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What shade number is bubble bath?

Choosing the perfect bubble bath to indulge in a relaxing soak can be an adventure in itself. With so many alluring options across brands, shades and scents, how do you know which one to pick? An important consideration is the color and shade number of the bubble bath, as this can greatly impact the vibe and experience of your bath.

What Does Bubble Bath Shade Number Mean?

The shade number of a bubble bath refers to the specific color and pigmentation. Just like hair dye or nail polish, bubble baths come in a wide range of shades denoted by numbers. Brands will release collections of bubble bath colors, with each one designated by a unique number. For example, a popular bubble bath brand may have a light pink shade labeled “Bubble Blush #22” and a deeper mauve labeled “Twilight Soak #44.” This helps differentiate between the vast array of shades within a product line.

Popular Bubble Bath Color Shades

When browsing bubble baths, you’ll notice some iconic and popular shades repeatedly popping up across brands. Here are some of the most coveted and classic bubble bath color shades:

  • Pearly White – This crisp, clean white evokes a spa-like scent and vibe. Often shade #001.
  • Pretty in Pink – Feminine pink in both soft and bright shades creates a sweet floral experience. Usually shades #004 to #050.
  • Peaceful Purple – Lavender and lilac purple hues induced relaxation. Typically shades #035 to #082.
  • Moonlit Blue – Serene shades of blue, from sky to midnight, provide a calming escape. Ranges from #015 to #088.
  • Sunkissed Yellow – Cheery and optimistic yellows, from pastel to neon, promote joy. Usually shades #090 onwards.
  • Succulent Green – Earthy green shades connect you to nature. Normally shades #060 and up.
  • Bold Red – A siren red provides exotic luxury perfect for special occasions. Typically #050 and higher.

Most Popular Bubble Bath Shade Numbers

Now that you know how shade numbers work, let’s look at some of the most popular specific bubble bath colors and their corresponding numbers:

Brand Name Description Shade Number
Mr. Bubble Cotton Candy Shimmery pink #33
Mr. Bubble Rose Petal Soft pink #44
Mr. Bubble Peaceful Lavender Light purple #77
Dr. Teal’s Pure Epsom Salt – Lavender Soothing lavender #35
Dr. Teal’s Bubble Bath – Coconut Lime Citrus green #80
Village Naturals Stress Relief – Eucalyptus & Spearmint Minty light green #063
Village Naturals Therapy – Muscle Relief Soothing wintergreen #088
Lush Big Blue Sea blue #016
Lush Sex Bomb Sultry pink #045

Most Popular Single Shade

Now for the specific shade that seems to top the bubble bath charts: pale pink. Brands release dozens of luxurious light pink options every year, all in different pearlescent pink shades dubbed variations of “blush”, “petal” or “blossom.” But the most sought-after single bubble bath shade across the board appears to be #044. This peachy-pink hue provides a warm feminine glow. Brands from high-end Lush to drugstore Mr. Bubble all have beloved best-selling #044 pink shades.

Unique Color Shade Names

In addition to numbers, bubble bath brands also get creative with names for their shades. Here are some memorable and unique bubble bath color names:

  • Sleepytime Lavender by Calgon
  • Moonbeam by Imperial Baths
  • Mermaid Lagoon by Village Naturals
  • Magic Dragon by Dr. Teal’s
  • Rose Quartz Crystal by Da Bomb
  • Wild Waterlily by Herb Gardens
  • Waikiki Melon by Bath & Body Works
  • Black Raspberry Vanilla by Victoria’s Secret
  • Berry Bellini by Homemade Bath Bombs

These fun, evocative names help further bring the shades to life.

Most Unique Shades

Beyond the classics, some brands offer truly unique bubble bath shades. Here are some of the most uncommon hues found:

  • Mermaid – Blue-green iridescent (#091)
  • Unicorn – Pastel rainbow swirl (#118)
  • Stardust – Silver/holographic glitter (#205)
  • Black Obsidian – Matte black (#211)
  • Champagne – Shimmery gold (#301)
  • Hibiscus – Vibrant pink-red (#460)
  • Jade – Deep green (#612)
  • Galaxy – Purple and blue swirl (#740)

These bolder shades add an element of surprise to your bath.

International Bubble Bath Colors

Bubble bath shades also vary across international markets. Here are some top shades and numbers from around the world:

Country Popular Shades
Japan Pastel pink (#033), Lavender (#055), Aqua (#077), Cherry Blossom (#088)
France Rose (#044), Red (#066), Violet (#088)
India Saffron (#101), Turmeric (#181), Mantra (Deep blue #077)
Australia Eucalyptus (#099), Koala Grey (#123)
Russia Red Square Red (#056), Cold River Blue (#011)

Bubble bath shades inspired by local culture gives each region a signature selection.

Natural vs. Synthetic Bubble Bath Colors

There are two main types of color shades used in bubble baths:

  • Natural – Plant-based pigments from ingredients like herbs, flowers and spices. These tend to have earthy, muted shades.
  • Synthetic – Manmade FD&C or D&C dyes. These create very bold, saturated hues.

Many brands now use a combination of both natural and synthetic elements to achieve the perfect color balance. While synthetics allow whimsical shades like electric blue or neon green, naturals provide stability and skin-soothing properties.

Color Shade Intensity Scale

Bubble bath shades range in intensity from pale to vivid. Here is an intensity scale from lightest to darkest:

Intensity Description Example Shades
Sheer Barely there tint Cloud, Bubbly
Light Soft, pale hue Blush, Lilac, Sky
Medium Prominent, vibrant Rose, Emerald, Sapphire
Deep Rich, concentrated Ruby, Violet, Onyx
Bold Intense saturated shade Crimson, Turquoise, Gold

The intensity scale helps identify pale pastels from dramatic brights at a glance.

Factors in Picking Shade Number

With so many options, how do you select that perfect bubble bath color and number? Here are some factors to consider:

  • Mood – Pick energizing bright shades when you need a confidence boost. Opt for soothing lighter hues to unwind.
  • Scent – Complementary shades and scents enhance the experience, like violet and lavender.
  • Skin tone – Lighter complexions pair well with bolder colors. Darker skin pops against softer shades.
  • Personal preference – Consider favorite hues and which shades make you happiest.
  • Bath accessories – Match the color to bath items like loofahs, candles and towels.

Choosing a bubble bath color you love will make every soak special.

Pairing Bubble Bath Colors

You can also blend two or more bubble bath shades for a custom spa experience. Here are popular color pairings:

  • Pink and Purple – Pretty pastel harmony
  • Blue and Green – Oceanic tranquility
  • Yellow and Orange – Sunshine joy
  • Red and Pink – Romantic glow
  • Silver and White – Moonlight magic
  • Rainbow – Fun celebratory vibe

Mixing colors creates new opportunities for relaxation and indulgence.

Shade Number Consistency

Keep in mind that while brands try to achieve shade consistency across batches, slight variations in color numbers can occur. Changes in formula, natural ingredients or manufacturing may alter the final hue. The shade difference is usually minimal, but inspect product closely before purchase if consistency is crucial.


With an endless rainbow of options, bubble bath shade numbers offer something for every preference, mood and craving. Now that you know how to pick the perfect colors to create your own spa-worthy soak, get ready to fizz and unwind in beautiful bubbly bliss!