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What is the prettiest kind of butterfly?

What is the prettiest kind of butterfly?

Butterflies are some of the most beautiful and fascinating creatures on earth. With over 18,000 species worldwide, they come in a stunning array of colors, patterns and sizes. But which butterfly species stands out as the prettiest of them all? Here we’ll explore some of the most eye-catching butterflies and what makes them so gorgeous.

Blue Morpho

One of the most striking butterflies is the Blue Morpho. As their name suggests, these butterflies are an electric, iridescent blue. However, this color is not produced by pigmentation, but through the refraction and reflection of light through tiny scales on the butterfly’s wings. This shimmering blue effect makes them appear to glow as they fly.

Blue Morphos are found in the tropical forests of Central and South America. With wingspans between 5-8 inches, they are one of the larger butterfly species. When closed, their wings are camouflaged with shades of brown, making them blend in with tree trunks and dirt. But when they spread their vivid blue wings to fly, they are an incredible sight.


The Monarch is probably the most recognizable butterfly species. Found throughout North America, Monarchs have bright orange wings lined with black veins and white spots. Their wingspan reaches 3-4 inches.

The vivid color of Monarch wings is a warning signal to predators that they are toxic. Monarchs eat milkweed, which contains cardiac glycosides that are poisonous to animals. This poison accumulates in the Monarch’s body, making them foul-tasting and toxic to predators trying to eat them.

Monarchs are also famous for their epic annual migration from Canada and the United States to overwintering grounds in central Mexico—a journey of up to 3000 miles. Their striking wings carry them across continents each year.


Swallowtail butterflies are large, colorful butterflies in the Papilio genus. There are over 550 species found worldwide, except Antarctica. They get their name from their wings which end in a pointed, swallowtail shape.

Some of the most beautiful swallowtail species include:

  • The Common Mormon – An iridescent blue butterfly from Asia that shimmers with shades from green to purple.
  • The Citrus Swallowtail – A pale yellow butterfly with black tiger stripes and red and blue spots on its hindwings.
  • The Emerald Swallowtail – A green butterfly with dramatic hindwing tails. Found in Southeast Asia and Australia.
  • The Blue Mountain Swallowtail – Iridescent blue wings with striking red and black markings. Native to Australia.

Their vibrant colors, wing shapes, and large size up to 6 inches make swallowtails one of the most attractive butterfly groups.

Dead Leaf Butterfly

This master of camouflage tops the list for most cryptic and cleverly disguised butterfly. Found in South Asia and Australia, the Dead Leaf Butterfly has evolved wings that look exactly like a dead leaf to help avoid predators.

Brown, tan and black markings resemble dark spots and decay on a leaf. Sections are even transparent to mimic holes eaten through a leaf. When resting with wings folded upright, they are indistinguishable from dead leaves on the forest floor.

But despite their drab disguise, Dead Leaf Butterflies have splashes of vivid color on their undersides. Vibrant patches of blue, white, orange, and red flecks suddenly appear if they spread their wings in flight.


This spectacular swallowtail from Southeast Asia is named after an Empress of India. With a wingspan up to 8 inches, it is one of the largest butterflies in the world. The wings are a radiant golden yellow with striking green stripes and black outlines.

The green and golden colors symbolize royalty and riches. A dorsal stripe on the hindwing forms a “Kaiser moustache”, giving the butterfly its regal name. Like Emperors themselves, the Kaiser-I-Hind does not gather with common butterflies, preferring to fly alone in the forest canopy.

Rainbow Butterflies

Butterflies that carry the colors of the rainbow are some of nature’s most beautiful creatures. Here are some butterflies with every shade of the rainbow in their wings:


  • The Scarlet Mormon – Vivid metallic red wings make it glow like a ruby. Native to Southeast Asia.
  • Lime Butterfly – Blood red wings with black markings. Found in India and Southeast Asia.


  • Postman Butterfly – Bright orange wings with black and white stripes. Common across Asia.
  • Zebra Longwing – Shades of orange cover this butterfly’s wings, with long black stripes. Native to Central and South America.


  • Banded Yellow – A pale yellow butterfly with bold black bands on its wings. Found in Australia.
  • Cloudless Sulphur – Bright lemony wings make this butterfly shine. Native to North and South America.


