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What skin tone do strawberry blondes have?

Strawberry blonde hair is a rare and beautiful hair color that combines the warm tones of red hair with the lighter hues of blonde hair. While the name implies a connection to strawberries, the color is not a vivid red but rather a blend of blonde and red that results in golden and coppery tones. Determining the skin tone that best complements strawberry blonde hair can help those with this hair color make the most of their natural beauty. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at strawberry blonde hair, the range of skin tones associated with it, and tips for identifying and enhancing your best look.

The Origins and Characteristics of Strawberry Blonde Hair

Strawberry blonde hair occurs naturally in 1-2% of the population and is often seen as a variation of red hair. Like red hair, it stems from a genetic mutation that results in higher levels of the reddish pigment pheomelanin. While red hair contains mostly pheomelanin and little of the darker pigment eumelanin, strawberry blonde hair has a more even mix of both. This gives it a softer, golden appearance compared to the vibrant copper of red hair.

The exact ratio of pheomelanin to eumelanin determines the shade of strawberry blonde. It can range from dark golden red to light creamyy blonde. Most strawberry blondes will have a mix of hairs in different warm shades, which adds dimension and vibrancy to the overall color. When sunlight hits, hints of red and gold are emphasized.

Here are some key characteristics of this eye-catching hair color:

– Golden, coppery, and reddish tones blended together
– Glimmers of red highlighted by the sun
– A soft, warm color palette
– Dimension created by multiple shades
– Rare natural hair color seen in 1-2% of the population

Strawberry blonde is also sometimes referred to as Venetian blonde, Kiss Me Kate blonde, or blonde Venus hair. Ultimately, it is a unique blend of blonde and red that stands out from other hair colors.

The Skin Tones That Complement Strawberry Blonde Hair

When considering the best skin tone for strawberry blonde hair, warm and peachy undertones are key. The golden notes in this hair color will clash and overpower skin that is too cool, pale, or olive-toned. Instead, skin in the light to medium range with a golden, yellow, or ruddy base will allow strawberry blonde hair to shine.

Some examples of flattering skin tones for strawberry blondes include:

Fair or Light with Warm Undertones

Those with fair or light skin will want to assess their veins and opt for warm peach and yellow based complexions over cool pink or blue ones. Fair skin with warm golden undertones or a pale complexion with a distinctly reddish cast is ideal. Light warm skin allows strawberry blonde hair to stand out.

Light/Medium Tan or Olive Skin with Warm Overtones

Medium tan skin with golden or bronze hues is lovely with strawberry blonde hair as it provides enough contrast. Olive skin that leans warm andreddish rather than cool and greenish also pairs well. The aim is for skin with warm reddish, peach, or yellow hints.

Medium to Medium Tan Skin with Yellow/Peach Undertones

Those with a medium or medium tan skin tone have more flexibility but should still opt for complexions with a yellow, golden, orpeachy base. Avoid skin tones that have obvious pink or ruddy undertones. A neutral to warm medium tone provides a harmonious balance with strawberry blonde hair.

To sum up, strawberry blonde hair looks best with fair to medium skin in the warm color spectrum. Those with very pale or dark skin may find the color overwhelming or clashing. Concentrate on skin with warm undertones and overtones to allow the golden reddish tones of the hair to take center stage.

Makeup Tips for Enhancing Strawberry Blonde Hair

Skillfully applied makeup can maximize the beauty of strawberry blonde hair. Here are some makeup suggestions:


– Use a warm yellow, peach, or golden foundation or tinted moisturizer to complement your skin’s undertones.
– Look for base products labeled warm, yellow, peach, or golden.
– Avoid cool pink or neutral bases.


– Opt for a peach-toned concealer to balance out under eye circles and brighten the complexion.


– Warm blush shades like peach, coral, bronze, and soft pink will give cheeks a natural glow.
– Matte blushes in reddish or burnt orange tones also work well.
– Avoid bright pinks.


– Coppery, champagne, bronze, and warm brown eyeshadows accentuate green, brown, and hazel eyes.
– Gold and peach metallics also complement strawberry blonde locks.
– For a bolder look, try rich purples, plums, and reddish browns.

