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What is the stone for August anniversary?

What is the stone for August anniversary?

The traditional and modern gift for the 8th wedding anniversary is bronze. Bronze is a metal alloy consisting primarily of copper and commonly with tin as the main additive. It has been used since ancient times, originally in decorative arts, and later in coins, statues, cannons and ammunition. Bronze alloys are typically hard and durable, suitable for use in tools and weaponry.

While bronze is the traditional 8th anniversary gift, other modern 8th anniversary gift ideas are linens and lace. Linens and lace reflect the fiber and weaving theme of the 8th year of marriage. Some popular modern 8th anniversary gifts are lace lingerie, embroidered bed sheets, monogrammed towels, or doilies.

History and Significance of 8th Anniversary Bronze

The tradition of anniversary gifts has its origins in medieval Germany where husbands would gift their spouses a present on the annual anniversary of their wedding date. The type of material depended on the number of years, and over time, suggested anniversary gifts became popular for each year from 1 to 60.

For the 8th anniversary, bronze was chosen as it reflects the strength and durability of a marriage after 8 years together. Bronze is made by combining copper and tin, representing the blending of two individuals in matrimony. Just as bronze is more durable than copper alone, so too has the marriage become strong after weathering the ups and downs of 8 years as a couple.

Bronze Gift Ideas

Here are some bronze gift ideas to celebrate a couple’s 8th wedding anniversary:

Gift Description
Bronze jewelry Bronze pendants, bracelets, or earrings
Bronze sculpture An artistic bronze figurine or statue
Bronze home decor Items like vases, candlesticks, frames, door handles
Bronze keepsakes Personalized bronze nameplates, coins, trophies
Bronze tools Vintage bronze hammers, gears, compasses

Bronze jewelry makes for a personalized and wearable 8th anniversary gift. Choices range from simple bronze hoop earrings to engraved bronze bracelets or necklaces. A bronze pendant with the couple’s anniversary date is a thoughtful gift idea.

For the home or garden, decorative bronze sculptures, vases, frames, candle holders, door handles, bells, and sundials can commemorate the milestone. Bronze keepsakes like personalized nameplates, coins, and trophies are also memorable 8th anniversary gifts.

Vintage bronze tools and hardware like hammers, screws, bells, gears, and compasses make unique gifts for couples who appreciate history and antiques.

Other 8th Anniversary Gift Ideas

In addition to bronze, other modern 8th anniversary gift ideas include:

Linens or Lace: Highlights the weaving and fiber theme of the 8th anniversary. Gifts can include bed linens like sheets or pillowcases, especially with embroidery or lace details. Other linen and lace gifts are table linens, handkerchiefs, blankets, or lace decorations.

Pottery: Ceramics and pottery also align with the 8th anniversary craft theme. Handmade pottery mugs, bowls, or vases are sentimental gifts, especially with personalized engravings.

Furniture: After 8 years together, couples may want to upgrade furniture like a new wood dining table or sofa to mark the milestone.

Artwork: Commemorate your 8th with art gifts like framed prints, paintings, or photos of your relationship memories. Sculptures and figurines are also decorative artwork options.

Timepieces: Mark the passage of time with 8th anniversary watch or clock gifts. Consider engraving with wedding date or anniversary message.

Fruit or Flowers: Traditional 8th anniversary fruits are strawberries and fruit plants. Flowers include geraniums and delphiniums in shades of blue and purple.

Travel: The traditional 8th anniversary gift is bronze, so consider gifting a trip to a location known for bronze like Benin City, Nigeria where bronze castings and plaques can be viewed.

Celebrating 8 Years of Marriage

After 8 years of marriage, life’s transitions and challenges have likely strengthened the commitment between spouses. The durability of bronze reflects an enduring union that has matured over time. Exchanging bronze, or other meaningful 8th anniversary gifts, celebrates this milestone and the continued growth of the marriage.

Whether you gift traditional bronze keepsakes, modern linens embroidered with your anniversary date, pottery dishware for lasting memories over meals, artwork capturing your relationship, or flowers symbolizing beauty and passion, your 8th anniversary is a chance to reflect on your marital foundation and look forward to a future together. The gifts you exchange represent the care, devotion, laughter, and romance you share as a couple.


The traditional 8th anniversary gift is bronze, chosen for its strength and longevity akin to a marriage after 8 years. Bronze jewelry, art, decor items, antiques, and keepsakes make thoughtful 8th anniversary gifts for your spouse. Modern 8th anniversary gift ideas include linens, lace, pottery, art, flowers, and travel. However you choose to celebrate 8 remarkable years of marriage, your anniversary is a milestone representing commitment, growth, and the blending of two lives over time. Selecting a personal 8th anniversary gift reflects love, happiness and the lasting bond you share.