  • Malay Lacewing – Pale green wings with black veining give it a lacy look. From Southeast Asia.
  • Green Hairstreak – Shimmering emerald green wings. Widespread across North America and Europe.


  • Green-underside Blue – Metallic blue wings that dazzle with hints of violet and green. Native to Central and South America.
  • Silver-studded Blue – Sky blue wings speckled with black spots. Found in Europe, Asia and North Africa.


  • Purple Emperor – Deep violet wings with black markings. Native to Europe and Asia.
  • Saint Andrews Cross – Wings an iridescent royal blue that transitions to purple. From Central America.

From fiery reds, sunny yellows, verdant greens, sky blues, and regal purples, rainbow butterflies display the full spectrum of color in their wings.

Owl Butterflies

Owl butterflies are some of the most striking butterflies due to their unique markings. They are named for their resemblance to owls’ eyespots and faces. These markings help scare away predators by making them appear to be a much larger creature.

Some of the most beautiful owl butterflies include:

  • The Forest Owlet – Found in Asia, this butterfly has vibrant blue and orange eyespots on mottled brown wings.
  • The Madagascan Sunset Moth – Orange and black wings create a fierce owl illusion. Endemic to Madagascar.
  • The Short-eared Owl Butterfly – Pink and olive green wings have two large “false eyes” and curious tufts. Native to South America.

Owl butterflies are masters of disguise and their striking “eye” patterns make them some of the most visually interesting butterflies in the world.

Why Are Butterfly Wings So Colorful?

Butterflies exhibit a dazzling diversity of vivid colors and patterns on their wings. But these beautiful designs are not just for show—they serve important functions for butterfly survival.


Some butterflies have cryptic color patterns that help them blend into their environments. This camouflage makes them harder for predators to spot. For example, the Dead Leaf Butterfly’s mottled brown wings look exactly like a dead leaf to hide among the litter on the forest floor.

Warning Colors

Bright, garish colors like red, orange, and yellow often signal that an animal is toxic or bad-tasting. The Monarch’s bright orange wings warn birds that it ate toxic milkweed. Predators learn to avoid butterflies with warning colors.


Some butterflies copy the famous warning patterns of other species to fool predators into thinking they are also toxic, even though they aren’t. Several harmless species mimic Monarch’s orange and black colors.

Mate Attraction

Vivid wings can help butterflies attract mates. Flashes of color communicate fitness and draw the attention of potential partners.

Light Effects

Tiny scales covering butterfly wings reflect light to create shimmering ultraviolet patterns we can’t even see. But they are visible to other butterflies.

So whether blending in, standing out, attracting mates, or baffling predators, the colors and designs of butterfly wings give them an evolutionary edge for survival.

Most Colorful Butterfly Wings By Region

From iridescent blues to fiery oranges, delicate patterns to bold designs, butterfly wings come in an incredible array of colors and styles. Here are some of the most colorful butterflies’ wings from regions around the world:

Region Colorful Butterfly Name Description of Wings
Asia Common Rose Pale pink and black in a striking checkerboard pattern
Australia Ulysses Butterfly Vibrant blue wings with small black spots
Africa Scarlet Tip Black wings with bright red bands and white spots
North America Painted Lady Oranges, pinks, reds, blacks, and whites in a complex pattern
South America Paper Kite Butterfly Stunning blue, black, and yellow wings in a bold graphic design
Europe Apollo Butterfly Large black wings with symmetrical red spots encircled in white

From Asia’s bright blooms to Africa’s red tipped wings, butterflies worldwide create stunning works of natural art with their vividly colored and patterned wings.


With over 18,000 butterfly species gracing our planet, choosing the prettiest is a near impossible task. From iridescent Morphos flashing neon blue to Monarchs wearing the sun itself, colorful Swallowtails streamers, to cryptic Dead Leaf masters, and eye-tricking Owls, butterflies are some of nature’s most beautiful works of art.

Their dazzling colors and patterns create visual harmony and delight. Butterfly wings not only inspire us with their beauty but also remind us of the interconnections between species. Their survival depends on successfully signaling to predators, mimics, and mates through brilliantly colored designs.

So whether drifting through a meadow, dancing on the breeze, or spread across the pages of an insect guide, butterflies and their wings brighten our world. The next time you see a colorful flutter in your garden or a flash of wings through the forest, take a moment to appreciate the vivid artistry painted on a tiny canvas.