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What number is emerald green paint?

What number is emerald green paint?

When choosing a paint color for your home, emerald green is a classic and timeless option. This rich green hue evokes nature and growth, providing a soothing and inviting backdrop. But with so many shades of green paint available, how do you know which one is the true emerald green? The key is finding the right paint number that matches this iconic color. In this article, we’ll explore what defines emerald green and reveal the specific paint numbers that match this iconic shade from major paint brands like Behr, Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, and more. With the color numbers provided, you’ll have an easier time finding the perfect emerald paint for your next project.

Defining Emerald Green

So what exactly makes a paint color qualify as emerald green? Emerald is a rich, deep green that sits between the lighter mint greens and darker forest greens. It’s highly saturated and vivid, with just a touch of blue that gives it that jewel-tone look. Unlike lighter greens, emerald has a sense of elegance and drama. Think deep green gemstones, peacock feathers, or lush vegetation. Here are some key defining characteristics of emerald green paint:

– Deep and vivid green hue
– May have a slightly blue undertone
– Jewel-toned and intense
– Richer than mint or light greens
– Not as dark as forest or hunter greens

When searching for the perfect emerald paint, these are the qualities you want to look for. Steer clear of greens that look too yellow, bright, or muted. Aim for that striking emerald glow.

Behr Paint Colors

Behr offers several green paint options that could be described as emerald green. Here are some top choices with corresponding color numbers:

Irish Moss Green – S470-5: A vivid, jewel-toned green. Has a very intense emerald appearance.

Reed Green – S460-5: A deep green with subtle blue undertones. Has a sophisticated emerald look.

Evergreen Fog – S470-1: A softened emerald green with a touch of gray. More muted than other options.

Forest Green – S460-7: A very deep, darker emerald green. Captures the drama of emerald.

From these Behr emerald green paints, Irish Moss Green or Reed Green are likely the closest matches to a true emerald shade. Evergreen Fog is a nice soft variation, while Forest Green might be too dark for a pure emerald.

Sherwin-Williams Paint Colors

Several paint colors from Sherwin-Williams also fit an emerald green aesthetic. Good options to consider include:

Roycroft Bottle Green – 6904: A dramatic blue-toned emerald green. Really pops.

English Holly – 6807: A slightly more muted emerald green. Has a sophisticated look.

Verde Green – 6603: A lighter but vivid emerald green. Retains a jewel-tone appearance.

Amazon Stone – 6238: A darker emerald green with depth. Almost has a teal appearance.

For a precise emerald shade from Sherwin-Williams, Roycroft Bottle Green is likely the winner. English Holly is also a great match if you prefer something more subtle. Verde Green works nicely for a lighter variation.

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors

Benjamin Moore offers some gorgeous emerald greens to choose from. Standout options include:

Verdant – 2054-10: A vivid mid-tone emerald that really pops.

Forestview Green – 1511: A darker emerald tone with subtle gray undertones.

Green Frolic – 983: A soft pastel emerald green. More muted than others.

Carrara Green – 2132-50: A dramatic blue-toned emerald. Intense saturation.

The picks that best match an emerald green from Benjamin Moore are Verdant and Carrara Green. Both have that striking blue-green jewel tone you want. Forestview Green is nice dark option, while Green Frolic makes for a more muted emerald palette.

Valspar Paint Colors

Valspar’s emerald green offerings include:

Focused Green – 5007-10B: A vivid mid-tone green with blue undertones. Stunning jewel-tone.

Reflecting Pool – 5008-8B: A lighter green with emerald glow. Soothing color.

Winter Pine – 6008-6B: A very dark green that borders on emerald.

Green Gallery – 4004-9A: A muted, dusty emerald green. More grayed down.

The Valspar color that best captures a true emerald is Focused Green. It has amazing saturation while retaining those blue undertones. Reflecting Pool can work nicely for a lighter emerald palette.

Olympic Paint Colors

From Olympic’s collection, here are some recommended emerald green contenders:

Rejuvenation 550E-3: A vivid medium emerald green. Jewel-toned and energetic.

Renovation 550F-7: A darker emerald that borders on pine green. Muted down a bit.

High Society 633C-7: A soft pastel emerald with a dusty appearance. More grayed out.

Metropolitan AF-485: A bright, light emerald with yellow undertones. The most vibrant option.

The Olympic paint color that comes closest to a true emerald green is Rejuvenation. It has that saturated, blue-toned quality you want. Renovation is nice if you prefer a darker emerald.

Glidden Paint Colors

Finally, here is a selection of Glidden emerald greens to choose from:

Nature Green 50YY 84/214: A bright, vivid emerald green. Strong blue undertones.

Forest 40YY 84/174: A deeper, darker emerald tone. Muted and sophisticated.

Green Barrier 50YY 84/068: A light pastel emerald green. More muted than other options.

Evergreen 40YY 84/139: A green with yellow undertones. Bright with some emerald tones.

Glidden’s Nature Green is the winner here. It’s a spot-on emerald shade with the perfect amount of saturation. Forest works nicely for a darker emerald option as well.


When searching for the perfect emerald green paint, look for options that capture the true essence of this dramatic color. Seek out greens with intense saturation, a vivid jewel-tone appearance, and hints of blue. With the specific color codes provided here for Behr, Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, Valspar, Olympic, and Glidden, you can easily find that ideal emerald shade for your next paint project. Just match the number to the swatch and you’ll achieve emerald green perfection.