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What to decorate a girls bedroom with?

What to decorate a girls bedroom with?

Decorating a girl’s bedroom can be an exciting opportunity to create a space that reflects her personality and interests. The decor choices will likely evolve as she grows up, so focusing on a few key elements that can be easily changed is a good approach. When planning a girl’s bedroom decor, consider her age, favorite colors, hobbies, themes she loves, and how to make the space functional yet fun. With so many options for wall colors, bedding, furniture, lighting, accessories and more, you’re sure to find pieces she’ll absolutely adore.

Wall Color

One of the biggest impact choices will be the wall color. Go bold with bright pinks, purples or other vibrant hues or choose softer neutrals as the backdrop. Here are some popular wall color ideas for a girl’s bedroom:

Wall Color Description
Pink A pink palette with shades like blush, rose, fuschia or carnation pink creates a feminine, playful look.
Purple Rich jewel tones like amethyst, lilac or lavender provide a regal, elegant feel.
Turquoise From light seafoam greens to deeper aquas, these blues lend a relaxing coastal vibe.
Gray Pretty grays like silver, charcoal or taupe offer a soothing, neutral backdrop.
White Crisp white walls provide lots of brightness and keep the focus on accent colors.

The wall color will set the tone for the rest of the room, so consider her favorite hues and the mood you want to create. Neutrals open up lots of options for changing out bedding and accessories down the road.


One of the most fun parts of decorating a girl’s bedroom is choosing gorgeous, colorful bedding prints and patterns she’ll love to curl up in at night. For a stylish, pulled together look, select bedding that coordinates with the wall color. Here are some cute bedding ideas for a girl’s room:

Bedding Style Description
Floral Feminine floral quilts or duvet covers with roses, daisies or other blooms look charming.
Polka dots Playful polka dots in her favorite colors create a whimsical style.
Plaids Crisp plaid bedding with complimentary stripe pillows gives a preppy vibe.
Solids Solid quilts in bright, punchy colors provide a bold, vibrant look.
Patterns From chevron to damask prints, choose patterns that coordinate with wall colors.

Finish off the bed with piles of shams, throw pillows and cushy bedrest pillows for lounging. Add in a comfy blanket at the foot for extra coziness.


Scale back furniture pieces to allow for plenty of play space. Key staples to include are:

Furniture Description
Twin bed or bunk beds Start with twin sized bed frames and mattresses, upgrading later to larger sizes.
Dresser Opt for a short dresser that can double as a play surface.
Nightstand A nightstand provides space for a lamp and bedtime necessities.
Desk Add a desk and chair for doing homework.
Storage Incorporate bookshelves, cubbies or chests to hide clutter.

Choose furniture in complementary colors and styles. Simple silhouettes help the space feel airy and open.


Proper lighting is key for visibility and setting the right ambiance in a girl’s bedroom. Use a mix of lighting sources:

Lighting Description
Overhead An overhead ceiling fixture provides general illumination.
Table lamps Stylish lamps on nightstands are key for reading before bed.
Floor lamp A floor lamp in a corner warms up the space.
String lights Twinkly string lights supply a whimsical accent.

Dimmers allow overhead lights to be adjusted from bright for cleaning to lower settings for movie nights.


The right accessories will give her room personality and style. Incorporate:

Accessories Description
Artwork Hang up colorful art prints, wall decals or paintings she’ll love.
Throw pillows Toss in a mountain of fun, patterned pillows.
Rugs Layer area rugs to soften the floors and tie the space together.
Photos Display cherished photos on the walls or dresser.
Mirrors Full length and decorative mirrors brighten up the room.
Plants Add greenery with low maintenance plants or succulents.

Group collections like framed photos or artwork above dressers for impact. Try using decorative hooks or floating wall shelves to display mementos.

Themes and Motifs

Incorporate motifs and themes she adores into the bedroom decor. Think favorite colors, animals, hobbies, books, movies and more.

Theme Description
Unicorns Unicorn lovers will dream in a room with magical colors, paintings, bedding and plushies.
Space Create a starry night sky with glow-in-the-dark decals and galaxy bedding.
Ballet Tutus, dance photos and ballerina silhouettes decorate the mini dancer’s room.
Ocean Bring in the beachy vibes with soft sand and aqua colors, wave prints and nautical accents.
Animals Showcase favorite animals, like lions, horses or owls on bedding, prints, shelves and lamps.

Incorporate special colors and motifs throughout bedding, furniture, lighting, carpets, artwork and accessories for a cohesive look.

Tween and Teen Bedrooms

For middle and high school age girls, help them create a space that suits their changing style and interests with these tips:

– Paint walls a neutral hue like grey, beige or blue for an airy backdrop.
– Add a seating corner with comfy bean bag chairs for lounging with friends.
– Incorporate desk lighting and storage to help stay organized for schoolwork.
– Display favorite photos, posters and artwork for personalization.
– Add a full length mirror and storage for jewelry, accessories and makeup.
– String lights, lamps and velvet pillows create a cozy escape.
– Floral bedding, fur rugs, throws and curtains add texture.
– Paint or stencil patterns onto furniture like dressers for a custom look.

Provide places to study, relax with friends and display all their favorite things as their style evolves.

Budget Decor Tips

Decorating a girl’s bedroom doesn’t have to blow your budget. Use these tips to save:

– Check secondhand stores for furniture finds to paint or update.
– Use removable wallpaper or decals instead of painting.
– Scan online sites like Facebook marketplace for free or cheap hand-me-downs.
– Mix in affordable accents like polka dot sheets and fun throw pillows.
– Display your own artwork, prints or photos in frames.
– Upcycle old pieces with chalk paint for a custom look.
– Buy secondhand rugs at thrift stores.
– Use area rugs to make old carpet look fresh.

With smart shopping and DIY projects, you can design a stylish space on a budget. The most meaningful decor will come from personalizing with photos, artwork and accessories.


Decorating a girl’s bedroom is an exciting chance to create a space that showcases her personality. First, select wall colors to set the palette, then layer in bedding, furniture, lighting and accessories she’ll adore. Incorporate favorite themes and motifs meaningful to her interests and hobbies. Change up key elements as her style evolves through the tween and teen years. With the right personal touches, you can design a bedroom she’ll absolutely cherish.