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What is the simile of as blue as?

What is the simile of as blue as?

The simile “as blue as” is used to compare something to the color blue to emphasize just how blue something is. Similes make comparisons using the words “like” or “as”, so saying something is “as blue as” vividly calls to mind the deep, rich color of blue and associates that intense blueness with whatever object or concept follows. This simile is commonly used in literature and poetry to paint a mental image for the reader, often relating blue to the sky, the ocean, or something equally as vibrantly blue in nature. Understanding the context it’s used in and some examples of typical usages can shed light on the effectiveness of the “as blue as” simile.

Typical Usages

Some common ways the “as blue as” simile is used include:

Describing the Sky

Saying the sky is “as blue as a sapphire” or “as blue as a robin’s egg” immediately brings to mind the strikingly blue sky on a clear day. Linking the sky’s blue to gemstones or birds eggs that are distinctly blue evokes a vivid mental picture.

Describing Water

Bodies of water are also associated with blue, so describing the ocean, a lake, or a pool as “as blue as a bluebird” or “as blue as bluebonnets” uses recognizable shades of blue from nature to paint a picture of just how blue the water is.

Describing Eyes

Eyes are often poetically described as blue, with comparisons like “her eyes were as blue as the morning glories climbing the porch”. Using a flower with a vivid blue color to describe someone’s eye color invokes an image of bright, clear blue eyes.

Describing Mood

Since blue can represent sadness or feeling down, someone’s mood might be described as “as blue as a rainy day” or “as blue as a sad song” to convey a state of unhappiness or melancholy. The color imagery underscores the emotion being felt.

Common Sources of Blue

Some common sources of strikingly blue color in nature that are used in “as blue as” similes include:

Object Shade of Blue
Clear sky Light blue
Bluebirds Medium blue
Bluebonnets Deep blue
Sapphire gem Rich blue
Robin’s egg Brilliant light blue
Morning glories Pale blue

Using familiar references like these provides vivid color imagery to convey just how blue something is. The blue of a gemstone, a bird’s feather, or a clear sky are ingrained in our minds as exemplars of blueness.

Examples in Literature

The “as blue as” simile is commonly used in books, poems, and song lyrics to paint a descriptive picture. Here are some examples:

From the novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald:

“The sky was as blue as a sapphire the day Gatsby took me to lunch at his mansion.”

From the poem “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe:

“As blue as the bluebird’s wing, her eyes filled with sorrow and longing.”

From the song “California Blue” by Roy Orbison:

“California blue, clear as sky, blue as I wish your eyes were tonight.”

These examples use blue birds, gemstones, and the sky to convey different shades of blue in creative ways.


In summary, the “as blue as” simile is effective because it associates the color blue with familiar visual references like the sky, water, and blue-hued animals and flowers. Using vivid imagery allows the writer to create a striking mental picture of just how saturated with blue something is. Whether describing an emotion, a color, or a scene, this simple simile evokes the richness and depth of the color blue. Understanding how it’s used can help appreciate the craft behind using descriptive language and comparative imagery to write in an impactful way.