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What is the ratio of colors to make dark brown?

What is the ratio of colors to make dark brown?

Dark brown is a rich, deep shade that can add warmth and sophistication to any space. When it comes to mixing paint or dye to achieve the perfect dark brown hue, it helps to understand the basic color theory behind browns. By knowing the right ratios of primary paint pigments or dye colors, you can easily mix up the exact shade of dark brown you need.

The Basics of Mixing Brown

Brown is considered a tertiary color, meaning it is created by mixing two secondary colors. The primary colors that make up brown are red, yellow, and blue. Here is a quick overview of how the primary colors mix to make brown:

– Red and yellow mix to make orange
– Blue and yellow mix to make green
– Red and blue mix to make purple
– Add a touch of black or darken these secondary mixes to create different shades of brown

So if you want to mix a rich, deep dark brown, you’ll want to use a good amount of all three primary colors – red, yellow and blue – and darken it with black or another dark shade.

Recommended Ratios for Mixing Dark Brown Paint

When working with paint, there are some simple ratios of primary colors that will yield an attractive dark brown. Here are a few recommended starting points:

Red 2 parts