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What shade of blue is like aqua?

Aqua is a bright, light blue-green color that is often associated with water, freshness, and vitality. Determining the exact shade of blue that aqua resembles can be tricky since aqua contains both blue and green tones. In this article, we’ll explore the different shades of blue that are similar to aqua and help you identify the blue tones that best match this refreshing color.

The Color Aqua

Before we look at blue shades like aqua, let’s start by defining aqua itself. Aqua is a vibrant hue halfway between blue and green on the color wheel. It gets its name from the Latin word for water, “aqua,” probably because it evokes the color of clear water in tropical seas. Aqua has a very high saturation which gives it a bold, energetic appearance. When imagining aqua, think of the Caribbean Sea, bright mint ice cream, or tropical fish. Aqua is associated with revitalizing waters, health, and wellbeing.

Light Blue Shades

Since aqua leans more towards the green side than pure blue, shades of light blue are the closest match. Light blue shades have a low saturation and brightness which tones down the intensity of pure blue. Here are some pale blue shades that resemble aqua:

Baby Blue

Baby blue is an extremely pale tint of blue with very subtle cool undertones. It is created by mixing a lot of white with a small amount of blue. Baby blue has a soft, gentle appearance that conjures images of blanket trim, baby showers, and robin’s egg shells. While more subdued than aqua, baby blue has a similar spring-like feel.

Cornflower Blue

Cornflower blue is a light purplish-blue named after the cornflower, a blossoming wildflower with blue petals. Cornflower blue is brighter than baby blue and has a delicately old-fashioned appeal. Of the light blue family, cornflower blue is the closest to aqua in terms of vibrancy. It has the same inviting energy.

Sky Blue

As the name suggests, sky blue is the pale blue color of a clear midday sky. Sky blue is crisp, clean, and airy. While it does not have the green undertones of aqua, sky blue has a similar brightness that feels uplifting. Of the light blues, sky blue perhaps best captures the refreshing essence of aqua.

Turquoise Blues

Moving into shades with more obvious green tones, turquoise blues are another match for aqua. Turquoise contains noticeable amounts of both blue and green. Here are some turquoise blue hues that resemble aqua:


Teal is a medium-dark tone of turquoise that has more green than blue. Real teal comes from the feathers of the common teal duck. Teal is practicality the same color as aqua, though some people perceive teal to have darker, moodier undertones. Of all the blues, teal is the most similar to aqua.

Tiffany Blue

Tiffany blue is a specific robin’s egg blue named after Tiffany & Co jewelry. Their famous Tiffany Blue Box is this signature color. Tiffany blue is a bright, cool tone that certainly looks like aqua. However, it tends to have a deeper, more saturated blue base while aqua appears more greenish-blue.


Cyan is one of the three primary colors in the RGB color model along with red and blue. In terms of hue, cyan is halfway between blue and green. However, cyan has much more vibrancy and pop than aqua. Cyan appears electric blue while aqua is more subdued. But they are still easy to confuse at first glance.

Mint Shades

Finally, mint shades are the closest green counterparts to aqua. Mint colors like mint green and mint blue contain a balance of blue and green with extra brightness. Here are some minty hues resembling aqua:

Mint Green

Mint green is a light green with extra vibrancy and a cool blue undertone. It is associated with freshness like aqua. Mint green is essentially aqua with more green than blue. The two colors are practically interchangeable.

Seafoam Green

Seafoam green is a pale, soft green with a slightly grayish tint. It’s name comes from the seafoam created by ocean waves. Seafoam green is nearly identical to aqua, just slightly more muted. It has the same cool, blue-green appearance.

Mint Blue

Mint blue is vibrant blue-green blend, but with more emphasis on the blue than mint green. It may be described as a toned-down cyan. Mint blue has that same refreshing quality as aqua, just with a slightly cooler blue bias. Of the mint hues, mint blue is most similar to aqua.

Comparing Aqua to Blues

Color Hue Brightness Similarity to Aqua
Baby Blue Cool light blue Very low Low
Cornflower Blue Cool light purplish blue Low Moderate
Sky Blue Cool light blue Moderate Moderate
Teal Cool blue-green High High
Tiffany Blue Cool light blue Moderate-high Moderate
Cyan Vivid blue-green Very high Moderate
Mint Green Vivid light green with blue undertones High High
Seafoam Green Soft grayish pale green Low-moderate High
Mint Blue Vibrant light blue-green High High

As you can see, teal, mint green, seafoam green, and mint blue are the shades that most closely resemble aqua due to their similar hue, brightness, and bluish-green balance. Baby blue is the least similar since it is a much softer, cooler shade.

Matching Aqua in Design and Fashion

Now that you know the colors that match aqua’s vibrant blue-green spirit, let’s look at how you can pair aqua effectively in fashion, interior design, and beyond:

  • In fashion, aqua pops nicely against neutral blacks, whites, and tans. Try an aqua top with white jeans.
  • Mint green, seafoam, and cyan complement aqua well in accessories like scarves or shoes.
  • For home decor, use aqua as an accent color against clean whites or beiges. Add touches of aqua with throw pillows or decorative vases.
  • In graphic design, pair aqua with white space for a refreshing, modern look. Or use aqua fonts against a black background.
  • For events, combine aqua tablecloths with white plates and mint green napkins for an inviting tablescape.

Aqua is a friendly color that works for many occasions. Keep its energizing effect in mind and pair it with muted neutrals or contrasting colors like pink for balance.

Finding the Perfect Aqua for You

So which blue is the closest match for aqua? It depends on the specific shade and your individual color perception. Teal and mint blue are nearly identical while baby blue and cyan contrast more. The blues that sit next to aqua on the color wheel, like seafoam green and sky blue, capture its essence. Use the comparisons in this article as a guide to help you mix and match different shades of refreshing aqua blue in your own projects.

Whatever aqua color you prefer, its cool, inviting vibe never goes out of style. Aqua’s natural glow brings a sense of harmony and clarity. Use aqua hues to add softness to designs or to evoke nourishing waters. With the right blue tones, you can create an aqua palette that makes a splash.


In summary, aqua is a vibrant blue-green shade that is often associated with water. To find similar blues, look to light blue hues like sky blue, turquoise blues like teal, or mint shades like seafoam green. Teal, mint green, and mint blue are the closest matches while more pure blues like baby blue contrast more with aqua’s green undertones. Use the comparisons in this article to help you pair aqua effectively or select the perfect aqua for your needs. With its refreshing spirit, aqua is a versatile color that adds brightness and vitality to any design or wardrobe.