Eyeliner and Mascara

– Brown or bronze eyeliner is more harmonious than black.
– If using black liner, choose a reddish-brown mascara.
– Try auburn, chestnut, or ginger-colored mascara for a natural yet defined look.


– Warm nude, peach, coral, and pinky-brown lipstick shades work best.
– Opt for creamy finishes over cool-toned matte lips.
– Lip glosses in gold, peach, and pinkish tones add luster.

By sticking to a palette of warm, golden makeup shades, you can highlight the red-gold glow of strawberry blonde hair. Avoid makeup with blue or pink undertones. The goal is to enhance your natural coloring.

Clothing Color Pairings for Strawberry Blondes

Certain clothing colors will flatter strawberry blonde hair while others can make skin and hair appear washed out or overly ruddy. Here are some foolproof wardrobe choices:


– Rich camel, tan, chocolaty brown, warm grey, and off-white.
– Avoid cool greys.


– Teal, cobalt, emerald, and sapphire blue in jewel tones.
– Navy blue.


– Deep forest, olive, emerald, and jade greens.


– Royal purple, eggplant, lilac.

Oranges and Yellows

– Burnt orange, coral, peach, mustard, lemon, and gold.


– Gold, copper, bronze.

Patterns and Prints

– Animal prints, plaid, ethnic prints in warm color schemes.

Stay away from pastels, rose pinks, ruby reds, and neon colors. By dressing in colors that enhance your warmth, you can perfectly complement your rare strawberry blonde hair.

The Skin Tone Scale for Strawberry Blondes

This skin tone scale provides a helpful guide to find where your complexion falls and what colors suit you best with strawberry blonde hair.

Skin Tone Key Descriptors Best Colors Worst Colors
Fair/Pale Warm Peachy, yellow, golden Warm pastels, camel, blush True red, black
Fair Neutral Pinkish beige, rarely burns Camel, grey, navy Neon, true red
Light Warm Peachy pink, easily tans Coral, peach, mocha Primary colors
Light/Medium Warm Golden beige, reddish undertones Olive, lemon, mint Ruby red, hot pink
Medium Warm Toasted almond, yellowish Emerald, teal, plum Pure white, black
Medium/Tan Warm Neutral to yellow undertones Royal blue, burnt orange Pastels, brights
Tan/Olive Warm Peachy golden, yellowish olive Purple, green, blue Neons, light pink

As shown in the table, strawberry blonde hair pairs best with skin tones that lean warm and golden. The fairest and darkest skin tones can pose challenges but with the right colors, you can make it work! Focus on bringing out warmth while avoiding overly contrasting pairings.

Finding Your Best Strawberry Blonde Look

Determining your most flattering hair, makeup, and wardrobe to enhance strawberry blonde locks comes down to identifying warmth. Here are some final tips:

– Take your veins: Are they blue (cool) or green/olive (warm)? Warm vein tones point to warm skin.

– Notice undertones: Does your skin have yellow, peach, or golden hints? Or does it run neutral to pink? Warm undertones are ideal.

– Tan test: Does your skin tan to a golden brown? Do you burn easily? If you tan well, you likely have a warm undertone.

– Silver vs. gold: Does silver or white gold jewelry look better on you? If gold complements you, you have warm tones.

– Color drapes: Drape various colored fabrics near your face and view in natural light. Warm colors like peach, olive, and terracotta are telling.

– Consult a professional: A color analysis specialist can identify your undertones and create a custom color palette.

Finding colors that enhance your natural strawberry blonde beauty is well worth the effort. A few simple tricks make it easy to determine your skin tones and customize your look. Embrace the warmth within you and let your rare, captivating hair color shine.


Strawberry blonde hair is a stunning yet rare color that combines golden blonde with soft red tones. Determining your skin’s undertones is key to finding the most flattering shades. Warm complexions in the fair to medium range with peachy, yellow, or golden hues bring out the vibrancy of this hair color best. Avoid competing cool tones. With the right hair, makeup and clothing colors tailored to your specific skin tone, those with strawberry blonde tresses can take full advantage of this stand-out genetic anomaly and highlight their unique beauty.