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What size eggs do brahmas lay?

When it comes to chicken breeds known for laying large eggs, Brahmas are often near the top of the list. Their eggs are not only big, but Brahmas are also exceptional layers of generous amounts of brown eggs. If you’re considering adding Brahmas to your flock for their egg production, you’re probably wondering – just how big are Brahma eggs? Read on for a complete guide to Brahmas egg sizes, production, and more.

Brahmas are one of the largest chicken breeds, with hens weighing up to 10 pounds and roosters up to 12 pounds. They originated in the 1850s from large fowls imported from China via the Brahmaputra River region, hence their name. Brahmas were first recognized by the American Poultry Association in 1924 and come in three color varieties: Light, Dark, and Buff.

These big, fluffy birds are known for being calm, friendly pets as well as prolific egg layers. Brahmas lay a decent number of very large brown eggs on average 3-4 eggs per week. But just how big are Brahma eggs compared to other chicken breeds?

Brahma Egg Size Comparison

To understand how truly large Brahmas eggs are, it helps to compare their egg size to other common backyard chicken breeds:

Breed Average Egg Size
Leghorn Large
Australorp Large to Extra Large
Orpington Large to Extra Large
Plymouth Rock Large to Extra Large
Brahma Extra Large to Jumbo

As you can see, Brahmas lay eggs that are significantly larger than most common breeds. While a Leghorn or Australorp may lay a large egg around 2.5-2.75 ounces, a Brahma egg can weigh 3 ounces or more.

Average Brahmas Egg Size

So what is the average weight and size of a Brahma chicken egg? Here are the typical measurements:

  • Weight: 3-3.5 ounces
  • Length: 2.5-2.75 inches
  • Width: 2-2.25 inches

Anything over a 2.5 ounce, 2.5 inch egg is considered extra large. Brahmas routinely lay eggs exceeding both those measurements, putting them squarely in jumbo egg territory. Their huge size is thanks to the Brahma hen’s large body size able to accommodate a generously-proportioned egg.

Do Brahmas Lay Jumbo Eggs?

While some Brahma eggs meet the criteria for extra large, some do lay true jumbo-sized eggs. A jumbo egg weighs a minimum of 2.75 ounces and measures at least 2.75 inches long by 2 inches wide. Many Brahmas lay eggs reaching or surpassing these mammoth proportions.

You’re more likely to get jumbo-sized eggs from older, mature Brahmas. As pullets just starting to lay, their first eggs may be smaller. But as the hen matures and grows through her first couple laying cycles, her eggs will maximize in size. Her egg production genes combined with high quality feed and care helps a Brahma reach her full egg-laying potential.

Factors Affecting Brahmas Egg Size

While the Brahma breed lays large eggs thanks to genetics, several factors can affect egg size in individual hens:

  • Age – Younger pullets lay smaller eggs as they mature. Older hens lay larger eggs.
  • Health – Sick, stressed hens lay smaller and fewer eggs.
  • Nutrition – Nutrient deficiencies can impact egg size and production.
  • Day length – More daylight hours stimulate a hen’s egg laying hormones.
  • Individual variation – Each hen will have slight individual variation in egg size.

Making sure your Brahmas are healthy, managing their light exposure, and feeding a high quality layer feed will help them reach their maximum egg size. Free ranging chickens also typically lay larger eggs than confined hens.

Do Brahmas Lay Color Variations?

Brahma chicken eggs are brown in color. All Brahmas, whether Light, Dark, or Buff color varieties, will lay brown eggs. Some report Brahmas laying darker chocolate brown colored eggs compared to other brown egg layers like Orpingtons.

While mainly brown, you may occasionally see some color variations:

  • Light tan
  • Olive
  • Pinkish
  • Speckled

These variations can be normal but may also indicate:

  • Stress
  • Disease
  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • A new layer just starting to lay

So if you notice odd off-colored eggs, evaluate your hen’s diet and environment for anything amiss.

How Many Eggs Do Brahmas Lay?

In addition to laying jumbo eggs, Brahmas lay a decent number of eggs averaging 3-4 per week. Here’s a look at Brahma egg laying productivity:

Age Eggs Per Week Eggs Per Year
6 months – 1 year 2-3 100-150
1-2 years 3-4 150-200
2+ years 3-4 150-200

Brahmas are not actually at the top of the list when it comes to prolific egg production. Breeds like Leghorns and Ameraucanas outpace them by laying closer to 5-6 eggs per week. But what Brahmas lack in quantity they make up for in their egg size and quality.

Egg Laying and Production Tips

Here are some tips to get the most abundant jumbo eggs from your Brahmas:

  • Feed a quality complete layer feed.
  • Provide calcium supplements like oyster shell.
  • Give at least 14 hours daylight per day.
  • Reduce stress and predator threats.
  • Collect eggs frequently.
  • Cull non-laying hens.

Well cared for and fed Brahmas will reward you with bountiful brown eggs. Who doesn’t love cracking open a humongous homegrown egg from one of these gentle giants?


Brahmas are definitely one of the top egg laying chicken breeds when it comes to large egg size. Their genetics and big body size let them routinely lay extra large to jumbo sized brown eggs. With egg sizes averaging 2.5-2.75 inches and over 3 ounces, Brahmas shells outpace other backyard chicken breeds.

Mature, healthy Brahmas fed a nutritious diet and kept in prime conditions can lay about 4 massive eggs per week. If you’re looking for an excellent laying hen that provides those super-sized eggs perfect for all your baking and cooking needs, the Brahma is a great breed to consider.