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What to wear orange with men?

What to wear orange with men?

Orange is a bold, vibrant color that can make a statement in any man’s wardrobe. While some men may be hesitant to incorporate orange into their outfits, it can actually be quite versatile if worn correctly. The key is finding the right shades and tones of orange that complement your skin tone, as well as pairing it with colors and fabrics that enhance the orange rather than clash with it. With the right combinations, orange can be classy, stylish and eye-catching.

Best shades of orange for men

Not all shades of orange are created equal when it comes to fashion. Some versions of orange work better than others for men’s clothing and accessories. Here are some of the most flattering shades of orange for men to wear:

  • Burnt orange – A deeper, rustic shade that has a sophisticated look.
  • Pumpkin – A rich, warm tone that works well in fall.
  • Coral – A vibrant reddish-orange that pops.
  • Terracotta – An earthy, muted orange that is subtle.
  • Peach – A soft orange with a floral vibe.
  • Salmon – A pinkish orange that complements warm skin tones.

Darker, muted and dusty shades of orange tend to be the most versatile and fashionable for men. Bright neon or very light oranges can look harsh or overwhelming. Stick to orange tones that feel more like a neutral but still make a statement.

What skin tones look best with orange?

Orange is one of those colors that looks its best when it complements your natural skin tone. Here are some tips on which skin tones orange pairs well with:

  • Warm skin tones – Those with yellow, peach or golden undertones in their skin can pull off any shade of orange beautifully. The warmth of the skin enhances the orange.
  • Olive skin tones – From burnt orange to peach, these earthy orange shades make olive complexions glow.
  • Darker skin tones – Vibrant corals and tomato-inspired oranges pop against darker skin.
  • Cool skin tones – Go for softer oranges like peach, salmon or creamsicle shades to balance cool pink and red undertones.

In general, those with warm undertones to their skin look best in orange. But orange can work for anyone with the right hue. Stay away from matching a bright orange that clashes with your skin’s coloring.

Outfits to pair with orange

Once you’ve picked the right shade of orange for your skin tone, it’s time to build an outfit around it. Here are some of the best clothing colors and styles to pair with orange:

  • Navy – A nautical orange and navy outfit is a foolproof combination. Try an orange shirt under a navy blazer.
  • Gray – From light gray to charcoal, gray nicely balances out any shade of orange.
  • White – Crisp white paired with orange evokes a summery vibe. A white button-down with an orange knit tie can look sharp.
  • Light blue – Soft oranges complement pastel and sky blues for a springtime feel.
  • Brown – Earth tones like chocolate, beige and tan are made brighter when paired with orange.

In terms of styles, orange looks great with basics like t-shirts, button-downs, polos, shorts, jeans, trousers and jackets in complementary colors. An orange dress shirt worn with a navy suit is one go-to combination for looking stylish. For casual wear, orange graphic t-shirts, hoodies and accessories like hats, sneakers and sunglasses make an outfit pop.

How to wear orange without looking weird

When wearing orange, you want to command attention in a stylish way – not look tacky or clownish. Here are some tips for wearing orange fashionably:

  • Stick to one bright orange piece at a time. For example, pair orange pants with a neutral shirt.
  • Mute the orange with other fall tones like olive green, brown, tan or gray.
  • Make orange an accent rather than the star of the outfit – an orange tie, pocket square or belt buckle adds a touch of color.
  • Layer orange under neutrals like a jacket or cardigan to tone it down.
  • Break up orange with patterns like stripes, dots or plaids.

In terms of fit, orange should follow the same rules as any other color. Make sure clothes fit properly and don’t go too bright or saturated. Premium fabrics like linen, chambray and oxford cloth can also make orange feel more sophisticated.

Best orange accessories for men

Accessories are a great way to subtly incorporate orange into a menswear wardrobe. Here are some of the top orange accessory options:

  • Ties – An orange necktie instantly ramps up a dress shirt and suit. Go for knit, wool or cotton ties in burnt orange tones.
  • Pocket squares – An orange pocket square peeking out of a blazer or suit jacket adds flair.
  • Socks – Bold socks in orange are an easy way to show some personality.
  • Belts – Leather belts in orange shades look sharp with jeans, chinos and dress pants.
  • Hats – From baseball caps to fedoras, orange hats make a statement.
  • Sunglasses – Orange frame sunglasses add some excitement to any summer outfit.

When accessorizing with orange, stick to one or two orange pieces max. Otherwise it can look costumed. But used sparingly, orange accessories give outfits a punch of color.

How to wear orange to different occasions

Orange may seem hard to pull off, but it actually works for many occasions. Here are some tips for wearing orange appropriately:

  • Casualwear – Orange t-shirts, polos, shorts, sneakers and baseball caps work for casual summer hangouts.
  • Festivals – Bolder orange clothing and accessories fit right in at outdoor music festivals.
  • The office – Muted oranges like peach, salmon or rust-colored shirts and ties look professional.
  • Cocktail parties – An orange shirt under a sport coat or blazer makes a stylish statement.
  • Formalwear – Stick to orange accents only like ties or pocket squares for formal occasions.
  • Vacation – Bright orange shirts, swim trunks and hats embrace the vacation vibe.

In general, the dressier the occasion, the more you’ll want to tone down the orange. But you can also use it as an opportunity for a fashionable risk at cocktail attire events. Just avoid wearing head-to-toe orange unless you’re at a sports game or festival.

Popular brands with orange menswear

Many major fashion brands now offer great selections of menswear in different shades of orange. Here are some of the top retailers to browse orange clothing and accessories:

Brand Store Orange Items
Bonobos Online Shirts, pants, suits
J.Crew Online and retail stores Casual button-downs, sweaters, t-shirts
Banana Republic Online and retail stores Dress shirts, pants, accessories
Topman Online and select stores Shirts, suits, accessories
H&M Online and retail stores Affordable casualwear

Many menswear brands now offer expanded color selections, including a variety of oranges in their collections. Browse these go-to retailers online or in stores to find orange clothing and accessories to build stylish outfits.

How to care for orange clothes

Orange tends to fade faster than darker clothing when cared for improperly. Here are some tips to keep orange looking vibrant:

  • Check clothing tags – Many brands advise against using chlorine bleach on orange fabrics as it can cause fading. Oxygen bleach is safer when needed.
  • Wash in cold water – Hot water can cause orange clothes to bleed and fade more quickly. Stick to cool and cold temperature washes.
  • Air dry when possible – Tumble drying can accelerate fading in orange fabrics. Letting items air dry reduces heat damage.
  • Wash orange fabrics separately – Orange can bleed onto other clothing in the wash, discoloring lighter items.

With some extra care taken when laundering, orange clothes can maintain their bold color and last for multiple wears. It’s also a good idea to re-wash new orange items alone once before mixing them with the rest of the laundry, since excess dye tends to run the most on first washes.


Orange may seem like a daring color choice, but it can be quite versatile when worn intentionally. The key is choosing an orange tone that complements your skin tone and pairing it with colors like navy, gray and brown that enhance its vibrancy. Own the orange look confidently by keeping the rest of the outfit neutral and letting orange be the statement. With the right combinations, orange can give any man’s wardrobe a stylish edge.