggings with orange tank

Patterned Bottoms

– Blue and orange striped skirt

– Blue and orange floral pants

– Blue and orange plaid shorts

– Blue and orange graphic print leggings

– Blue and orange paisley jeans

Dresses and Rompers

Orange and blue dresses and rompers make bold style statements:

Orange Dresses

– Orange fit and flare with blue jacket

– Orange maxi dress with blue heels

– Orange bodycon with blue clutch

– Orange shirtdress with blue sandals

– Orange sundress with blue sunhat

Blue Dresses

– Blue wrap dress with orange belt

– Blue sheath with orange shoes

– Blue maxi with orange jewelry

– Blue fit and flare with orange bag

– Blue sundress with orange sandals

Orange and Blue Prints

– Paisley print dress mixing orange and blue

– Graphic print romper with orange and blue

– Blue and orange floral sundress

– Striped shirtdress in orange and blue

– Plaid bodycon blending orange and blue

Shoes and Accessories

Bring orange and blue together in one outfit through vibrant shoes and accessories:

Orange Shoes and Bags

– Orange heels with a blue dress

– Orange sandals with blue shorts

– Orange sneakers with blue jeans

– Orange crossbody bag with blue top

– Orange tote bag with blue trousers

Blue Shoes and Bags

– Blue heels with an orange skirt

– Blue flats with an orange blouse

– Blue crossbody with orange jeans

– Blue backpack with orange tee

– Blue clutch with orange gown

Patterned Shoes and Bags

– Blue and orange floral purse

– Plaid handbag mixing orange and blue

– Paisley print ballet flats in orange and blue

– Striped canvas sneakers with orange and blue

– Graphic print sandals blending orange and blue

Orange and Blue Jewelry

– Orange beaded necklace with blue dress

– Blue pendant necklace with orange top

– Orange cocktail ring with blue outfit

– Blue statement earrings with orange blouse

– Mixed orange and blue bangle bracelets


Incorporate orange and blue into fall and winter looks through coats and jackets:

Orange Outerwear

– Orange peacoat with blue jeans and sweater

– Orange trench coat with blue dress and tights

– Orange puffer vest with blue leggings and boots

– Orange leather moto jacket with blue top and skirt

– Orange parka with blue pants and beanie

Blue Outerwear

– Blue wool coat with orange turtleneck and skirt

– Blue denim jacket with orange tee and jeans

– Blue trench with orange blouse and trousers

– Blue puffer vest over orange dress and leggings

– Blue parka with orange sweater and pants

Patterned Outerwear

– Blue and orange buffalo plaid peacoat

– Southwestern print puffer with orange and blue

– Blue and orange abstract trench coat

– Graphic bomber with orange and blue accents

– Paisley denim jacket in orange and blue

Orange and Blue Color Schemes for Different Occasions

Tailor your orange and blue outfits to various events:

Casual Wear

– Orange hoodie, blue jeans, and sneakers

– Blue tee, orange shorts, and sandals

– Orange tank, blue leggings, and jacket

– Blue button-down, orange chinos, and loafers


– Orange blazer, blue blouse, and trousers

– Blue dress, orange cardigan, and heels

– Orange pencil skirt, blue collared top, and flats

– Blue suit, orange tie, and oxfords

Cocktail Attire

– Blue cocktail dress with orange heels and clutch

– Orange jumpsuit with blue blazer and jewels

– Blue suit with orange blouse and accessories

– Orange gown with blue shawl and pumps

Athleisure Looks

– Blue tank, orange sports bra, and sneakers

– Orange leggings, blue tee, and crossbody bag

– Blue hoodie, orange joggers, and trainers

– Orange sports bra, blue bike shorts, and cap

Summer Styles

– Orange maxi dress, blue sunhat, and sandals

– Blue swim trunks with orange tropical shirt

– Orange romper with blue kimono and slides

– Blue swim top, orange shorts, and sunnies

Tips for Styling Orange and Blue

Use these handy tips when putting together orange and blue ensembles:

– Add neutrals like white, tan, gray, or black to balance the bold colors.

– Mix complementary textures like airy chiffon orange with crisp denim blue.

– Anchor an orange/blue outfit with neutral shoes like white sneakers.

– Accessorize with neutral metallics and earth tones for an earthy vibe.

– Combine the colors in alternating separates rather than clashing prints.

– Add orange and blue subtly through hair ribbons, shoelaces, or beauty accents.

– Make orange and blue the stars by keeping the rest of the look neutral.

– Use white to transition between the two colors.

– Echo small bits of orange and blue throughout for a cohesive look.

– Limit additional colors to avoid overwhelming the eye.


Orange and blue are an eye-catching color combination that allow for many stylish outfit possibilities. By balancing the tones through strategic color placement, complementary silhouettes, and accessorizing with neutrals, you can pull off this vibrant duo with panache. The key is using orange and blue thoughtfully so they enhance rather than compete with each other in an outfit. With so many options from sportswear to formal wear in dizzying array of orange and blue hues, you can always find a way to fashionably wear these vibrant tones together.