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What side do you print on easycolor dtv?

When printing on easycolor dtv paper, it’s important to understand which side of the paper is optimized for printing. Easycolor dtv paper has a matte coating on one side that is designed to work with dye-based inks from inkjet printers. The other side is an uncoated, plain paper surface. For best print quality and image, always print on the coated matte side of easycolor dtv paper.

Identifying the Coated and Uncoated Sides

The easiest way to tell the matte coated and uncoated sides apart is by looking and feeling the paper. The matte coated side has a smooth, uniform surface and feels slightly slippery. The uncoated side may have a more varied or rough surface texture and feels more like plain copy paper.

You can also look for logos, writing or other indicators on the packaging or ream wrapping that identify the coated side of the paper. Some papers will have “Coated Side” or an icon printed on the coated matte side when looking at full sheets.

Always Print on the Matte Coated Side

Printing on the coated matte side provides the best results for vibrant images and crisp, clean text. The coating is designed to quickly absorb inkjet inks and prevent them from bleeding or smearing. Photos will look sharp and graphics will have bold, accurate colors and clarity when printing on the coated side.

The untreated back side does not offer these benefits, so print quality is almost always reduced when using the uncoated side. You may experience:

  • Ink bleeds, blurs and feathering
  • Colors look washed out or muted
  • Black and colored text lacks sharpness
  • Overall image and print quality is lower

These issues occur because the plain paper surface does not absorb the ink in the precise way needed for high quality print results.

Tips for Printing on Easycolor DTV Paper

Follow these tips when printing on easycolor dtv for best results:

  • Always load paper with the matte coated side facing up in the paper tray or feeder.
  • Double check paper orientation before printing, especially when loading individual sheets.
  • Use dye-based inks specifically formulated for matte coated papers.
  • Set print driver settings to “Matte Photo Paper” or equivalent setting.
  • Handle printed sheets carefully by the edges or wear cotton gloves to prevent smudging.
  • Allow prints to fully dry for at least 24 hours before stacking to prevent transfer.

Troubleshooting Issues with Printing on the Wrong Side

If you accidentally print a photo on the uncoated side of easycolor dtv paper, here are some steps you can take:

  • Check your print driver settings – make sure you have “Matte Photo Paper” or a compatible setting chosen.
  • Try adjusting color controls in your printer software to boost saturation.
  • Enable color enhancement or vibrance settings to improve washed out appearance.
  • For poor text quality, use black ink only instead of color ink.
  • Consider reprinting the image on the correct side for best quality if needed.

While you may be able to improve the print quality, printing on the matte coated side will always provide superior results compared to the plain uncoated back of easycolor dtv photo paper.

Comparing Easycolor DTV to Other Photo Paper Types

Easycolor dtv is designed to offer vibrant dye-based inkjet photo printing quality in an economical paper. Here’s how it compares to other popular photo paper choices:

Glossy Photo Paper

  • Glossy papers have a high-shine, smooth surface.
  • Provides greater color vibrance and darker blacks.
  • Enhances color saturation more than matte.
  • Glossy finish limits applications due to glare.

Matte Photo Paper

  • Matte papers like easycolor dtv have a non-glare, soft surface.
  • Offers excellent color accuracy and sharp detail.
  • Ideal for framing with no glare under glass.
  • Fingerprint resistant surface.

Canvas Paper

  • Designed to mimic painting canvas texture.
  • Thicker than photo papers with distinctive surface.
  • Absorbs more ink for boldest color saturation.
  • Limits fine detail reproduction compared to photo papers.

Fine Art Paper

  • Artist-grade archival 100% cotton rag or alpha-cellulose papers.
  • Offers excellent tonal range with deep blacks.
  • Highest precision color accuracy and detail.
  • Most expensive inkjet paper option.

Easycolor dtv hits a sweet spot between quality and price. It outperforms plain copy paper and offers fantastic image quality perfect for framing photos without the premium cost of fine art paper.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it matter which side I print on for easycolor dtv?

Yes, always print on the matte coated side of easycolor dtv paper for best results. The coated side is designed to work optimally with dye-based inks to produce stunning, high-quality prints.

What happens if I print photos on the wrong side?

Printing on the uncoated side can lead to ink bleeding, muted colors, lack of sharpness and reduced print quality. To avoid issues, simply remember to load paper with the matte coating facing up.

Can I use easycolor dtv paper in both inkjet and laser printers?

No, easycolor dtv is only designed for use in inkjet photo printers. Do not attempt to use it in laser or monochrome copiers or printers, as it is incompatible with laser toners and the high heat fusing process.

How does easycolor dtv compare to premium photo papers?

Easycolor dtv offers excellent print quality at an affordable price point. Premium photo papers like glossy, matte and canvas may offer greater color vibrance but cost significantly more per sheet.

What finishing options work best for easycolor dtv prints?

Easycolor dtv’s matte surface makes it ideal for framing under glass without glare. The coated side is also resistant to fingerprints and smudging, allowing the prints to be handled and displayed with ease once fully dry.


Knowing the correct printable side is imperative when working with easycolor dtv paper. Always print on the smooth, matte coated side for incredible results from your inkjet printer. Avoid the uncoated back side, as print quality will suffer greatly. With its economical price and stellar print quality, easycolor dtv is a fantastic option for stunning photo prints and graphics that beg to be framed and displayed.