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What looks good with yellow curtains?

What looks good with yellow curtains?

Yellow is a bright, cheerful color that can bring light and vibrancy to any room. When thinking about decorating with yellow curtains, it’s important to consider what colors will complement them well. The right color pairings can create a cohesive, stylish look, while the wrong combinations may look disjointed or overwhelming. As a versatile neutral, yellow can work with a wide range of colors, but cool tones like blues, greens and grays tend to look best with yellow’s warm, sunny hue. With some thoughtful coordination, yellow curtains can be the perfect pop of color in any space.

Pairing Yellow with Blue

One of the most classic and popular color combinations is yellow and blue. With their stark contrast on the color wheel, these two hues complement each other beautifully. Blue has a calming, tranquil effect that balances out the vibrancy of yellow. Different shades of blue and yellow can create varied moods and aesthetics:

  • Pale yellow and light blue evoke beachy, nautical vibes.
  • Mustard yellow and navy blue create a preppy look.
  • Bright lemon yellow and royal blue make a bold, fun statement.

Whether going for an airy, relaxed vibe or something bolder, yellow and blue make ideal partners. Try pairing yellow curtains with blue accent pillows, rugs, furniture or wall art. For example, sunshine yellow curtains would pop against a navy blue couch or chair.

Pairing Yellow with Green

Like blue, green is located directly across from yellow on the color wheel, making them naturally complementary hues. Green and yellow together emanate natural vibes, reminiscent of leaves, lime, grass and citrus fruits. Lighter, brighter shades of green work especially well with yellow. Possible color combinations include:

  • Pale yellow and sage green for a soothing, spa-like atmosphere.
  • Chartreuse yellow and kelly green for a playful, tropical look.
  • Maize yellow and seafoam green for a beachy ambiance.

With yellow curtains try pairing fresh green accents like throw pillows, area rugs and decorative objects. For example, complement lemon yellow curtains with jade green vases and decorative bowls. This color pairing works well in living rooms, bedrooms and offices.

Pairing Yellow with Gray

Although very different on the color wheel, yellow and gray make unexpected, sophisticated partners. Bright yellow attracts the eye and captures attention, while muted, neutral gray tones things down. Different shades and intensities allow for different looks:

  • Pale gray and buttery yellow for a soft, elegant ambiance.
  • Charcoal gray and golden yellow for bold, contemporary contrast.
  • Dove gray and mustard yellow for an earthy, retro vibe.

With bold yellow curtains, introduce gray through furniture, pillows, rugs and art pieces. For example, bright yellow curtains would stand out nicely against a charcoal gray couch or chair. The combo also works well in spaces like kitchens and bathrooms.

Pairing Yellow with Metallic Tones

Metallic accents like gold, silver, bronze and copper work beautifully with yellow’s warm, radiant color. The sheen of metallics enhances the bright, airy quality of yellow. Metallic tones to try:

  • Shimmering gold with lemon or golden yellow for glamorous contrast.
  • Gleaming silver with pale yellow for an elegant aesthetic.
  • Antiqued bronze with mustard yellow for an earthy, vintage look.

Incorporate metallic accents through mirrors, vases, lamps, frames and other decorative touches. For example, lemon yellow curtains could shine against gold-framed wall art and a bronze floor lamp. Metallic paint colors also pair nicely with yellow.

Pairing Yellow with Neutrals

Don’t overlook neutral hues like white, cream, tan and brown when coordinating with yellow. While neutrals don’t contrast as boldly, they provide the perfect supporting backdrop for vibrant yellow. Possible combinations include:

  • Crisp white with bright lemon yellow for a clean, refreshed look.
  • Warm cream and pale yellow for an understated, elegant effect.
  • Rich tan and golden yellow for an earthy feel.
  • Chocolate brown and mustard yellow for a retro 70s vibe.

Neutrals let the vibrant hue of yellow really shine. Try white bedding with yellow curtains in a bedroom, or tan furniture with yellow curtains in a living area. Use neutrals in larger pieces to let yellow take center stage in accents.

Colors to Avoid with Yellow

While yellow pairs beautifully with many colors, there are a few hues that don’t complement it as well. Avoid pairing yellow with:

  • Purple – These two colors clash on the color wheel and can look garish.
  • Orange – Too similar in temperature and intensity, this combination tends to look jarring.
  • Strong reds – Red overwhelms yellow’s sunny character, lending too much heat.
  • Pink – Certain lighter pinks work, but hot pink tends to compete with yellow.

While shades like lilac, peach and blush can work in moderation, in general it’s best to avoid placing strong, competing colors against yellow. Cooler counterparts like blue, green and gray create more pleasing contrast.

Design Considerations with Yellow

A few other tips for decorating with yellow curtains:

  • Use yellow as an accent – In most cases, yellow works best in smaller accents instead of large furniture pieces. A little yellow goes a long way.
  • Repeat yellow through accessories – Don’t limit yellow to just the curtains. Bring in other yellow accessories for a pulled together look.
  • Use multiple yellow tones – Layer different shades of yellow together, like pale and mustard yellow, for added depth.
  • Add texture – Natural textures like linen and cotton complement yellow’s bright hue.
  • Let in light – Yellow looks best in rooms with ample natural light.

Example Color Schemes with Yellow Curtains

Here are some example color schemes for rooms with yellow curtains:

Living Room

Yellow Curtain Color Golden yellow
Complementary Colors Navy blue sofa and chairs, bronze side tables, cream rug, silver accessories


Yellow Curtain Color Buttery yellow
Complementary Colors Pale gray bedding, white nightstands, sage green desk, silver lamp

Dining Room

Yellow Curtain Color Mustard yellow
Complementary Colors Charcoal gray dining chairs, wood table, navy blue buffet, bronze accessories


Yellow Curtain Color Sunshine yellow
Complementary Colors White cabinets, blue-green subway tile, cream walls, silver faucet


With the right complementary colors, yellow curtains can add a lively, cheerful touch to any space. Cool tones like blues, greens and grays create pleasant contrast and balance. Avoid clashing colors like purple and orange. For the most cohesive look, repeat yellow through accessories like throw pillows, rugs and decorative objects. With some thoughtful coordination, yellow window dressings can brighten up any room’s decor.